Evgeny Ivanovich SUSLOV - honoured worker of science and technique of Ukraine, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor. Working for many years the head of the laboratory of pathological morphology Institute of Phthisiology and pulmonology Academy of medical Sciences of Ukraine, he all his life had been devoted to the development of new diagnostic tests for the early detection of oncological diseases, tuberculosisand fungal infections, radiation injuries. All of his research are protected by patents. Credo professors: diagnostic test should be simple, harmless for the patient and reliable. "After the treatment on the contours of a questionable diagnosis ineffective", the scholar maintains. Most today its study of fungal infections. It is about them talk with Yevhen Suslov.

Yevgeny Ivanovich, according to statistics, in Ukraine more than 70% of the population affected by fungal infections, and they threatened the health and life. - We can say that the fungal infection is a global catastrophe, as fungal diseases to recognize very difficult. Fungal - diseasecaused by the bacterium fungi. These lower plants number over 100 thousand species, successfully extending all over the planet. Among these wonderful plants that do not have chlorophyll and receiving ready nutrients, there are many very useful. In particular, over 150 species of edible mushrooms used in nutrition. Mushrooms of the genus Реniсilium notatum are a source of antibiotics. From mushroom raw produce also a lot of medical preparations, vitamins, enzymes. In biology use the term "mushrooms". In medicine all fungi that cause disease, called the "fungi", adding such a feature, as parasitic and microscopic (those with the naked eye will not see). The researchers studied and described up to 500 such unwanted fungus. Continue the search for new agents of fungal diseases. All diseases caused by fungi, conventionally divided into superficial and deep. To surface belong to the skin and its appendages (nails), and mucous membranes. They can be seen with the naked eye. With deep fungal infections fungal the enemy is attacking the internal organs (most often light) and vital system - respiratory, digestive, urogenital, Central nervous. - The behavior of parasitic fungi in the body can be compared with the lizard-a chameleon changing its color depending on the color of the environment. - Exactly. Know that patients for years appealed in medical establishment from different complaints (cough, fever, headaches, allergies, etc.), they put different diagnosis, far from the truth, as long as in our laboratory have not found parasitic fungi. However, late diagnosis of fungal infection could end disastrously. In my practice there took place such a tragic event. 12-year-old boy was in the hospital with a diagnosis oftuberculosis". But microbiological examination did not confirm the presence of sticks tuberculosisand and intensive anti -tuberculosisNoah treatment did not improve the condition of the patient. During x-ray examinations in his lungs found-like formation. Urgent surgery did not save the boy. The diagnosis was made only after the death during the study of lung tissues by the method developed in our laboratory. It was a tragic combination of mycosis with tuberculosisohms. The use of antibiotics for the treatment of tuberculosisand intensified continuous reproduction of parasitic fungi. For mycosis also characterized by the phenomenon of the iceberg", when there is a disease with individual symptoms, and deep lesions of this or that body is not found. Here is another example from a medical institution neurosurgical. Died of a patient who during life diagnosed with metastases of malignant tumors to the brain". After the death of tissue were sent to study in our laboratory. Unfortunately, under the microscope was a classical picture of brain lesions parasitic fungi. - So, parasitic fungi, not only disguised as various diseases, but also can cause the formation of different tumors, including malignant? Is proven in many studies. For Ukraine, this problem is especially acute, as associated with a sharp decline of immunity after the Chernobyl disaster. That is why in the laboratory of pathological morphology studies have been undertaken biopsies (small piece of tissue) of the lungs, selected during surgery to remove tumors - in 100 patients with malignant neoplasms and 63 - with benign. With the help of specially developed techniques we found parasitic fungi, although they are very difficult to recognize, as these microscopic monsters reproduce only in a living organism. All patients light fabric was literally stuffed with different kinds of fungi, most commonly: mold, drugrevenue and radiant. Our conclusions coincide with the hypothesis of other scientists: fungal infections can cause the formation of tumors in humans due to the allocation of mycotoxins have carcinogenic effect (ability to cause cancer). I, as a specialist patomorphology considering human tissue under a microscope, including electronic, i.e. seers cells, increased in tens of thousands of times, it was very interesting to "dig out" mechanism to enemy attack fungi. Found that these parasites grow in the Holy of holies cells, their "heart" - the kernel. The worst enemy is the fungi containing pigment (color). This black demon their tentacles-micelles covers the cell, and she dies. - How can you protect yourself from microscopic parasitic fungi? - Prevention of internal mycosis need to carefully follow these recommendations: - Correctly use antibiotics only on prescription of doctor and it is obligatory with antifungal drugs (nystatin and other), do not engage itselftreatmentmeters, or on the advice of friends that particular antibiotic helped. Prescriptions of the preparation should be strictly individual. - Take care of your immune system, keep this basic protective shield proper nutrition, vitamins, healthy lifestyle, i.e. do not abuse, Smoking, alcohol. Remember that fungi reproduce in a weakened body. Protective forces of our body can be significantly decreased after the disease, different metabolic disorders, especially carbohydrate (diabetes), diseases of the endocrine system, reducing vitamin saturation of the organism (vitamin deficiencies). - Properly store food, as in conditions of high humidity in the flour, cereals, bakery products multiply very toxic fungus, the waste products of aflatoxins does not destroy heat treatment, and they can cause poisoning and even cancer. - On wet forage (hay, straw, grain) can also be parasitic fungi, so you should not lie on the hay, the sheaves of grain cereals etc. During agricultural works it is necessary to use protective equipment, as fungi with dust can get into the lungs, to accumulate and cause the formation of tumors, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, which is very hard to cure. Thorough implementation of these recommendations will help you to avoid such serious diseases as internal mycosis. Listen carefully to your body, if you do not see the therapeutic effect after the appointment of the doctor antibiotics or even start to ill health, then you should immediately inform your physician in order to prevent the development of mycosis.

Interview conducted Bronislaw my police", candidate of medical Sciences.