Life gives everyone a priceless gift - a young, full of hopes, desires and aspirations. Youth is happy because it has the future. Now imagine a young man who is rich and interesting life, he successfully, engaged in favourite business, makes plans for the future, dreams of love, the children... And then... something awful - and life goes awry, all the dreams and plans crumble like a house of cards from unexpected gust of wind.



Such a problem has occurred with the heroine of this article by Alexandra IIC - young choreographer, that since the childhood was engaged in dances and already at the age of 22 had a number of diplomas of various dance competitions and festivals, she was soloist in dance Fusion, a member of the Committee Flamenco in International Dance Organizati, the co-organizer of the festival free dance "Pasion de Beledi" etc. But life has suddenly decided to make their brutal adjustments.

Once she woke up in the morning and could not move. The right side was perfectly still, moreover, it was felt unbearable pain... From this moment for Alexandra began a life full of pain, despair and hopelessness. Doctors recommended surgical intervention, and it is for her - a girl who could not imagine myself without dance and movement - was a rejection of their dreams and lifelong disability. Besides, the operation was very dangerous: the slightest error doctor could have the worst consequences...

But the Lord has pity on the girl and gave her a second chance, or so destined, but there was a doctor who could help her. Very gently, moving from the coccyx up the spine, he put in place the vertebrae in the spine, which barely kept each other: when upravljalci one - shifted another... Besides, there was the danger that at any moment will happen bleeding in the brain. But, thank God, two weeks later, the girl began to move. Then began the Saga of a variety of procedures: manual therapy, massages, acupuncture, injections, pills...

Alexander constantly asked the doctors whether it will be able to dance, because without it, just not imagine my life. But the doctor was not only a great professional, he was also a wise man and always has set up a girl that she will succeed. And he was right. Alexander not only able to dance again, but on the road to recovery has found his calling. Trying to cope with the problem, she did not sit idly by and visited various classes, read books, watched video, discovered Pilates (system of physical exercises for all parts of the body, developed by Joseph Pilates). All this inspired her to create their own system of training, which she completely regained his health and now helps others to do it to women.
Say, a person ascends through suffering, forced to rethink his life, it is better to know your eternal being. In spiritual and physical torment strengthens the human spirit and tempered willpower. And if during the physical and moral pain not to break down, to survive, to find the strength to go on, life will bring revival. And the man again spread your wings, which, however, are not like they were before - they are bigger, stronger and more powerful - and fly... It directly concerns and Mrs Alexandra.

Now she is married, is studying to be allowed to pass on their knowledge and experience to others, continues career as a choreographer flamenco, giving dance lessons, conducts lessons on its own method of treatment of diseases of spine, but she was not able to score more than one group, because most of the time devotes most precious thing in her life - her young son. But in autumn it will be possible.


System of exercises, which offers Mrs. Alexander, consists of body ballet, Pilates, stretching, and other movements, aimed at the training of muscles, proper breathing, correction of vulnerabilities in the female body. And the results from best practice: activates the circulation of the blood from the tips of your toes to the brain, improves the function of all organs removed minor intervertebral hernia, scoliosis, disappear humps, wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes elastic, etc.

The lesson consists of three parts. The first is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the neck that most people are too weak. Caused it and sedentary lifestyle and improper physical culture, and the problem of our time - a long sitting in front of computer, when the head for a long time is in the same position.

Mrs. Alexander says: "All the internal organs related to the spine, in particular with cervical Department. Somehow my mom has a good heart. When medications do not help, I decided to make her a massage of cervical spine, and the pain went away."
The second part of the training focused on the spine, in particular, at first on his straightening, and then to strengthen the muscular corset around him. Here helps a lot Pilates.

Back pain is one of the earliest signs of damage to the spine, and if no action is taken, it can develop more serious ailments. Doing Pilates, you can get rid of scoliosis, a minor hernia spine, strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominal muscles, improve posture, increase the flexibility of the spine and joints.
Pilates is the same as manual therapy, only very gentle, stretching the soft and natural.

As to Mrs. Alexandra came a woman that had a hump 10 centimeters. After three months of training on the developed system from the hump almost nothing left, but within two years had been treated at manoilescu and went to physical therapy.

The last part of the course (volberding) on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles that can weaken factors such as pregnancy, childbirth, age, obesity, etc. As a consequence, the small pelvis may fall into the vagina, and this in turn can lead to various complications from discomfort in the lower abdomen to involuntary urination. However, the omission can be prevented through exercise of volberding. In addition, these exercises are useful for normal sexual life, ease of conception, pregnancy and childbirth, fast recovery after childbirth, prevention of gynecological diseases.

Not surprisingly, the most Mrs Alexandra childbirth were fairly light, without complications, and the body recovered quickly, and the stomach is drawn without problems. Moreover, thanks to the exercises are smoothed and lighter postpartum stretch, the skin becomes more elastic, eliminate cellulite, is prevention of gynecological diseases, as mentioned above, rise omitted bodies of the pelvic floor.
A woman who has three children, suffered a dropped uterus. After 6 months of training uterus was in its place, also strengthened the vaginal muscles that had a positive effect during sexual relations with her husband.
After the exercise Mrs Alexandra and her wards no fatigue, on the contrary, the body comes alive and forces occur.


-To walk all know from childhood. However, most people, unfortunately, does it wrong, and correct gait is not just a whim, but a vital necessity. Walking is the most accessible sport that we all regularly, and depends only on us, he will bring us the benefit or harm. While walking, the body needs to keep right, top to stretch up, chin slightly raised, shoulders back, hands move freely. To start the movement is with the feet, and it already is the case - and not her head back, and pelvis, abdomen thus it is necessary to involve in itself, and the coccyx - under.

-Not to forget about the correct posture, Mrs Alexander advised to carry some kind of reminder. This can be a regular bracelet: looking at it, the person will immediately remember that you need to straighten your back, etc.
-"People hurt spine throughout life is exhausting yourself in physical labor, lifting weights. And I would like to recovery was easy and quick. Something calls me a woman and complains of pain in the back that's bothering her for the third day. I ask, what do you do to ensure that you are not hurt. The answer is nothing. People want me to once shown and they all passed. But it's just not realistic. I'm not a healer, I'm doing a restore of the spine, and it requires a lot of everyday work of the body. Only after 3 months of practice, the body adapts and will start to work correctly. I restored my spine within 2 years after over 20 years unconsciously periodically injured grueling practice".

-The next Council Mrs Alexandra for fans to go to manualscan or people's manual therapists. "In no case prevent them from manipulating your neck, especially to do sharp movements. I used to until I'm not in trouble, often resorted to this kind of "help". As it later turned out, it was one of the factors that caused my paralysis.

-After the working day physical stress Mrs. Alexander recommends that you removed with the help of simple relaxation: lie on your stomach, put his hands along the body, feet together, heel divorced in different directions, put his head first to one side and lay so for 3 minutes, then another - and also to lie 3 minutes So well relax the entire back and pelvis.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.