Which gives man a tremendous opportunity

Remember the tale of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves? And that wonderful moment when the word "SIM-SIM, open sesame" let the characters in the cave with countless treasures? "If we can get there and enjoy the abundance", - surely you've thought about it. "Treasures is the reserves of our body, the path to which you can find everyone, - says the head of the Institute bionic medicine and Wellness center "Acute" Valery Mirgorodskaya. - For this you need to calculate your unique day when the "Wake up" all your talents and you can work wonders". How to know this day? Why is it special? How correctly to use? Before you open the secrets, look in the dictionary and find the meaning of the word "reserve". Provision: the stock of something that is specifically saved for use when needed; again, untapped opportunities, the means to implement something; a source of new powers for someone, something.


- Valery, how to define your happiest day? - 42 years ago I found a way how to learn to believe in yourself, in your own strength. Very often people that they would itself have spoken, lack of confidence, which helps to achieve the desired, to be healthy and happy. But faith works wonders. For example, if the patient is said to have a cancer, and he believes that could cope with the disease, the disease retreated. Known cases of complete healing through inner concentration and willpower. If one casts doubt, fear and believe that they can carry out their plan, it will succeed. I suggest to use the reserves of the organism, to strengthen confidence and become stronger both physically and psychologically. To calculate your day just. To do this within a month (4 weeks) at 12.00 each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) measure the temperature of his body under the right and the left armpit for 5 minutes. The obtained data record. For convenience, get 4 leaf on every week, write on them the days of the week in the bar and in front of each day, make the results of temperature measurements. After a month of using the calculator summarize the data separately for each day of the week. The numbers will be different. One of them is the smallest one (the lower the body temperature, the lower the level of inflammatory processes in the body). This is your unique immune reserve day. It is necessary to remember and not to tell anyone.


- Is there a scientific explanation for this unusual phenomenon? - In 1969, I was engaged in the study of neurons (nerve cells that make up the nerves connecting the Central nervous system and other organs). Spent about a thousand experiments on animals. Each experience was investigated from 10 to 100 neurons, their frequency, amplitude, time characteristics (when they are active, and when inactive, etc.). And got very interesting results. It turns out that period (a certain period of time) the activity of neurons is one-seventh of the entire period of their life. In other words, if the life cycle of a neuron be divided into seven units, only within one unit of time neuron will be the most active, that is, will "work" at the peak of opportunities, and six units of time he needs to relax and rejuvenate. This touches all neurons. I built graphics and all, proved scientifically. In the experiment, I came to the conclusion that can be associated life cycle of neurons with a weekly cycle of life of the people. Why? The weekly cycle is 7 days. There are many different cycles: yearly, monthly, daily, hourly, and others. A number of scientists, studying the man, the processes taking place in his body, noted that the working capacity of the person affected by it week cycle (all activities). And this is due to the fact that during the week changes completely human energy. The idea that people of the future should be like neuron: 1 day it will work efficiently at full capacity) and 6 days to rest (to recover). Meanwhile people on the path to perfection, he one day resting and six days running (and neuron one day "works" six days "resting"). The day when the neurons are the most active, and have our secret day, and this information is recorded on a lower level, in the "memory" of the body. On this day, you can work wonders.


- Why you want to measure the temperature in 12 hours? Meanwhile the information that comes out of the body, most accurate. He had not time to enter a phase of fatigue and working in the ideal mode. Brain activity maximum. By the way, in 12 hours the most significant encephalogram, gamma and Delta rhythms are very well expressed. - It is possible to get the room was other people? - No. For reasons of clarity next to none should not be. It should also off lights, appliances and telephone. To measure the temperature best of all sitting in silence and tranquility.


- Are there any requirements for nutrition, lifestyle these days? - Meals should be home, familiar. Enjoy Breakfast, lunch and dinner, try at the same time, picking up a balanced diet. Do not overeat, avoid excesses, limit spices, spicy, fatty, fried foods, they overload the digestive system and change the temperature regime. Do not visit restaurants, because the food that you will be offered there, will be quite foreign for an organism. Alcohol eliminate. If you drink coffee, use varieties that are used to. Physical activity should be normalized. Do not begin to deal with new types of sport, active physical training, because the body will have to change to adapt to this. Try to sleep, avoid stress. Of course, within one month cannot be sick, that the result is correct, so take care of your health.


- You talk about this day with great enthusiasm. As he appeared in Your life? - Once (in your special day) I brought out of the forest timber and felt that want and can make it into something interesting. Mentioned this to my brother. He only smiled, saying, you have never worked with wood, all this just a waste of time. But to retreat, I was not going and for half an hour carved a beautiful product, which could be the envy and master. Since that day I leave this occupation, can create out of pieces of wood, snags anything: paintings, Handicrafts, furniture. (In the office, where we talked, visible-invisible wooden items, some are so original, that it seems, are about to come to life and start speaking the language of nature, - ed.). My works were exhibited at the exhibitions and received high appraisal. In your special day I easily get a dynamometer 80 kilograms (on the other days, barely 50). Can axe chop firewood in 5 times more, than on any other day (axe in the air, just singing, strike at the correct angle and wood flies with one blow). Can carry a heavy beam, pull out from beneath the rubble root. Regime of limitations does not happen. On this day, I tried to write poems (decided, and what is worse I poets?), and I did. Their papers I wrote on this day. Now 42 years old this day I work up to 14 hours, and then go on nature, on a summer residence, and contemplate life plans, questions that can't find the answers. And a solution will come.


- What unusual can happen with someone who knows their day? - People can discover in themselves the gifts that were not even aware: you may start writing his memoirs, novels, poems, draw, sculpt in clay, cut, burn the tree, sing, dance. Can get fantastic results in business and other activity. All that a man, so a much higher, and do not need any hormones and drugs. Memory aggravated, the efficiency increased. This is the greatest day of freedom, liberation. Disappear fear of obstacles that you can make it in your mind, so you confidently go to the goal. Even going so much better, better. If you say affirmations, that is a positive statement: I am full of energy, I have all going well, I ozdoravlivatj, they will strengthen your faith in himself, and desired to be realized. Good day to devote to your health: to start practicing various recovery methods, physical activity. Then, if you are "tired" from disease, they will retreat. If you want to change your lifestyle to become more active, cheerful, healthier, you will make it. Use the knowledge of the biological maximum, its unique power constantly, so you will develop embedded in your nature abilities and at the subconscious level will secure the faith in themselves. It is faith in itself is a guarantee of success in all Affairs, the guarantee of health, joy and happiness.

Lyudmila BEZVERKHNY, "Health and Dougall".