Most of the children born in the village Tag of Lubarovska district - almost in every house growing up in five-seven, and families raising ten to fifteen children, are on every street. In the best of times in the Tags lived forty-mothers-heroines. Perhaps the secret is in the wonderful lyubeshovsky nature? But women in one voice say that it's all thanks painless childbirth, which takes its method Ivan Dougan.


Himself the doctor believes that giving birth without pain and stress is a completely natural phenomenon. The mother and the baby thanks to the professional approach of the doctor always felt good. For all this time, no not given birth complications. All the troubles that proceptivity trail to the house of a doctor, in the opinion of Ivan Dougan - from the inner spirit of man. Often erode the life force of anger, hatred, jealousy, bad thoughts. And yet - human strife, rashly accross a nasty word. And the main thing here is to set up a patient's recovery, rebuilding as possible, perception of the world. It happens in ninety times out of a hundred - person has symptoms of a certain disease and arrives in Polesie to get rid of, for example, from migraines. Already and all sorts of cures have experienced, but all in vain. Come patient in Tags and is surprised to learn why suffer for so many years. The doctor says, the more anger in the heart of the patient, the more effort has to be applied during treatment. Who stomach exploded, arthritis, scoliosis, fractures, and even headaches or with the desire to quit Smoking are coming from everywhere in the Tag. The village already used that to Dugunu somebody arrives. Sometimes, in the street there is a queue of cars. - Health workers, especially nurse should provide assistance, and the chiropractor, and obstetrician and gynecologist, cardiologist, said pan Dougan. On my modest calculations, I had for life to take 600 genera. There was then in the village no light, no roads. To take a pregnant woman in the winter in the district centre, in the hospital, could only be tracked tractor or cart. First woman I was ashamed, I once came to Tag was still quite young. And with time stopped, because they took children without pain... The young nurse was held in the village of good medical practice. Together with the midwife he had and childbirth to take, because she didn't Borkowska women gave birth at 70-80 children per year. Without ultrasound it was necessary to predict the weight of the newborn, its position, because all the cases were even very heavy. But God was merciful to me, here not died, none of the pregnant woman. How many children Birkachan took rural medical assistant, a kerosene lamp (light appeared here only in 1966), and are innumerable.


Ivan Dougan is fully representative of the official Soviet medicine, who was not too lazy to learn and use in practice the rich experience of healing previous generations, enriching its own best practice. Man all his life was devoted to helping people. After graduating from medical school, back in 1957, began working in a local collective farm hospital. Here appeared every year for six or seven dozen kids. That is versed in many diseases and knows how to deal with them, rural physician does not see anything strange. Here, for example, have learned to raise the stomach. In the people this disease called padorva, Podruga, stiffness. The causes are different. In women, this disease can also be caused by severe birth, in men is due to the lifting of gravity. Ivan Dovgun and once I have had this disease. - Went once with his brother in the forest, says. - Cut down alder and brother put the tree on my shoulders. I have carried five meters and fell. After he began to wither. Could neither walk nor there. Went to Lyubeshov, from there I was sent to Lutsk. Examined, as if everything is normal. Doctors gathered a Council. Steel me surgeons, looked up and said, "Come it will cut and see what's the matter". After these words I got dressed and left the hospital. Then appealed to those wise old, who were in the sample. They are to me and raised his stomach. The symptoms disappeared. I decided to adopt their method. We, in Polesie, in each village were folk doctors. Those grandmother who know all or almost all. To them and turned the country people with all the problems. And I, nurse diploma, it was necessary to teach the peasants to go to a clinic, not to wise old. How to do it? So did local celitelnici their allies. I was interested in what and how they are doing. Among them were talented people from God. Here, Baba Cooking, say, very well undermine was right. From her I learned how to do it. At first glance, it's so simple, but in fact it is necessary to have an extremely sensitive fingers, not to hurt. A fallen stomach is a very common disease. It is a pity that therapies displacement of abdominal cavity organs is still not developed in the official medicine, so doctors they know little. According to the healer, the characteristic symptoms of radsady" is bloating, pain in it, weakness, sweating, loss of appetite, diarrhea or constipation, etc. They arise primarily because of the displacement of the pancreas, and then - of the stomach, intestines and other organs. Nearly thirty years of monitoring give the right to Ivan Dugunu to say that the best results can be achieved, if at the same time use and lumbar (manual therapy), and medical facilities. Then the patients recovered much faster, had no complications such as chronic gastritis, ulcers, cholecystitis. Everyone can feel the moment when he was "blown up". But the symptoms it is hard to do, because such accompany other diseases. Therefore you cannot perform a manual therapy, i.e. to exercise the internal organs of the abdomen without consulting a doctor and clinical examination.


- Many people, says Ivan Prokopovich, - turn to me for help, but sometimes they come without preparation. On the eve of the session of manual therapy should be taken 3-4 tablets of activated charcoal. The treatment is carried out after bowel bowel and bladder on "hungry" stomach (the patient does not have 3-4 hours before the session eat anything). Today, many people complain of pain in the back, in the opinion of the physician, the reason is in the wrong lifestyle. Every second person suffers from diseases of musculoskeletal system due to the fact that few moves, very hard working or sleeping on the anatomically uncomfortable beds. People do not exercise, not doing elementary morning exercises. Whoever comes, all complain about the lack of time. - Save for a few minutes, and then years have to spend on treatment of the disease, "says the doctor. - And not only older people turn to me, how many are young children.


To develop posture, to treat scoliosis, strengthen muscular corset of a backbone, however, to massage his back, and diagnose the condition of the spine, Ivan Dovgun invented a special machine. - How to make something similar, has long been thought of, but didn't know exactly how to do it, " says Berkovski doctor. The idea of how to implement your idea, has come to the physician as periodic table, - in a dream. - First, have developed a prototype, " says pan Dougan. - Then together with his grandson perfected an invention. The device is patented, registered in the State register of patents of Ukraine for useful model. Inventors have developed even a special complex of exercises with a long stick, which must be kept behind at the waist, more holding it. In this position you need to carry a stick over his head, turns to cross both legs and also to return it back. According to Ivan Prokopovich, its exercise is not a replacement for normal charging, and the method of diagnostics and correction of the spine. Hard to believe, looking at the man that he was already well over seventy. Its flexibility could be the envy of even the young. Gymnastics and pouring water from a well at any time of year - it starts every day for the past quarter century. He even day remembers when I first made my ice font - at setuju", as he says, January 13, 1986. Found Ivan Dovgun and how to treat intervertebral hernia. Himself ill with this disease, - continues Ivan Prokopovich. - Could not walk. To whom the doctors went all in vain, said that the only way out is surgery. I wanted to recover other way. Before the old New year-January 13, went to the well, and bathed with water. And cured. Since then constantly dropping. However, others their experience to learn not advised, as this case needs individual approach.


Why do you people have a bad spine? We can talk a lot about ecology, about other causes. The first and main reason is that civilization is bad for moral-psychological state of the person. This leads to the reduction of mobility, poor diet, lack of calcium and potassium. And add another bad habit and it will be full bouquet. Than once ate old people in Polesie? Baked potatoes, oatmeal Kisel, dishes made of pumpkin, beans, cheese, i.e. all natural. Ivan Dovgun in their medical practice actively uses and phytotherapy. Herbal medicines are fundamentally different from modern synthetic means. They have a wide range of actions that have a positive effect on almost all metabolic processes in the body rejuvenate it. From a considerable number of diseases Mr. Dougan suggests applying cinquefoil (Ukr. wolf body site). It is effective for stomach diseases, bleeding, fibromyoma, mastopathy, gives a positive result in stomach cancer and breast cancer, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, gynecological diseases, tuberculosise lungs, chronic bronchitise, etc. Knows grandfather and prescription rejuvenating medicine from turity (medical name - body site). Prokopovich himself three times a year drink this infusion. "How will drink turity - will go to melodica"jokes travosnaj. It should be noted that to achieve lasting results, exchange application of cinquefoil. In severe and complicated stages should take 2-3 courses. For complex treatment of the first course lasts 30 days, then break two or three weeks, then again 30 days, a break of three to six months - and again 30 days of admission. And to prepare infusion need: 1 tablespoon crushed plant pour 200 ml of boiling water, keep on a boiling water bath for 15 minutes, Cooled at room temperature for 45 minutes, drain. Squeeze out the remaining material, prepared broth to bring boiled water to 200 ml to Take 50 ml three times a day for 1 hour before meals. Knows Ivan Prokopovich, how to reduce the pressure to clean the vessel and to return them to the natural elasticity. This will help, at first glance, inconspicuous plant - the shepherd's bag. Our ancestors noticed its healing properties when trying spring first leaves, felt the improvement of the stomach, the pressure normalization, the disappearance of headaches. The infusion of the shepherd's bag: 1 tsp of crushed leaves, pour a glass of cold boiled or spring water. To insist night. Take 1-2 tbsp four times a day for half an hour before meals. You and a quarter Cup four times per day, regardless of the mode of nutrition. - Children, - says Ivan Dougan, is to avoid the hassle of locomotor apparatus, in the diet, you need to enter oatmeal Kisel, pumpkin porridge, salads, parsnip, celery. Our ancestors about Pasternak did not forget, adding it almost in every dish, so the kids were sick kidneys, and the men had no "sensitive" issues. Able rural healer to turn away the people from addiction to tobacco. "Once I came to the man - shares memories healer. - Smoked three packs of cigarettes a day. I helped him quit Smoking. And recently called me and told me a funny story. The elections are being nominated for election to the head of the village Council. Just six votes it was not enough to win. "Grief" decided to smoke, but couldn't. And Ivan Prokopovich advises less angry at each other. Because the immune system depends not only on what we eat, how digested nutrients, but also on the condition of the nervous system. Even if you're hungry but happy - immunity will not fail. Therefore, man should not look askance at the woman, and women - screaming at men as going to have a headache.


In Lutsk "lessons for the spine" promotes among schoolchildren and pupils of kindergartens nurse Ivan sergiychuk - grandson of Ivan Dovgun. Exercise is simple, available to perform at any age, require no cost. Only needed the perseverance, punctuality and patience. For the most part from those Ivan Prokopovich helped to get rid of some diseases. But to take at home Ivan Prokopovich few can, and get in Polessie depth far. So I think the man is: how to do so, to prevent the incidence of diseases of the spine, violations of posture, starting from a young age. - Once we grandson before the beginning of the school year went on regional seminar for methodologists and teachers of physical culture. Acted, told about their developments, demonstrated the exercises, which allows to detect in schoolchildren problems with the spine in the early stages. Listened to us with interest. During the break, almost everyone tried to close his hands behind his back, as did Ivan, showing how to check the status of the cervical-thoracic spine. There were a lot of questions. One word, there was hope that among teachers of physical education we will find like-minded people,says Ivan Prokopovich. Found support this initiative and the rector of Lutsk Institute of human development University "Ukraine" the Novel of Karpuk. This higher educational institution of rehabilitation centre "Nadezhda", where is used the method of people's doctor from Tags. Here, enjoy and invention of the original forest craftsmen - simulator-massage for the back, designed by Ivan Prokopovich and his grandson, then a student at the same Institute. Now Ivan sergiychuk already working in a rehabilitation centre, and got a scientific justification for the practice of improvement of the spine, its popularization. The rector has allocated funds for the publication of colored posters, which visually acquainted with the complex of exercises for prevention of diseases of the spine. - We'll be free to spread in schools. I have already visited several kindergartens Lutsk, conducted training sessions with children. From a distance we Ivan Prokopovich and the manual "Lessons for the spine", because I want people knew how to prevent the degenerative disc disease, other diseases - shows Ivan sergiychuk posters and books summarising the long experience of his grandfather - the people's doctor. Says that enlisted the support regional leadership and wants to avoid at least the next school in their area.


Seeks Ivan Prokopovich "reach out" to parents who have minor children. Advises to settle in the yard and in the corridor or on the veranda bar where all family members could "stretch the spine. To hang at first enough for 10-15 seconds, gradually increasing the duration of the exercise. Girls "pulling" you cannot make more than 20 seconds, warns. Mothers folk doctor says, what should be the menu student, reminds how to cook oatmeal Kisel, pumpkin porridge how to cook salads, parsnip, celery, and other healthful vegetables. - I want to raise children cheerful, energetic. And for this, all of us - parents, teachers, and doctors, should join efforts, - stressed Ivan Prokopovich.

Irina STEPANYAN, for "Health and Dougall". Lutsk.