In Ethnology and educational centre "the Torch, which at Mar" in Chernivtsi on the name of his uchrediteli, narodowego of Parafiny Macs every day, we get hundreds of emails asking for help. Sarafina Petrovna had long been conducting individual interviews, however, all the letters one can find answers, tips, in her books and newspaper "Econome-blagochestivaya Visnyk", which publishes the "Torch". On the pages of "SD" we also give explanations and causality of some difficult situations, the reason that during the prayer shows Haratine Macs Lord, and specific tips that will help remove the danger or cure diseases, etc.


We live and frequently do not think about our actions, and our every deed is recorded. And not only act, every word, every impulse of our soul. Our earthly state amfoteritinom" in God, and there is an information Bank, which has about a man all: not only from the time of its appearance in the mother's womb, but the influence of root stem from many generations and as he is on his descendants his actions will influence or already affected. Recorded there in details existing or transferred disease, injury, cause, the cause of death, if a person is where his soul after death is: in the Kingdom of good or evil, as it is from there to the descendants of its impact. Our soul is very bright displays itself in wrinkles, voice, manner of walking, to see, to speak... Warts, freckles, other marks on the body, too, have certain information. Moles that come and go, they don't just happen, they should not be touched, because they often collect from us trouble. Each boil - the excretion of black, especially from the blood. As the doctors say that today it is hard to find a person with unaffected by the liver. What was healthy liver? Good blood. In order not thrown away in the blood of toxic elements. Toxic elements are released into the blood when unhealthy body as a whole - when the light is not in him of the blood. This is when the person is not his life on the line of positive: not serve faithfully to the Lord. Change your way of life on persistent pleasing to God - then your liver is healthy. Bring the destruction of blood is very healing flowers of cherry (dried or fresh), if they cover the shoes under the feet. Well cleans the blood, removes radionuclides from the body, soothes, balances, brings a good sleep infusion of dried pears. Dried longitudinal pear halves wash, fill with boiling water, insist 2-3 hours. To drink in the morning instead of tea, you can add honey. After drinking the brew, you can pour boiling water and infuse these pears even three times.


Voice, you can define the essence of humanity, as wrinkles. Wrinkles - the evidence that we have done in life. Wrinkles can answer the question, who are you to show your tendency to occupation, taste, to show how we behave. All this is reflected in our children, grandchildren, often still in the mother's womb. ...The girl Ruslana was born with a limp omitted intestine. Urgent surgery, but confidence in the good consequences doctors no. Mother in despair: what to do? Prayer brings to the great-grandmother of the sick girl on his line, which twenty years ago surgery was deprived of the second chin and pulled up (smoothed) face. Great-grandmother, making an artificial method of rejuvenation, accumulated over the face of constant negative, which those wrinkles contributed, "pereputala" them, like a ball on top of a hereditary line, and basic life-line great-granddaughter, who grew up on it with a piece of paper as the branches, wrinkled and atrophied in maternal, not quite pious womb, themagnetic those prababushkiny angry waves. Prababushkiny shot surgery chin affected by obstruction of the child rectum. Because chin that shows heavenly Father in prayer, it is the accumulation of a reserve of positive force for posterity. And when the woman went against nature and it voluntarily trod, fed by a hereditary line forces of evil. During the years of individual conversations (when they were) had no time to meet that makes this adjustment Hands of the Creator. The change of the nose - infertility male on hereditary line, impotence, werewolves, maniacs (nose, as part of the body, is responsible for intuition). Corrected by human intervention nose makes on hereditary line of the direction of evil. Even the reduction of nose makeup - trouble from the rectum, hemorrhoids to hereditary line, breast cancer. Changing the shape of the breast, silicone, surgery - excision of the hereditary line from Heaven positive in General.


The fate not. We are defined by our aspirations, purity or impurity of soul, if we were born healthy, not crippled even from his mother's womb. Therefore, remember, man, what are you wasting your life force! Do you like life on Earth? Try to make possible long. One of the conditions: never stay in evil. Like the sun, understand each situation from a height of sunshine soul and smile. Bad? You skinut Satan in some of the test situation. Get out of there with dignity. And pray: "Forgive me, Lord, all I have sinned(La), and help me to get out of this situation with dignity". Select done, try to find a particular their sins (to repent). Light three candles before the face of the MostHoly mother of God, asking for help, ISPA Holy water. When you hard - all leave, light three candles, open at random gospel and read about ten minutes. Then dagger, drink the Holy water, emboss eight bows and say, "Live for the glory of the Lord on Earth. Save me, o God." And long, 3-4 minutes, look into the eyes of the Mother of God or Jesus Christ. Evil, torturing you, come out of you and be burned. Candle let burning down, burning surrounding blackness. The main thing for a man to protect the most pure soul, that the waste from the body, it has not got into the eternal fire. My goal is for our children to perceive the true meaning of life, did not excurse on Satan's whims and sought to please our Heavenly Father in all things. Since then only can there be peace, harmony and happiness on Earth. Our Ethnology newspaper "Econome-blagochestivaya Visnyk" not for everyone, it is only for those who want to find God and put Him in my soul above all. It is for the revival of righteousness and Holiness on Earth.

Prepared Love FIELD-SHANDA, "Health and Dougall".