Although Fedor they Say is not a member of the Union of writers, his poetry very quickly diverge among fans. Though he is not a doctor, it is often asked for help in restoring balance of mind and physical health. And it's not only beautiful melody of his poems and personal charisma. For the easy manner of communication, humor and kindness of this man is extraordinary depth. It seems that he not only sees the essence of man, his strengths and weaknesses, mistakes and luck, but also knows that he needs to solve different problems.


For his life Fedor Yakovlevich have experienced themselves in different fields of human activity. On graduating from secondary school, he worked as Director of one of Odessa musical school, but on his return from military service decided to change his profession and entered in the trade-economic Institute. Worked in different ways, in particular to high positions in the sphere of trade, changing cities and regions. It was brought even to the Far North. And there once again he made a sharp turn: the chair of the head of the supplier service replaced the wheel of the machine operators and went into the deep taiga on a tree felling. He then returned to Odesa, where he worked as a Director of the local market, voluntarily left is a prestigious armchair to farming, and over time the business to road transport. And again unexpected step: courses for massage therapists, work as the masseur, then school chiropractors at the Institute of traditional and alternative medicine, school of visceral massage Ugulava, school of ideologii Binat. It should be noted that the positions and professions Fedor they Say change is always voluntary, it often didn't want to release from work. But could not keep. Why? - I was interested in the phenomenon of man who he was, where he came to Earth and what does here, why there is this world and do we justify his hopes. At first I tried to find the answer in serious books, in particular in 15 years read Hegel's Phenomenology". And then began to look for an answer in practical life. Posts and money meant for me a little. I tried to match what you do, and my inner world, looking for his destiny, gained experience of human existence in different life conditions.


Verses Fedor Yakovlevich started to write 6-7 years ago. For many friends, it was a surprise. In fact, the poem is a logical step in its life. It came to him, and as a consequence of the traversed path of life, obtained experience and innate characteristics. Perhaps that is why poetry Fyodor Mall differs among other creative achievements. Those who have experienced it, say it heals. I always, since I can remember, knew about a person more than he has said about himself. And often have answered the wrong question, and one that really interested person. When at the end of the course began working as a massage therapist, I started to information about the state of health of the patient, the presence of those or other infringements in his body, the reasons which caused, namely: thoughts, emotions, relationships with family, etc. So I not only did massage, and many talked to man, trying to free it from the negative baggage that caused the disease. And usually people noted that from the first time they had become much easier. Over time, people began to massage not only to get rid of pain in the body, but also to consult on the decision of those or other problems. Gradually Fedor Yakovlevich have accumulated a lot of experience on mechanisms of disease and ways to get rid of them. There was a need to compile it and writing. So in the evening after work he did sketches in which he described the specific cases. It took a very long time. And then an idea appeared: and if to explain the essence in verse form? First, he wrote poems-portraits patients and their life situations. Over time, he began to form poetic metaphors (specific words and phrases that reveal the essence of some phenomena and objects through other similarity or contrast). These verses was carrying not only the semantic information, but also a certain vibration. Even if the person did not delve into the contents of verses in his energoinformational field was a beneficial change. About this Fedor Yakovlevich did concluded by the reaction of their patients: some of the eyes may run down with tears of purification and relief, others started to yawn and even fell asleep, others felt the rise. But, more importantly, almost all noted that there is a mental peace, decreased or gone unpleasant sensations in the body, it became clear what to do next in your life.


"I don't call myself a healer, so as not fly person purposefully, " says Fedor Yakovlevich. - However, the integrity of looking at everyone. The fact that each person has a program of its existence in all aspects of life, including health. Sometimes there are any deviations, sores. They are given in order to determine the stress that is in human form intention to action, knowledge changes. If a person does not listen to your body's signals, does not respond to them as needed on the spiritual and behavioral level (does not change its mindset, attitude to people, the habit of negative thinking and so on), its problems are compounded health deteriorates and even change the direction of fate. At the DNA level is restructuring, which has been proved by research scientists. Because genetic apparatus is not that other, as recorded on chromosomes information. And we throughout his life always something added to it, changing for better or worse. Information has the form of waves and frequencies (high or low and rough). The word, poetry are the sounds, which are also measured waves and frequencies. Consequently poetic metaphor can affect DNA, correcting and rewriting the program from negative to positive. The fact that our body, with the electromagnetic field, constantly is in resonance with all the others (as all creatures and objects, colors, sounds, etc. are also of electromagnetic radiation). Poetic metaphors cause some momentum human nervous system, which have images, you receive the sound of the voices that the intent, generate faith. Faith is the energy, allowing them to plan. This applies to the health and personal relationships, and professional plans, and all other spheres of life.


- On one of the examples from my experience will tell how poetic metaphor works at the level of physiology, - says Fedor Yakovlevich. - When I worked as a masseur, one day I came a man on crutches with unbearable pain in the knee, because of which he could not become the leg. I studied the anatomy of man, so is good to know that the pain in the knee joint is related to a lack of synovial fluid, resulting in disrupted decompression joint appear pain. Synovial fluid is produced by the glands of internal secretion. And they are energetically connected with streams of the gallbladder. I actually "saw" inner vision that the man spazmirovannah gallbladder ducts. This pathology can be eliminated with the help of visceral massage, clicking on the area of the gallbladder. But I decided to go the other way: the influence of poetic metaphors to the subconscious mind. Because spasm in the body is always the result of some psychological stress. Therefore suggested that the patient ...listen to the lyrics. He was surprised, but politely agreed. I started reading one verse... And at the same time he was observing the changes in his body. After a while he noticed that spasm gradually began to fade, and after some time started the mechanism of the production of synovial fluid, which immediately began to act in a sore knee. I asked a man to stand on the foot. He distrust did this and was astonished to see that the pain has significantly weakened. Such cases the effective influence of poetic metaphors on the physical body of a person through his subconscious can't remember much.


The word, as a powerful therapeutic tool"that has long been used in medical practice. This is a positive psychotherapy German specialist Nossrat of Pezeshkian. While working with patients he told them a parable. They caused a person resonance, resulting passed psychosomatic symptoms (pain) in different parts of the body. The world-famous redirecting hypnosis American Milton Erickson, one of the main elements of which are instructive history." The scientist explained that a person occurs unconsciously associate stimulated psychotherapist words with his problem, which helps to get rid of it. Special texts with the semantic load developed and Sverdlovsk Institute of psychotherapy.


His first poetry collection Fedor Supposedly called "the keys of the enlightenment". They really are the key which opens the way to health, happiness, light thoughts and feelings. "What a person thinks, speaks, that he himself and identifies, explains Fedor Yakovlevich. - If he plunged into pettiness, will live in vanity and problems, which, of course, will affect his health, if stretches to the "great, clean and bright", - these are the events and people will increasingly come into his life. Therefore, we must consciously choose which model to identify myself, and Higher Power will come to our aid. Each person has his own program, for which more than he is given the resources, continues Fedor Yakovlevich. - If someone does not do it, it begins to push for this different uncomfortable situations, that he went out on to the designated path. The man who follows his appointment, sounds harmoniously and smoothly, which no - razblokirovanie. - I hear what biorhythms is dominated by a person who comes to me (alpha, Delta, beta), and what it lacks, " said the poet. - Say, alpha is responsible for our condition vigor and creativity, beta relaxation and comfort. Depending on what a person does not have to solve its problems, I pick up and read poetry to him with certain poetic metaphors. Sometimes just one meeting, and sometimes we need several sessions tiotropia" for knowing where to go, what to do, how to get out of the crisis. Each person has the rod of inner strength, with him I work. In confirmation of this is another example. Fyodor Mole asked to work with a young woman who suffered a drama in professional and personal life. Her Opera singer, suddenly stopped inviting in the formulation and to participate in concerts. In this difficult for career and personal growth period woman left her husband. She had a nervous breakdown as a result of which she was involved in a psychiatric hospital. Some time later, she was discharged from the deal: it no one wanted to talk, lost contact with the outside world. In this condition, she was brought to Fyodor Yakovlevich. From the first meeting, she began to revive. After 10 sessions of tiotropia felt able to move further. She received another specialty Manager, and began working as a concert by the administrator. Again plunged into active and interesting for her life. One of the lucky owners of the poetry book Fyodor Mole told me the following story. Once there came familiar. Seeing a book on her Desk, took her hands, and with a blank stare turned over several pages and began to read. After a few minutes the woman has changed in the person: Svetlana, what is it? I don't understand what was happening to me, but I know it's what I need". Wisdom, balance, love to people and to the world, which exudes a poet, undoubtedly, sound and from the pages of his books, giving people the necessary verbal and non-verbal information. Fedor Yakovlevich, as always throughout his life, is not going to stop there. He wants to share my method Stihotvorenija possibly more people. Recently conducted the first seminar. Plans to do so in the future. So on our planet more and more people were able to find our purpose, and therefore to live in harmony with your soul, the body and the Universe.


VIRUS The virus - the representative of the disease, He totters the body, For a person to be very useful, If the attacks spirit crisis. Different degrees of contamination Teach the mind to survive And the signs of rejection The depth of his understanding. Unique view of the typical Generates a lot of forms And already hurts personally He who departs from the common standards. Fear viral infection, Coming for a reason, But worries much more Infectious maeta. Who wants to fight her, Should in the heart of his show, Whether it be opened And guilt, to see the light. The pain and anger - for expressions Misconceptions ambitions, But the reason of rejections - Centers of patients traditions. And they are low-lying, In memory lie on the bottom, The essence of living to destroy called, Cell alone. Don't look at the virus COSO This Divine things, Soul cure his threats And suffering of the body.


Protect yourself from damage Overlap fears and grievances, From heavy passion Hobbies, From a bad wound that hurts.

Prejudices tear you to pieces And are you mad at the whole world to the full, If to the destruction of the sacrament Undeserved wine.

Raspalas breast heartof wine, In the body, divided in half, Crying Istomina sternum, Hides neuralgia in the corners.

Lost in the spirit of his will Heart randomly warping, 's a mess was cleared pain, Not wanting weakness to admit.

To trace the fate of the impending you weave Comprehension of the Supreme spheres. Somewhere in the depths of the consciousness know Its esoteric barrier.

Do spiritual work - Notable wise simplicity And get healthy thought quota To master the spiritual purity.


Day today morning a fine Smiling Sunny me It will bring good luck, looks like Believe it can.

Fresh wind brings How unconditional their, The spirit attracts premonitions Of my intentions.

A sign of destiny draws tales In the clubs of white clouds, To believe, maybe ridiculous In predictions of the winds?

But I am sure, by all means, What should happen And opens the Universe Star secrets recalculation.

Spread open space Passionate world, Toying with enthusiasm And played with me.

Not in vain spend time For smiling game See it as my luck I pogosti day.


I once saw at sunset The horizon violet rays, As paled on cloud roll A summary of the burning fire.

Intentionally me playing, The bright world of something said, In his eyes, he twilight Taya, About me mysteriously bodies.

Predicted he new signs To understand ourselves as MiG other To appear infinitely somewhere In God's trajanoski Holy.

Dream within a dream as reality, dream, Secret sign in the minds opened And in the space-time has shifted, The road of life drove.

Maybe this is not cennosti - The party passed through time is a true story, Found my soul submission, Turning oppression into dust.

The horizon sirenevogo melted, I meekly it looked And, without regret seeing, Together with him lilac burned