Ask expert advice, because they have this problem. If last dinner at 19:00, as recommended by nutritionists, in particular Boris Skachko, then be sure to Wake up at midnight and heavily rely. If dine at 21:00 - sleep well, but all is deposited in extra pounds. Yours faithfully, Tatiana. the village Baranovka.

The letter says the Director of the club "Healthy-e" doctor-phytotherapeutist, nutritionist Boris Skachko.

Often nocturnal attacks hunger can be provoked helminthic invasions, so the first thing I advise the reader "drive" parasites. As a very simple method, the reader should for 2 weeks to make pumpkin seeds without husk. Crushed and mixed with honey seeds drink 1 tablespoon twice a day. For the final parasites add more powerful vitalikareshko, in particular, you can use our complex medicinal plants "Formula 2". Regarding the last meal, then if the reader with a meal in the 19-th hour, 20:00 already goes to bed, really, these foods should be the last. But if in bed go to bed at 21 o'clock, and later, at night (after an hour), you should eat some dairy products, such as cheese with Apple), yogurt, cereal, salad in small doses.