90% of the information we receive through the eyes. And only then draw conclusions: like it or not, it is useful or not, etc. On the state of view affects your mood, overall health, and sometimes even life itself. But there comes a time in the life of most people, when reading a book, newspaper or standing at the counter of the store, they realize they can't read the desired row or see the price on the price tag. The reasons can be different: the violation in the spine, disease, overwork and others

You can, of course, to get out of an unpleasant situation, wearing eye glasses. But even the best score only relatively correct the anomaly of view, without eliminating the cause. In the end, the vision might be lower because of the eye muscles cease to perform his functions and constantly weak and have to change glasses more often.

But to restore vision is possible. This can help book "the Restoration of view" Sergei Nikolaevich Haruka specialist of the all-Ukrainian charitable Fund "the Better life", master program "Diagnosis of health" on the TV channel "Nadiya". This is a practical guide to the natural recovery of view without surgical intervention method William Bates. Due to the urgency of this issue we begin the publication of a number of articles of this book.


Working in the health system, I have met people whose full life depended on points. Many of those who lost their eyesight, remained without attention from relatives and, moreover, lived his last years at the nursing home.

This book is intended for those who are ready to make all necessary efforts for the restoration and preservation of view, as well as strengthening overall health. During a decade of work on disease prevention, popularization of a healthy lifestyle and conduct programs on restoration of view, I am pleased to see positive results and hear good reviews. I hope and believe that the principles in this book will allow you to improve and restore the sight, and to prevent and reverse the negative processes in your body. This manual is one of the methods of complex restoration of view.

If you have any problems with vision, you can use the recommendations of this program, after consultation with an ophthalmologist.


Wherever we are: on the beach or in the store do, everywhere we instead eyes see dark glasses. Meanwhile, eye protection from an excess of light were provided by the Creator. Protective role here play the eyelids, which may converge, and the pupil, the amount of which may be reduced, thus regulating the amount of light entering the eye. Only in very bright conditions: for example, at electric welding, on the beach, in the desert or snow-covered space, there is a need for sunglasses. This need can be from drivers during a long trip on the motorway in Sunny weather, when the eye all the time on the road. Permanent as wearing sunglasses without causes photophobia (photophobia): even when the amount of light that safely withstand normal eyes, leads to pain in the eyes, after removing them with a dark glasses.

In addition, wearing glasses with colored lenses of plastic material often causes the so-called posteffect, manifested in the breach for a long time correct color perception. Wearing dark glasses from plastic leads to negative influence of ultraviolet rays on the retina.

Therefore, should not be worn without a special need sunglasses. And if you feel they need it, we know how correctly to choose. Glasses should hold at least 70% of the incident light. When sorokaprotsentnuju delay of light they are almost useless.


Recently, interest has grown in non-drug methods of treatment often associated with alternative medicine. In the field of ophthalmology, such methods are comparatively few, and those that are known, unfortunately, not always have the desired effect. Therefore, any new information in this field have always perceived with great hope.

In several countries abroad there are special centers where anyone can learn how to improve their eyesight. The largest training centre is the Academy of Bates in Johannesburg (South Africa).

The main theoretical principles of the Bates method can be reduced to such definition: the eye is in the process of setting to work, far or near, not so much by changing the curvature of the lens as by influencing the shape of the eyeball external muscles surrounding it.

To understand what is at stake, will do some wearing a simplified explanation.


Eye consists of a cornea, liquid front camera, ciliary muscle, lens, vitreous body, the choroid, optic nerve and 6 of eye muscles (Fig. 4). And the state of each of these elements depends on how our vision is to do its job. From work and condition of the eye muscles depends on how the eye can see.

Healthy eyes round. If the longitudinal muscles are weak and untrained, and transverse muscles strong, then the eye will be pulled forward - which is to say myopia. If the transverse muscles are weak, and longitudinal strong, then the eye will be flattened in the vertical plane and develops farsightedness. Muscles that are not involved, atrophy, lose weight and elasticity.

By age 40 to 50 years, many people reach a so-called senile farsightedness. Eyes may have a normal spherical shape, but the lens slightly flattened. Called it by different reasons: seal tissues, lens, the weakening of the ciliary muscle, etc. due to the flattening of the lens older people, as farsighted, at a younger age, can not clearly see nearby objects.

According to the theory of Bates, a cause of decreased vision is a mental tension, stress, improper and irregular meals, atherosclerosis (narrowing of blood vessels), habits that affect our health, stimulants, alcohol.

Obviously, the goal of treatment should be stress relief and eliminating causes which lead to poor health.

The method that is presented to you in this book, enables you to restore the eyes of their mobility and to restore vision. With the help of special exercises weak muscles can be trained, and strong is to relax.

By this method you can use, except those who have had operative surgery on the eyes in the next six months, and those who happens retinal detachment. The uniqueness of the method is its simplicity, accessibility, the absence of a large number of contraindications. During our studies on restoration of view, after applying the following tips will improve the work of all organs and body systems: cardiovascular, nervous, gastrointestinal, endocrine system, on which depends our vision.


Increased pressure within the eyeball (intraocular pressure), exceeding the normal value, called glaucoma. The increase in the internal pressure due to the fact that the so-called intraocular fluid cannot exit the eye. Normal eye pressure is 15-20 mm RT. century, but when the disease glaucoma this pressure can rise to 40 mm RT. degree and higher. Because of this wall eyes are exposed to high pressure. Because of this violation may occur work of the optic nerve, leading to the development of vision loss.

There are three types of glaucoma: congenital, open angle, angle-closure. Zakratougolnaya glaucoma often occurs in nature and in medical practice. The patient may feel a temporary deterioration of view, to see the colored circles before his eyes around the sources of artificial light. This often occurs when the person is exposed to emotional stress or in a darkened environment that is dilated pupils. You may receive severe pain in or around the eyes because of the sharp increase in intraocular pressure. And often sick only one eye. This exacerbation may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Otkratougolnaya glaucoma less frequently occurs in the acute form. The patient may feel moderate discomfort or fatigue in the eyes, especially after watching TV shows or movies in a dark room. Also having problems with vision in the dim light, but generally not observed improve vision in all procedures and recipes. People are slowly losing peripheral vision. So slowly, that he even does not notice. He can also appear seeing spots before my eyes and there was a loss of vision. This type of glaucoma is the most common and begins at the age of 40 to 46 years, and to 60-65 it can grow to a complete loss of vision.

Congenital glaucoma is present immediately at birth or soon after birth. It is usually observed with other birth defects.

Prevention of glaucoma.

1. Early detection and treatment of the disease is very important to prevent blindness.

2. Excitement, anger, fear, and other emotional disorders need to be avoided, as they cause an increase in blood pressure and, consequently, increase of intraocular pressure.

3. You cannot lift weights, push them, etc. But moderate daily exercise, walking, gardening contribute to the reduction of intraocular pressure.

4. Any clothing, tightening the body at the level of the neck, neck, can cause high blood pressure, and therefore should be excluded from the wardrobe.

5. To read, to sew, etc. can, but moderately.

6. You should prevent constipation, because of the hardening of the stool and difficulties caused this lead to undue stress and affect the intraocular pressure.

7. With increasing blood pressure increases and intraocular. So watch out for pressure and heading his right.

8. Atherosclerosis can prevent the outflow of fluid. If you see the weight gain, immediately begin to struggle with this phenomenon.

9. Avoid coffee and other caffeinated food and beverages, as they raise blood pressure.

10. Lying face down, people can feel a strong increase in intraocular pressure.

11. Smoking leads to an increase in intraocular pressure.

14. Do not drink too much water at one time. A glass or two at one time is usually sufficient. Distribute drinking enough fluids during the day.

15. It may be useful to the alternation of hot and cold compresses on the eyes. Within 9 minutes, put a hot compress, and within 1 minute - cold. The procedure is performed during 1 hour every day.


A cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye. The lens, small oval bodies, located behind the iris and pupil of the eye that helps focus light on the retina. Usually a transparent lens, but if it becomes obscured by cataracts, rays of light can't get on the retina, vision deteriorates.

Cataract come in different sizes: from little blurred areas to large, which significantly affects vision loss. They can develop over the years, but possible options for the development over a period of several months.

Symptoms are: gradual deterioration of view, foggy, fuzzy, blurry image, change the color of the pupil, the constant need for new glasses; feeling when before the eyes of all the sails; the circles around illuminated objects. Cataract may be congenital or resulting from injury, disease, or aging.

Traumatic cataracts appear due to blunt or penetrating trauma that touches the front jacket of the lens. This leads to the fact that the lens absorbs (absorb) watery substance. If the eyes are exposed to harmful chemicals, it can also cause traumatic cataracts.

Infrared rays from the source of heat, ionising radiation and chemical components can also cause cataracts. Jewelers, sitting for hours every day for many years at work and the host lamp only 3-5 cm from the eye, placed themselves at great risk of developing cataracts because of the long heating eyes.

Prevent cataracts.

1. The high level of glucose or xylose in the blood lead to cataracts. Use the minimum amount of sugar in your diet, and avoid its substitutes.

5. Dr. Burton L. Goods from Chicago believes that tobacco smoke, if not a direct cause of cataract, then, at least, is a factor influencing the premature development of dark spots on the eye lenses.

6. Breathing exercises stimulate blood circulation. Therefore, it is useful to do light exercise after meals. Such procedures slow down the formation of cataracts.