Drowsiness is the enemy of man, which has a lot of plans and not enough time to sleep. For someone drowsiness is turning into a nasty symptom because it "attacks" at the wrong time, and in that moment, when, how, tell clock, sleep too early. In order to cheer up and get rid of drowsiness, use lemon. This fruit is known for its curative properties for a very long time, but the doctors new or confirm the already known facts about lemons. Recently Japanese scientists during the experiments proved that the smell of a lemon can increase the working capacity of the person and to reduce sleepiness caused by fatigue and stress. This property lemon is very important for people engaged in monotonous and repetitive work in the office and, in particular, spend long hours at the computer. They straining eyes. The level of concentration tired from sitting at a computer person may fall by 90%. To work with this fatigue is harmful to health in General, and for the nervous system and eye in particular. Furthermore, the reduced quality of work performed. Japanese scientists have calculated that people occasionally breathing in the smell of lemon, does the work, making it twice as less mistakes. Therefore inhale the scent of the fruit, prepare meals with him. At work in the tea add a slice of lemon. Similar properties have other smells, for example Jasmine. However, it is 2.5 times less efficient than the lemon.