The spleen is located in the abdominal cavity in the left hypochondrium, at the level of 9-11 ribs and enclosed in a tight capsule. The mass of the spleen in adults is 192 g - men and 153 Mr. women. In addition hematopoietic function, spleen catches of blood flow to damaged red blood cells, some undesirable microorganisms, and also produces antibodies, etc. as active as possible this body (and pancreas) from 9 to 11 a.m. About violation of their activities signal daytime sleepiness, memory impairment, loss of control, an retarded condition (man sits idle, focal point), unsustainable appetite, a craving for sweets, etc. Synthesizing antibodies, spleen involved in the protective reactions of the organism against infectious agents. Enlarged spleen can be palpated in the left costal arch during a deep breath, if you send a thumbs down and medial (towards the middle). To improve the activity of the spleen will help following recipes.

Ointment for rubbing (prescription St. Hildegard) A mixture of fresh juice common wormwood (20 ml) and olive oil (40 ml) pour into a glass bowl and put it on the window-sill, where the sun strikes it. To keep there all summer. In winter healing oil RUB 2 times a day in the places after hypothermia concerned about the pain. Fermented oil easily penetrates the skin and has a therapeutic effect. This ointment is possible to restore the health of the spine, chest, liver and spleen. Attention! In no case do not ingest!

Massage oil Qualified specialist puts banks in the area of the spleen. Under the banks to use such balm: mix 135 ml Hypericum oil, 10 ml, eucalyptus oil, 10 ml oils of juniper, rosemary and pine (oil mix). To grease with a thin layer of the skin before cupping massage. This procedure improves blood circulation, stimulates acupun-Chernye point. About consultations such cupping massage, you can contact to me.

Herbal ointment for cupping massage For preparation of ointments will need 200 g of resin, 1 kg melted goat (chicken, pork or goose fat, 50 g chamomile, 20 g color hop and mint, 10 g of rosemary, motherwort, oregano, 100 g of hyssop, and St. John's wort. SAP cook in one of the above fats to fully dissolve rhenium, then turns to lower wrapped in gauze grass. When the fat will absorb the smell and force one, to take out and put the following grass. Thus prepared ointment very active. If to apply it to her spine, RUB and put banks, it is completely absorbed, it just kills the body.

A compress of flax (prescription St. Hildegard) Flax seeds (150 g) cooking in water (500 ml) until thick (about 20 minutes), to fill this mass linen sack. Compress is applied immediately (as soon as a person can take to the area of the spleen. Keep to cool. The procedure is done only by prescription. Contraindications enlarged spleen, cancer.

Cake made of carrot seeds (prescription St. Hildegard) For preparation of bread will need 20 g of seeds, wild carrot, 15 grams fennel seed, 100 grams of white bread, 50 ml of vinegar. The bread to soak in vinegar, mash, add the seed and mould cake. To eat for 30 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day. Health course - 14 days or until complete healing.

Purification of the body A very beneficial effect on the state of the spleen (and other bodies) periodic cleansing of the body. I propose a method Czech spiritual master Francis Baddack. You need to take 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, 2 table-spoon of syrup of wild rose (sold in pharmacies), 200 ml of water, a little red burning or Cayenne pepper. Dilute the lemon juice with water, add pepper, then syrup of wild rose. To take courses for 2 weeks, beginning in the period of the Full moon. Drink 100 ml 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating. Break between courses is 2 weeks. Thus dissolved and removed from the body toxins; purified vessels and activates nervous system; cleared the gastrointestinal tract and all of the endocrine system; regulates the blood circulation and blood pressure.

Elena SVITKO, naturopath, natural healer.