Long time ill catarrhal proktoshigmoidit, enzyme insufficiency of pancreas, dysbacteriosis. For 2 years I have lost 10 kg would Like to receive expert advice about my disease. With respect SR, Golaya Pristan Kherson region

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor, phytotherapeutist Boris Skachko.

Given that a woman suffers catarrhal proktoshigmoidit (actually inflammatory process in the final sections of the rectum), local anti-inflammatory and healing remedy should be applied candle on the basis of domestic pork fat (Stora), yarrow and calendula flowers. On 10 g Stora take 2 tablespoons of both plants and 5-7 minutes to hold on low heat to the active substance have moved into fat. To prevent this and a little bit cool to the point where else can you filter through a small sieve or a gauze. To form in marl small candle in length of 1,5-2 cm in diameter with the little finger, put them in the refrigerator or freezer. To enter in a direct gut several times a day. Regarding the pancreas, the reader must be eliminated from your diet all the raw berries, fruits and vegetables, annoying gland. In case of dysbacteriosis also useful cooked vegetables that supply the stomach necessary fiber. In addition to eat a woman needs small amounts frequently, in order to avoid stagnation secretion of the pancreas. Food must be tasty, with a minimum of fat, steamed and boiled. You can't eat dried fish and meat. The consumption of vegetables, fruits and protein (animal) should be in the ratio of 4:1. Enter fatty fish or meat should slowly, watching the reaction of the pancreas. The sharper the course of the disease, the less tasty must be food. You should also reduce your intake of sweets, coffee and tea, milk, and to give preference fermented milk products.