My buddy was cured of osteoarthritis of the knee is very simple method is used the usual solution of gelatin, which we often use, preparing aspic and tasty jelly desserts. At first I was skeptical about this. But when I saw how he boldly goes without once irreplaceable assistant - stick changed her mind.
To figure out whether gelatin can do the miracle, I have asked Professor Yevhen SUSLOV.

In delicious recipes and in pharmacy

Yevgeny Ivanovich whether the use of such substances, as gelatin, to help with arthritis?
- Osteoarthritis is a degenerative-dystrophic diseases of joints, bones, caused by defeat of the articular cartilage surfaces. The disease is accompanied by a reduction of synovial (joint) fluid, pain and restricted mobility. One of the reasons that lead to the disease, is the aging of chondrocytes, cartilaginous cells. Most often when osteoarthritis affects knee (gonarthrosis) and the hip (coxarthrosis) joints. I personally experienced the consequences of trauma, poor landing after a jump with a parachute in the airborne troops. Arthrosis of the knee joint had to be treated for a very long time. Your friend arthrosis arose as the result of age-related changes in the tissues of the knee joints, especially in the cartilage. When they wear out, bare articulate surfaces RUB together, causing pain during movement.
At first glance, it is hard to believe in therapeutic action of gelatin, because all we've learned that gelatin is a food Supplement. Many considered it unnecessary product until inventor pearl Waite also thought made of gelatin dessert, named jelly. Today of it make a lot of tasty and healthy dishes - fish and meat aspic, jellies, creams, marshmallow, marshmallow. In addition to cooking, gelatin widely used in the pharmaceutical industry - from it produce the capsules and candles. Doctors know that the solution of gelatin is used to stop intestinal, gastric, and pulmonary hemorrhage.
What is this product - gelatin? Frozen or frozen - how it is translated from Latin. Gelatin is produced by drawing adhesive substances from meat, joints and tendons of animals, mainly cattle. By its composition, gelatin has a protein found: more than 85% of its composition - collagenous proteins. And this explains its use, because collagen is required to build cartilage.

- Are there any contraindications for the use of gelatin?
- Yes, given that gelatin promotes blood clotting, it is necessary cautiously to take people who have these figures increased to avoid the formation of blood clots in blood vessels. Hence, just in case you need to take drugs that reduce the coagulation of blood.

Pectin and agar-agar act as gelatin

Is it possible gelatin be replaced by some other supplements?
- Yes, gelatin there and plant analogs - pectin and agar-agar. Pectin is very much in baked apples and beet, and agar - marmalade and marshmallows.

- How to use gelatin for healthy joints?
- The recipe is as follows: 150g (per course) plain gelatin, night at a quarter Cup of cold water, pour 2 tsp. (without top) gelatin, stir and leave until morning. During the night he will bulk up and dissolved. In the morning to drink on an empty stomach, adding juice or warm water with sugar or without it. In the course of recovery need 150 g gelatin, a year later to repeat. It is a way to restore the "grease" in the joints, because of healthy joints depends on the normal operation of many organs. People who suffer from degenerative disc disease and arthritis, it should always be administered in the diet dishes prepared on the basis of gelatin.

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