To search for an effective way to healing I began in the 70-ies, when the doctor diagnosed me "signs of ischemic illness of heart, and in the categorical form have ordered to stand on skis (it was winter) and generally engage in physical exercise. Since that time I have been searching for acceptable ways of improvement: ran Jogging, swimming, Orgeval (now only poured cold water), practiced with weight and on the lintel, steamed in a Russian bath.

My experience improvement

In the end I settled on the weight and the bar is on those shells that I like and that you can use at home. Are intensively, but not more than 30 minutes With weights are trying to work more muscle groups, and on the lintel is pulling up to 10 times and 10 times - exercises for the abdominal and spinal muscles.
The bar every day in the morning, after Breakfast. Principle: never move on to another exercise, while the heart will not come to the normal pulse; and second - sustainability.
With weight dealt 2-3 times a week, with age became involved 1-2 times and with the least load. The result is good ischemia and this 12 (norm) squats with weights in 24 kg on the shoulders of the pulse is restored in less than 1.5 minutes, although I already 70.
But sores, however, arise. In his youth after the war I had a second disability group on traumatic sciatica, ill with tuberculosisom in an open form - cured appeared after the war streptomycin. Now I'm all sorts of lumbago, myositis, lumbar pain, colitis, acute respiratory infections, headaches from atmospheric pressure and other permanent magnetic field: stroking, or simply applying to the sore spot.
Magnet take from the speakers, so: if a magnet to make iron plate, the force of separation it should be about 300g of the magnet with a smaller force of the magnetic field is weak and penetrates the tissues of the body slightly. Of magnetic rings gathered magnetic belt to his waist with acute sciatica - with him I sleep sometimes.

Some practical advice

- When pulls the back of the head from changes in atmospheric pressure, stroke magnet carotid artery on the right and left of the neck to stop pulling.
- When ARI pats his throat to stop pain when swallowing several times. Pain that persists some intoxication.
Teeth are also amenable to treatment with magnetic field, needs only not to lose time, as the treatment takes a long time (several hours). This way I saved two of his teeth. Subjectively I believe that if treated regularly teeth magnetic field for the prevention, there would be karinei disease.
- Diseases of the nose can be treated by stroking magnet side plates of the nose and the forehead part of the nose.
- When the tingle eyes caress magnet eyes. My eyesight has remained at the same level, with the 80's glasses had.
- To improve blood circulation in the feet stroking them magnet, sometimes they (foot) are heated to the trouble.
- Bruises iron magnet to avoid bruising.
- Magnetic field reduces the frequency of heart pulse.
- I took my rule: once get out of bed in the morning, so will iron magnet (for prevention) himself, starting from the head to the fingers and toes.

How does a magnetic field

Why I use a constant magnetic field (PPMS) and why RAP is having such a beneficial influence on a sore organ or tissue?
First, we live from conception to death in the RAP of the Earth, and our body is transparent to magnetic fields.
Secondly, MFC does not introduce additional energy in an ionized environment of the body, which cannot be said about the fields of variables and electric, and this is important because more energy is not always the body needs. This is confirmed by changes in the RAP of the Earth magnetic storms, which have a negative impact on the human body, and magnetic storms - this is nothing like the alternating magnetic field of the Sun's radiation on the RAP of the Earth. I think it is useful to use alternating magnetic field with a frequency of 0-3 Hz is the frequency of rhythm brain during sleep.

People like biosystem

To the man as a biological system, I come from a position of Cybernetics, and Cybernetics management system involves three elements:
1. Management system (brain);
2. Managed system (organ, tissue - next organ);
3. The relay system (neural network), is the link systems (1) and (2).
But the most important, fundamental, difference Cybernetics from other management systems is the existence of forward and backward linkages between the systems (1) and (2) through (3).
The human body is literally permeated nerve fibers. These fibers in the body have the nerve endings - receptors (sensors). It is essential that direct neural link nerve impulses coming from the brain to the body, and on feedback from the body to the brain. The brain is constantly compares these impulses and so full debug information about the state of the authority and in case of deviation of the body from the norm it "treats". Such tight control of the body by the brain allows man to live a long life. But the ability of the brain to the health of the person are not unlimited.
The first sign of disease is pain. The pain is manifested in different ways: it can be a pain, itching, and tightening of the muscles, etc. In this state, the brain informs that the body is out of control and need more. If you experience any pain and for its withdrawal want to use MFC, which, by acting on receptors in the body, restores their work, and regulation of the brain becomes normal. The pain must be removed as quickly as possible, using MFC, not drugs, as the drug is only block the passage of nerve impulses, and the body does not cure.
This is a very brief and simplified cybernetic mechanism for the treatment of PPMS.
It should be added that the regulation is coming mostly from the cortex of the brain. The cortex and subcortex brain associated neural network, so the treatment has a strong influence and psycho-emotional state of the patient.
I want to warn readers that treatment using MFC - not panacea from all diseases, but very effective method.
About water. Use it a lot - and so, with tea and, in any case, not less than 3 liters per day, and minichannel.

It is important to know

Today, on counters of our shops, you can find various devices for home magnetic therapy. This magnetic bracelets, necklaces, earrings, insoles and belts. Sells devices for magnetic processing of water.
I would like to warn our readers that a statement like that omagnigennaya water is biologically active, are greatly exaggerated. In 80-ies in MEI was established laboratory for studying this phenomenon. The results showed that drinking water is served in our homes on iron pipes and on the road is heavily saturated with particles of iron. And if you put a magnetic filter, particles of iron delay on it and the water, thus cleared. Well, this purified water is useful for humans and plants this, of course.
Recall also that there are contraindications to use of magnetic devices. It:
Pregnancy (any time);
Systemic blood diseases;
Acute myocardial infarction, stroke;
Infectious diseases;
Individual intolerance.

Ivan Akimovich LOBKOV
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