I have already used the advice of Boris Skachko relative to the treatment of various diseases. Now I am asking for advice on how to cure the stomach with the diagnosis of "gastro"? Sincerely yours, Tatyana Ivanovna. , Konotop, Sumy oblast

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor, phytotherapeutist Boris Skachko.

Gastro - inflammation of the home Department of the digestive tract. Important role in the treatment is played by the rhythm of power: small portions 4-5 times a day to meal had time to fully digest and not to irritate undigested particles mucous membrane. In addition, the foods should be warm, boiled and steamed. From diet to withdraw raw vegetables and fruits, berries. However, to consume more different porridges, however, corn grits and millet - spam, can not use the coarse fiber (bran) and sokogonnym products (tea, coffee). You should drink some extracts of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, mint, oregano, and jelly. Junk cultured milk products, and milk can be eaten in small portions, as well calcinated cheese (such as did the children on a dairy kitchen). Broth extracts junk, they need to be replaced rubbed the soup. Effective in this case infusion sushenitsy swamp and broth calamus marsh. Infusion sushenitsy. A tablespoon of raw materials, pour 300 ml of boiling water. To insist night. Drain. Drink a quarter Cup before eating. A teaspoon of root pour 300 ml of water and boil on low heat for 15 minutes, Drain. Drink 20-30 ml for 10-15 minutes before meals. If a person is prone to constipation, drink chilled, if the diarrhea is warm. You can use our herbal remedies. When the relief gradually extend the diet, introducing tasty food, promotes allocation of gastric juice and normal digestion.