Many believe that fasting is just a fashionable trend of the last decades. In fact, the healing effect of fasting known to mankind since ancient times. As a way of healing it is mentioned in the ancient Indian and Chinese manuscripts. "Instead of medicines to be hungry for a day or two", - urged the Greek philosopher Plutarch. Often recommend their patients to starve and Avicenna. Note: what do the animals when they are sick? Stop there. The same happens with people. When the disease usually even the sight and smell of food causes us disgust. I.e. fasting are provided by the Nature itself. For everyone who wants to try this method of healing, it is very important before you start to read books and textbooks on this issue, and more importantly, with the experience of those who independently practiced fasting, and with it, got rid of diseases. This 40-year-old practice has Petushok. Their experience will be shared with the readers of our newspaper.


Let's deal first, why is it necessary from time to time to starve. Fasting is such emergency mode of organism, during which it is configured for fast cleaning and restore their strength. In particular, during the hunger strike are cleared vessels. Over time, the walls of blood vessels inside hiding substance similar to wax. To get rid of this dirt is very difficult: well, except that only with the help of alcohol, but this requires enormous amounts. That is why they say that alcoholics vessels usually clean. However, other authorities during such "cleansing" are damaged, particularly the alcohol of "hits" on the liver. Now when fasting the body eats this wax and the vessels are cleaned. Moreover, through fasting you can clear the joints from salts of uric acid. Wonderfully displayed and stones and sand from the bladder. The process of purification is primarily via urine, bowel and most actively, due to water procedures, through the skin. When people are hungry and doing this yourself enema is also promotes healing. But much better effect - when fasting combined with hydrotherapy treatments. By the way, fasting is one of the components of hydrotherapy, so they cannot be considered separately. It is necessary to emphasize the principal difference between full and partial fasting. If a person will consume even a tiny amount of food, then disrupted the process of switching organism to internal power, flinching normal metabolism and may develop signs of dystrophy. In addition, it is very dangerous during the hunger strike to take the medicine: the effect of drugs on the body during this period, increases in hundreds of times, which may even lead to tragic consequences. The most active Wellness and cleaning processes in the body are developed only in the second week of starvation. During the first week of the body can absorb fats and proteins with carbohydrates. At the beginning of the second reserve carbohydrates exhausted and begins acidotic crisis (there are severe weakness, irritability, headache, dizziness, etc.)that leads to a restructuring of metabolic processes. Only then, I think, being starvation. When the fat, burn the dead cells, then the most weak and unsustainable.


To starve I started 30 years. I fell into the hands of the book Yury Nikolaev "Fasting for health". Having read it out of curiosity: how long I can survive without food, I decided to try to starve. Survived 12 days. Endured difficult, since the organism was very intoxicated malnutrition (I then without meat of his life was not: eat it three times a day). Besides water treatment I haven't done yet, only a cleansing enema. A month after the release of starvation and transition to the usual diet, I felt disgust for meat and moved to a dairy-vegetarian diet, eat a lot of raw vegetables and fruits. Since that time, I go hungry every year for 10 to 14 days. That is, have for more than 40 years of such experience. And refusing food I not only to improve the condition of the body, and when the disease. I had one case when during the world tour "took" sciatica. At first I tried to swim in the water, but it was too warm to help. And then decided to be hungry. Somewhere in the evening on the fourth day of refusal from food felt an intense heat inside the body. I went, well hid several blankets and slept all night. And in the morning was already healthy. The result annual starvation think our present state of the body: I am 72 years old, I almost have no diseases, my normal pressure - 120/70, pulse - 56. I work all joints, I run, do yoga. Although people say that running is my age is bad is happening overvoltage vertebrae, but my body is well withstand this load. And in addition, I love to ride a bike. This is a wonderful exercise, after which does not get tired, but on the contrary, I feel a surge of strength and energy. It should be noted that fasting is a serious and quite hard work on oneself, which requires patience and perseverance. And the harder it is, the more necessary. The more intoxicated body, the more intensive is the cleansing, which can cause temporary exacerbation of chronic diseases, deterioration of health, weakness, fatigue. You should not be afraid of it, on the contrary - it is a sign that the body is actively getting rid of the consequences of the disease. It is very important during such exacerbations not to stop starvation. Another aggravation may long continue after release from starvation. You need patience to endure this. Usually after the next cycle of purification health improves. To starvation must prepare in advance: this past week not to eat meat, especially fried foods, to enter into a diet with more fruits and raw vegetables. During the hunger strike, it is advisable not to cook for others and to avoid even the smells of food. Overdo it is also impossible - the body saves energy, which manifests weakness, unwillingness to be active, to work. But feasible physical work it is necessary that the process of purification was intense. In recent years I had courses of starvation under the supervision of a doctor with many years of experience in this issue: I went every day to work in the morning and in the evening did long walks, going up to 10 km strangely enough, but the walk was not exhausted, but, on the contrary, gave energy to the body.


For serious diseases, the first 5 days of fasting is better to spend without water. Thus, the body intense fighting with the disease, in addition, more effective output of salt out of joint, sand and stones from the gall and the urinary bladders. It seems that the dry fasting is heavier to bear. However, if not eat or drink, there is a terrible thirst, and if not there is already such a thirst will not. On the third-fourth, particularly on the fifth day, starts to be felt an intense heat in the body, activates the immune system is a need to endure. And then you can already enter the water (I during fasting drink for a day 3-4 l of water). However, all, without exception, the fasting days to do water treatment. In particular, the following: on the night to put a compress on the liver, winding wet cloth (soaked in water temperature 16 C) around the body at the level of the liver. From above impose one or two woolen sweaters. All carefully to pin up the pins, to wet the cloth was completely isolated, i.e. without peeking from under sweaters. After that, you need good shelter. In addition, during the hunger strike, when the energies are not so many, you need to prepare hot warmers: in the bottle to pour the boiling water, wrap on top of a towel, soaked in cold water and wrung out, and put in a woolen bag. To make such warmers have to areas where there are cold. To do this until then, until completely warm and fall asleep. Remove compresses necessary where the body itself will Wake up. To do such procedures every day, alternately: one night, the liver, the other - on foot (from the bones and above the knee). Fabric, used for compresses, it is necessary to wash after the procedure. In the morning after sleep pour into a bowl of water is at room temperature or colder, and start rubbing, while immediately Uteplats, i.e., hand wiped - and in the sleeve, the other wiped - and do so. Quickly and to dress warmly and to warm up, to walk about 15 minutes After the morning procedures feel much brighter and easier to bear starvation. But do not forget about enemas that need to be set once daily every morning during fasting. From experience I can say that fasting has a remarkable effect in diseases of the digestive system, skin, metabolism (mainly accompanied by allergies), stomach ulcer, even running, cirrhosis and other diseases of the body, asthma, chronic inflammation of the lungs, bronchitise, diseases of the immune system, rheumatoid and other I was personally acquainted with a woman who is 7 years suffered from multiple sclerosis and helped himself by fasting. Good effect is manifested by leukemia, heart disease, mainly associated with atherosclerosis. There are cases when due to starvation even resolved postinfarction scars and restored the heart muscle. Our body is a smart and powerful healer, can make wonders. And the wisdom of the physician is to not artificially, medication, to force the authorities to work more efficiently, and to create conditions for the body to recover and heal the sick bodies.


Break of the fast is also a very important process, which in any case cannot be ignored. It must stick to the diet. You can, for example, take advice, and the typical diet of the recovery phase of Yuri Nikolayev, which he described in his book "Fasting for health". Rehabilitation period lasts as much as the actual starvation. It is recommended to stick vegetable-milk diet with a maximum consumption of raw vegetables and fruits in the future: in addition to the high content of vitamins and mineral salts, it provides necessary for normal life of the organism alkaline reaction of blood.

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.