There are various methods of exercises that allow you to remove stress from the eye, to strengthen the eye muscles and reduce the appearance of myopia and hyperopia. The key to success is regular exercise: periodic classes "in the mood" will not lead to the desired result. In addition, you must have patience, because the first symptoms of improvement will be noticeable immediately.

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Warm-up exercises for head.

1. Tilts her head back and forth. Movement do not hurry.

2. Tilts his head to the right and to the left.

3. Slow circular motion of his head: counting from 1 to 8.

4. Circular motion in the shoulder joints (forward and backward).

5. Put your shoulders back and putting it forward.

6. Raise your shoulders up and drop sharply.

All the exercises repeated 3-5 times. After 3 days you can make from 5 up to 10 times each exercise in one go.

Massage for blood circulation improvement.

Massage of the face and the eyes will be the second step towards the full power exercises. Be sure to remove the glasses. 10 minutes before the start of the exercises take oil solution of propolis (the recipe of its preparation described in the previous article).

1. Two fingers of both hands massaging his forehead above the eyebrows.

2. Two fingers of both hands massaging her eyebrows.

3. Two fingers of both hands massaging the cheeks under the eyes, while keep fingers in the eye socket.

4. Middle fingers of both hands massaging the wings of the nose and nose.

5. Two fingers of both hands massaging the temporal region.

6. Two fingers of both hands massaging the auricle and the area behind the ears.

7. Four fingers of both hands massaging the muscles in the back of the neck.

The massage is performed with circular movements in opposite directions. He should not cause unpleasant and painful sensations. Indicator done properly massage is a slight redness massaged area. With the help of massage we improve circulation in the eye, contribute to better supply of tissues with oxygen and nutrients.

Massage of the eye.

Eye massage is done fingertips.

1. Two fingers of both hands supplied under the lower eyelids, eyes are closed, the main emphasis fingers falls on the lower edge of the eye, is squeezing eyes through the lower eyelids from the bottom up.

2. Two fingers of both hands applied to the upper edge of the sockets, produced by easy pressing on the eye through closed eyelids down.

3. Index fingers of both hands applied to the outer corners closed eyes and produced a slight pressure from the temples to the nose.

4. Index fingers of both hands applied to the inner corners of the closed eyes and manufacture pressure from the nose to the temporal region.

5. Index fingers of both hands applied to closed eyelids the pupil and produce slight pressure inside the eye.

6. Zasiyaet eye four fingers (without the little finger) and from all sides is uniformly presses down the eyeball through closed eyelids

7. Stretch century by the tension of the skin in the temporal region, the eyelids while covered, and the facial muscles relaxed.

If massage eyes are correct, then if the end should not be flashing flies, bright spots, circles. Try to move slowly and not sharply, and pressure - easily and smoothly, listen to your feelings. Very well to massage in the morning 30 minutes before eating.

In achieving good results play an important role constancy, attention and comprehensive approach, as the eye is not an Autonomous part of the body. In our body, everything is interrelated.


In modern society, often underestimate the importance of exercise.

Doctors say that inactivity is a direct path to an early death. It is established, that the thirty-minute daily exercise is a sufficient level of physical activity in order to be healthy.

To exercise benefit, you must:

1. To perform the exercises every day.

2. Total daily load can accumulate throughout the day.

3. The course duration is approximately 30 minutes a day.

10 minutes before the start of the exercises accept oil solution of propolis (natural anti-sclerotic agent). In the last issue we gave him the recipe. But for those who have not read, repeat, given its importance and effectiveness.

A piece of propolis is the size of a walnut to put in a metal container, pour 250 ml of vegetable oil, put in a water bath and heat stirring until dissolved. To propolis dissolve faster, it can be frozen in the refrigerator, chop on a large grater, and then dissolve in sunflower oil. The mixture is cool, filter through 8 layers of gauze, store in the refrigerator. Take 15 drops to 1 teaspoon of honey: sucking them in the mouth.

Exercises do half an hour before meals three times a day. After each exercise make easy fast blinking or close our eyes for a few seconds, giving the opportunity to relax.

1. Sit up straight, eyes looking forward, his head still.

2. Do the movement eyes up and down.

3. Do the movement of the eyes to the right and to the left.

4. Do the movement of the eyes diagonally.

5. Draw the eyes of the rectangle.

6. Draw the eyes of a diamond.

7. Draw the eyes of the triangle.

The number in each exercise is chosen individually. To increase the load is starting from 1-3 movements in one go.

After the massage to improve circulation and the first most simple exercises do exercise to relax the muscles of the eyes and opened her eyes, immediately look at the test table.


Our eyes need rest. When you close your eyes, then, of course, contribute some of their relaxation and rest. However, they, by God intended for the perception of light cannot fully relax when they drop even a tiny amount of light.

As the eyes can relax?

During exercise tense oculomotor muscles, improves circulation. But certain muscle groups are used to strain, so to make it faster for you to see the good result it is necessary after each session to do special exercises for relaxation eyes: her hands folded house, the fingers of one hand imposed on the fingers of the other, close their eyes, "dressing" on the bridge of his nose. Nose remains free, eyes closed. The exercise should not be accompanied by any muscle tension. It needs to sit comfortably sitting at the table, put his elbows on a soft bed, or to base them on the back of a chair, or be pressed to his chest. Make sure that the light does not penetrate through her hands.

This exercise may take you only 1-2 minutes, after which the eyes should you RUB through closed eyelids Cams or her fingertips, and then, to open and view the test table. As the muscles attached to the eye of the usual form, you will see better, sharper, clearer. With each lesson, the effect will be longer. This exercise allows the eyes relax, as under the palms, in complete darkness, the eyes have no focus. And eye strain is the first cause of poor eyesight.

Large turns (long swinging).

Relaxation exercises for the eyes and body include large turns.

Stand straight, it's best face to the window (it would be nice if the window was grille with vertical bars or had any other vertical elements, such as bars of the frame). Set up the legs so that my feet were about 30 centimeters. These data are shown for a man of medium height. The higher growth of the person, the greater should be the distance and Vice versa. Straighten well back (spine), do not stoop. Arms hanging freely and completely relaxed (as a whip) on the sides of the body. Now turn smoothly and gently body around its vertical axis to the left wall. To facilitate the rotation you can tear off the heel of the right foot from the floor, turning her on the toe of the left. Now turn your body to the right wall, tearing at the same time his left foot from the floor.

Thus, your body has to make a turn from the left wall to the right along the arc of 180 degrees. Do such turns in a row, continuously, gently and smoothly.

To exercise brought the effect, you should strongly consider the following key points.

- Head, shoulders and eyes should be a single whole and when turning move together. The eyes have all the time to look right. The objects in front of you should be blurred.

- During cornering should not close their eyes, otherwise you will not see, as the world passes by you.

- Do turns slowly and smoothly and continuously. The average rate of turns of the body should be 16 full turns in a minute.

The total number of turns in one approach must be a hundred. Sixty turns need to do to achieve the desired degree of relaxation. In limits from 60 to 100-th turn you enjoy the achieved level of relaxation, designed to help improve your vision. Large turns perform as a preparatory stage to the other exercises when you must first have a good relax.


Attention! Symptoms overvoltage oculomotor muscles: headache, aching of the eye, the feeling of sand in the eyes, lacrimation, blackouts, flashing dots, circles, color spots before the eyes, creak in the eye with eye movements.

These symptoms may occur if you wore glasses for a long time. Oculomotor muscles will be easier if the load will increase gradually, you will enjoy more weak points and to carry them in case of emergency. All the exercises are done carefully and cautiously, the load increase gradually.


Exercises to restore vision universal for both short-sighted and far-sighted. Smooth muscle, which provides eye mobility, is situated in one direction muscle fibers. To some muscle to train, and others - tense - and-relax, you need to work on the muscles in different directions.

All additional exercises are done in growth of the person. Moving only his eyes, face forward.

1. Area /\.

2. Area \/.

3. Area (more) >.

4. Area (less)<.

5. Palisade/\/\/\/\/\/ vertically.

6. Paling horizontally.

After each exercise, make easy fast blinking or close them for a few seconds, giving the opportunity to relax.

Movement should be done slowly, not sharply, not more than 1-3 times a load increase gradually, 10 minutes before exercise do not forget to take oil solution of propolis. After the exercises, be sure to do the exercise for their eyes and check vision on a test table as soon as they open their eyes.

Each time, conducting a program for the restoration of view, I ask, who and how many times a day does a massage and exercise. The best results are usually those who perform exercises regularly. And be sure there are improvements even in those who are engaged only by visiting the program, i.e. once a day.

Excerpts from the book "the Restoration of view" S. Haruka.


Sergey GAVRUK,

specialist of the all-Ukrainian charitable Fund "the Better life", host of "the Diagnosis of health" on TV channel "Nadiya".