Gomasio is a dry seasoning, which is used in the East cuisine to improve the taste different dishes. It is becoming popular in European countries, because not only improves the taste of food, but also has a prophylactic and healing properties. So take it with a health purpose separate from pixiv particular, gomasio cleanses the stomach, liver, blood, neutralizes the acidity of the blood. Gomasio can consist of different components. But make sure that their number should be equal to 7. Here is the recipe of the "classical" gomasio. 1. Linseeds - 2 pharmacy packs of 100 g 2. The seed dill - 1 tbsp 3. The seeds of coriander - 1 tbsp 4. The seed cumin - 1 tbsp 5. Bay leaf - 3 PCs 6. Fragrant pink - 3 PCs 7. Sifted through a sieve stone (or sea) of salt - 1-2 tsp. (to taste). All ingredients except salt, grind in a coffee grinder in small portions, to pour in a deep plate or enameled saucepan, add salt, stir well, pour into a half-liter jar, and close eeprint 1 teaspoon 3 times a day before meals. You can find other spices to your taste: dry parsley, dill, celery, fennel, and so on Main necessarily remain: flax seed and salt. The effect of cleaning create droplets of oil deposited on the salt crystals (so salt is not to grind in a coffee grinder and sift through a sieve). These little oil beads, once in the body, as Velcro trying to enter on all the toxins and eliminate them outside. You can use gomasio as a seasoning for the first and second dishes, taking into account that gomasio we add and salt. Very tasty, Namazov bread with butter, or sour cream, or lard (from internal fat), or moisten the bread, vegetable oil, sprinkle with gomasio. This can be a great Breakfast. Another delicious winter bake in the oven potatoes in their skins and before eating sprinkle gomasio instead of salt.