The most powerful source of energy is the Sun. It gives life to all living things on Earth. In our time, the flow of solar energy on the Earth is very increased. It is necessary for evolutionary leap all the Earth, and humanity in particular. The nature of man as a physical body must be transformed into something new and different, so we can move to a new evolutionary spiral in its development. And this will help us energy of the Sun and the Cosmos. In particular, if we learned to be fed with sunlight, our demand for food would be minimized. But, unfortunately, few people absorb solar energy in full. Through slagging physical and zablokirovanii energy thin bodies person is not able to take all that information and energy flow, which sends to Earth Space.

Geometric shapes and space receiver

To help people learn the Cosmic and Solar energy can geometric shapes. They have the ability to attract and accumulate energy, and then transfer it to a living organism. Geometric shape is cut out of aluminum foil. You can use the packaging for juice off her painted surface layer up to the white paper. Then the needle on the foil must be applied to the grid step 0.7 cm in height, 8 steps (5.6 cm), length of 12 steps (8.4 cm). It should identify the fragments of the upper and lower figures in a bucket, as shown in Fig. 1. They will have to be cut with scissors. It is advisable to make at once 3 figures, which are placed on the same strip of paper and then folded up like an accordion. There should be three layers of the same shape. The thing is that when folding the two figures reception energy doubles, and three to 12 times. (Fig. 2, 3). Folded accordion geometric shapes sheathe matter (or placed in a protective pouch) and fix the leg as low as possible.

Anti-cellulite Bank will help to balance the body

Sometimes a person is very sick, and the doctors could not determine the diagnosis. This, above all, indicates the imbalance of the body. In this case, it's really hard to make a correct diagnosis, and any medications are ineffective, while the body is in this state. So when people come to me, I, first of all, measure their energy potential. If it is too low, it indicates disbalance. And only when the energy potential will rise, you can start the recovery. And for that I suggest to put on the spool (the navel) anti-cellulite Bank (it can be purchased at the pharmacy) and to hold about 30 minutes
The spool is located in the centre of umbilical holes surrounded by umbilical roller. By the way, this energy center, which unites 72 thousand fine living channel.

(The following numbers of the newspaper Yuri Evseenko will talk about how to saturate the body with silicon.)

candidate of technical Sciences,
expert in sacred geometry.