The skin is a real barrier of our body, and body temperature regulation, part of the immune system. It is like a fishnet permeated many holes where grow hair, nails, sweat out, pouring out sebum. And all these little holes comfortable accommodation for a variety of germs and bacteria. Once settled, they never leave their homes throughout a person's life.

Various skin diseases are the most frequent. Especially in summer, when breeding ground for bacteria most appropriate. And a lot of trouble brings such a painful thing, as abrasions. A distinctive feature of boils from other types of skin inflammation is that they appear on the body only in those places from which hairs grow. At the base of each hair is onion. Next to it are the sebaceous and sweat glands and blood vessels that supply this device with blood.

Inflammation of the complex and cause boil. A rather large purulent cavity that is closed distinct purulent tube. This very dense abscess the size of 1-1,5 cm, representing a suppuration of the hair follicle, and is called a boil. First the skin over him blush, then becomes brownish-blue, furuncle rises above the skin and on top of visible purulent tube. When it becomes especially clear, this means that the abscess is "ready". Furuncle often accompanied by fever, but it hurts and without touching. Especially before the bubble will burst.

Boils can appear on any part of the body. But usually "suffer" the legs, buttocks, lower abdomen, and the forearm and back of the hands, back surface of the neck, lower back, buttock area of the hip. In a more complicated form of the disease called furunculosis, malignant sores appear on the skin periodically, sometimes even several pieces. In some cases, there are several sitting next boils one or abscess with multiple purulent heads - carbuncle; it causes more pronounced General disorders, which are accompanied by fever.

The formation of abscesses can cause not only contaminated wounds, but even small wounds scratches. For rapid maturation and pulling make different plants. It plantain, baked onion or grated raw potatoes, fresh sheets buckwheat, sorrel, smata grass woodlice, zapolnaya sometimes garden beds, wet ditch and hollows with moist soil. At night you can bind to nazyvalsya place cabbage leaf. Painful swelling will decrease, if you do it more often. Put to abscesses and powdered cannabis seeds. A handful pounded hop cones pour a glass of water and make a poultice. Frequently it also provides quick results.

Well pulls and heals boils crushed rhizome coastal inhabitant of lakes, ponds and rivers of flowering. It is also called the bread, as in thick creeping rhizomes, pleasant sweetish taste, containing starch, proteins, Sugars, fats, saponins, similar in composition to rye flour. Recall that rye dough and bread from it in combination with honey is one of the most popular remedies with abscesses. Susak is a very valuable food plants. It is established that with the constant use of Susak in food strengthened human health. Susak will help to pull out of the body boil.

I had to repeatedly use for treatment of abscesses ointment lnjanki. Dried grass lnjanki need to pulverize, 4 spoonfuls of the powder to fill 20 tbsp. melted pork fat, 3 hours to fly (not to cook in hot oven or in poorly boiling water bath, hot drain. Rag with this ointment to put it on the boil for rapid maturation.

Now many are trying to grow or buy part of the fashion prestupni white. Avicenna wrote about this plant the following: the root of it with Vika and fenugreek much washes and cleanses and refreshes the outer skin of the body, reduces freckles and dark spots, remaining after ulcers. He also apply if cook in olive oil until it boils. The root of prestupna reduces the wart and dairy acne. Adopted with wine, he removes, dissolves hardening and makes opened ulcers. It also eliminates nageeb if to make him medicinal dressing with wine. The root of it is placed in the form of medical bandage with salt to fresh ulcers". If prestupni helps from many serious diseases, for him there is nothing easier than to cope with a disease - it is more often only attach steamed root. Will work reliably and quickly.


Such pustular diseases like boils and boils, overwhelm a person for a long time, exhausting him. In the struggle with them apply many of the tools. This is the burdock, St. John's wort, yarrow, comfrey, hops, lnjanka, prestupni white. But in this case, to make medicines little, you must first cleanse the blood, without which it is not always possible to get rid of boils, phlegmon, panaritiums.

Cleansing the blood necessary course of treatmentm to drink tea infusion of leaves of wild strawberry, black currant, dandelion, birch, decoction of roots of burdock, elecampane, wheat grass juice bedstraw present, fresh may nettle. When infusions and decoctions put a tablespoon of dried plants per Cup of boiling water, juice drink 2 tablespoons 3 times a day. You can type several of these plants and to make a collection, brewing 2 tbsp. in 0,5 l of boiled water on a daily dose.

Does not prevent to use the recipe with a proven blood purifying mixture is used for skin diseases: a series - 2 tablespoons, the leaves of the walnut - 1 tablespoon, herbs three-coloured violet - 4 tablespoons, burdock root - 2 tablespoons, colours of a deaf nettle - 2 tablespoons, black currant leaves - 2 tablespoons, colours of a yarrow - 2 tablespoons, strawberry leaves - 3 tbsp. All mix, take 2 tablespoons of the mixture pour 1 l of unboiled water and boil on low heat for 10 minutes Drink hourly on a wine wine-glass (30 ml), and children are at 1 tbsp

You can offer another reliable blood collection: flowers, cornflowers - 3 spoons, grass nettle - 2 tablespoons, calendula flowers - 2 tablespoons, the leaves of the walnut - 2 tablespoons, bottlebrush herbs - 2 tablespoons, grass violet tricolor - 4 tablespoons, herb - 2 tablespoons, grass veroniki drug - 2 tablespoons of mix Everything. Four tablespoons collection pour 1 l of unboiled water, to soak over night and in the morning boil 8 minutes to Drink this broth for a day in 5 receptions. The treatment lasts 1,5 months.

If you cannot produce all the necessary components, can be limited to 2-3 plants, even one, but strong enough, as, for example, the grass forest strawberries, grass and roots of the dandelion, or the roots of the couch.


I tried fresh grass of meadowsweet - meadowsweet. With sympathize with this common plant that decorate the edge of the forest of fragrant white cream panicles of flowers. The leaves of Filipendula need pound to a paste and applied in the form of a patch to the furuncles, carbuncles. Recover without complications. Good and dried leaves of Filipendula: 2 tablespoon per Cup of water and cook for 5 minutes Broth be used for bandages not straining, together with grass.

Sometimes Chiri, boils fumigate the smoke of burnt leaves of aspen, then sprinkled them received warm ashes - it really can be useful in field conditions. Panaritium sprinkled grass powder bell precast. In some areas this kind of bell called primesnoi grass. Indeed, lotions and poultices of herbs not bad.

Pain and severe itching at furunculosis removes the oil from kidney black poplar - poplar. Collected in the spring of fresh or dried kidney pour any vegetable oil at the rate of 1:5, bring to boil and cook for half an hour on a very low heat. After removing from heat, put the brew. Time insisting 2 weeks, after which you can filter. There is a natural question: and do I need it poplar oil in two weeks? It is impossible to live according to the proverb: thunder will break out, the peasant will not cross himself. It is advisable to always have the medication at hand, the more so that it can be useful for rheumatism, arthritis, gout, myositis, hemorrhoids, and burns, eczema and other inflammatory skin diseases.


A proven tool in the phlegmon and other suppuration are drugs eucalyptus and Kalanchoe. They can be bought at the pharmacy, and if necessary to resort to home fashions. Tested many times decoction of leaves of eucalyptus: 1 tablespoon per Cup of raw water, bring to boil and gently cook, covered for 15 minutes, preventing rapid boil. After 15 minutes, drain. To make soaked in broth gauze napkins to 5 times a day.

Antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect and has an alcohol tincture: 3 tbsp. chopped leaf on a glass of vodka or diluted alcohol, to insist 2 weeks. For lotions and washes diluted with boiled water 1 to 3 tablespoons a glass of water. The tincture is used in its pure form, but lotions and wraps long to hold you cannot avoid burns.

As for Kalanchoe, to ensure the use of both types peristerion and Kalanchoe Degremont, with many "kids" on the battlements of the sheet. Cirrus preferable. Leaves squeezed juice, which lubricate the sore spots, or make soaked with juice puppets. Kalanchoe possesses strong anti-inflammatory action, excellently cleans wounds and ulcers of dead tissue and helps epithelization.

In the case of phlegmon, panaritiums, boils treatment spend the first mammal oil that helps to reveal purulent lesion, and after removal of the inflammatory process and the emergence of crusts move on lubrication juice or ointment Kalanchoe. For preparation of ointments 2 tsp. juice mixed with 1 tbsp. of anhydrous lanolin. In pharmacy ointment added novocaine and furazolidone. Sequential treatment trapping oil with further transfer to Kalanchoe accelerates healing and a half to two times.

When the abscess will be very helpful gadgets and applications of alcoholic tinctures of eucalyptus, trapping oil, poultices grass both donnikov - yellow and white. On abscesses put boiled in milk fresh leaves korovjaka scepter-shaped.

Yet not a word was said about the most widespread in everyday life of the plant, aloe. Usually it starts treatment of all pustular lesions of the skin and soft tissues. There is probably no person who has not experienced its beneficial effect. Layers cut leaves obkladyvajut abscesses, and such treatment is sometimes quite enough, if you repeat the procedure several times a day for a long time.


When the abscess will be urged to remember the above pristupne white. Hunting is whether to go under the knife if you can avoid applying steamed root prestupna - Brijuni? Recommend grasses, or roots with rhizomes of milkwort Siberian, or milkwort angustifolia. Here it is necessary to remember that the roots of influence stronger. They are commonly used in broncho-pulmonary diseases, however, and at purulent skin lesions, milkwort works well. One tablespoon of roots of milkwort zaparivajut Cup of boiling water, additional soar in a boiling water bath 40 min and hot filter. Use broth on lotions and compresses.

You can then apply the ointment made of equal parts of oleoresin, beeswax and pork lard. In hot fat at first put a wax, and after it melts, - SAP. Boil optional, quite a stir in hot and cool.

There was a case when were able to remove the patient abscess in the buttock, after a failed injections of magnesium, in the most vulgar way: frequent applying fresh leaves of burdock. The list is put smooth side. It is interesting to observe how in the lesion it gradually darkens and becomes thinner, while at the edges, on healthy skin, remains almost unchanged, only a little fade. For one day of treatment left about two dozens of leaves. After the decay process leaves were used less frequently, up to two to three times a day. I can only wonder where are accumulated inside the abscess purulent exudate. He quietly disappeared, leaving no trace, no consequences.

Vyacheslav VARNAVSKIY,

the doctor, phytotherapeutist.