Usually modern people want to be successful and healthy. However, the fact is that only one desire is not enough for the fulfillment of desires. What is the secret of success of a human life? How to become a winner? What prevents a person to achieve their goals, and that, on the contrary, helps him in this? Is it possible to achieve healthy longevity? These questions concerned the majority of people on our planet. These and other questions will be answered known in the field of sport man - Director of the Center for psycho-physical training and rehabilitation, trainer, psychologist, bioenergetical Peter CHIRUHIN. Using the technique, based on interaction and human resource management and the outside world, he for many years helping people to be successful not only in professional activities, but also in all other spheres of life, including the preservation and restoration of health.

A life that I want the brethren an example

- Peter Filippovich, please, tell us about yourself and your technique...
"I was raised in a large family. His father died when I was six years old, and I was in the orphanage. Of course, it was difficult, but sports and innate optimism helped me to overcome all difficulties and obstacles. Sport taught me to order and discipline. From my childhood I dreamt to be a footballer. And my dream came true: in his youth, played forward for Mariupol football team "Vodnik", "locomotive", etc. But, unfortunately, because of a knee injury and was forced to leave football.
However, I did not lose heart and found myself in tourism. Worked as a senior instructor at the camp site "Alania" in Arkhyz (Western Caucasus), executed standards for the title of "Master of sports of the USSR on mountain tourism. Tourist groups was such mountain ranges as the Caucasus, Tien Shan, Pamir, Altai. This was an important test and hardening on overcoming challenges: 10 - 12 hours with a 30 - to 40-pound bag on his back. But despite this, tried to be in harmony with oneself and the world.
I happened to graduate from many different educational institutions. I and the PE teacher and football coach and therapist, chiropractor, own sports and Wellness massage, etc. All of my life I am constantly learning, improving, improving their skills. In one philosophical treatise said: "the First 60 years of his life have to improve, develop, and then - to pass on their knowledge, experience, abilities and skills to the younger generation..." This and now are trying to do.

- What is your interesting and active life, Peter Filippovich! So the years have no power upon you and no aging does not threaten You...
- Yes, you are right. I do not feel my age and obliged it to his way of life. Now I am the trainer-psychologist, bioenergetical.
We must understand that our thoughts are material, and what we think is what you get. My task as a specialist set the direction of confidence, harmony, success in this or that activity. I work with people comprehensively on all levels: physical, spiritual, and intellectual. This increases the level of positive thinking and positive aura that will definitely contribute to the success.
I worked with such a famous team as Metalist is because of this she headed the tournament table of the higher League. In 1997-2004, he worked with Dynamo Kyiv. For this period were loud victory of Kiev on London's Arsenal, the Spanish "Barcelona", Moscow's "Locomotive" and many other bands. In my time working and with Shakhtar Donetsk, FC Arsenal Kyiv, FC Volyn Lutsk and others Besides, I helped and help you to be successful and win Olympic athletes: gymnasts, boxers, wrestlers, weightlifters.
But do not think that my method works only on the athletes. As successfully, I work with ordinary people, helping them not only to be successful, but also improve your health. To each I individual integrated approach: give necessary recommendations as psycho - and bioenergetical, escort massage, pick up health centers and exercises, through which a person gets rid of the physical congestion in your body, the energy blocks and after a few sessions begins to feel healthy and harmonious.

Faith, hope, love...

- Peter Filippovich, can apply Your method of our readers yourself?
- My system is simple and complex at the same time. It consists only 5 points, which are closely interrelated. The main thing in it-compliance with these 5 rules in their daily lives.
The first paragraph of this methodology is to live, to dare, to work with Faith, Hope and Love. It may sound abstract and pompously, but, believe me, without this success, health and not to receive. Faith, Hope, Love is something that should accompany us every minute of life: this is what helps to overcome any hardships and obstacles, problems and troubles. This is what should be contacted immediately - as soon as you have any doubts, fears, apathy, etc. This is the first and most important point of my life and my technique.
Very good and effective advice is unfolding shoulders. Once I caught myself on what you something: straighten your shoulders, lift your hands and face to the sky and say to yourself: "I am the Magician... today I will fail on luck will turn". This will immediately connect you to the divine stream, will include your reserves of the organism and help to tune in to the winner.

Prayer and charging

The second paragraph reads: "the Human body is a self-biologically active system that you need to cleanse, nourish improve". At this point I want to dwell. It involves, above all, daily morning exercises consisting of psycho-physical exercises for strengthening the body, soul and mind.
Before morning gymnastics must pray to God. Prayer should be with the Belief that we already have what you need, we deserve to be. So in the morning, waking up with gratitude to God, parents, family, to his everything he had, have and will have, - we put positive thinking, are set up on a fine day, mood, good health.
Starting the exercises, you should stretch, to straighten myself mentally to fill himself: every cell, organ, system - joy, health, energy, love, harmony. This is very important.
This energy filling of cells and organs will change them on a physical level. So they will start to recover, becomes elastic, plastic, invulnerable to injury and various injuries. This is an effective prevention of premature aging, effective method to prolong life.
Very good morning to make self-massage of the whole body, acting on biologically active points with the purpose of heating, stabilization and self-regulation of the whole organism. For this purpose it is necessary to clap hands, all your body, starting with hands.
Joint and power gymnastics - increases tone, flexibility, elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons, helps to prolong youth of the body. It includes rotation and tilting her head, rotating and mahonia hands, feet, hip and knee joints, and torso.
Power gymnastics is a push-UPS on the floor and rods, pull up on the bar, exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles, back, legs. Strength exercises strengthen the muscles of the whole body. It creates a muscle strength, power, spirit, will, improve posture and gait. There are processes of purification, regeneration of the body, accumulation, transformation and harmonisation of the internal forces, health, energy for life and professional success.
Once again I want to emphasize: it is very important during class to do the exercises-not mechanically, to communicate with their cells, send them love, harmony, fill them positive, healthy energy.
Very useful is Jogging in the Park, in the forest, on the treadmill, in the stadium, and jumps - it trains muscle, cardiovascular and respiratory system, enriches and charges each cell of the body.
Water treatment, swimming in open water harmonize all the body and inspire positive perception of the surrounding world. In summer it is useful to take cold showers in winter wipe the snow, to bathe in an ice-hole.
Moderation in eating, rational and balanced nutrition is also an important factor of preservation and strengthening of health, improve efficiency, renewal, creative, active longevity.
It is clear that for each man it's all individual.
But the main thing is not to get hooked his excuses: it is not desirable, then it needs to go to work, tired... This suggests that the person is correctly placed priorities in life and does not understand that in the first place should be working on yourself. We come to the Earth.
In addition, it is more likely to be close to nature, Hiking or even just take a walk in the Park or forest. The saturation of the forces of nature in several times accelerates recovery processes in the body, energizing.

Triad life

The third point my technique is a triad life: the harmonious development of personality on the spiritual, physical and intellectual levels. Awareness needs to be healthy, perfect man - the first face of spirituality. The knowledge of himself, the disclosure of their abilities, self - second face. Spirituality (the inner and the outer world of a person, the awareness of the inseparable of belonging to the animate and inanimate nature, macro - and microcosmic) - the third face.

Fast switching

The fourth paragraph of the methodology - the-fly of his emotional state from the negative to the positive. This improves the resilience of the nervous system and all organism as a whole. Once you "fall" some problematic situation or feel fear, self-doubt, we should remember that "to live, to dare, to work and should do with Faith, Hope and Love", to square his shoulders, smile, raise their hands and eyes to heaven, and say, "I am!".

The secret of success

Fifth paragraph - the ability to control himself. This is the secret of success.
Every time when negative emotions are crossing a line, they affect all of the body, causing disturbances in their work.
In ancient medical books say: "From the wrath affect the liver, from anxiety and worry - light, from fear of kidney and high spirits and mental stress affect heart".
Experience has shown that it is impossible for a long time to be on the minimum and the maximum. For example, take the players. Often after scoring team is so happy that not time to adjust and quickly be included again in the game. Because of this lost time that could affect the final result of the competition. Therefore, it is necessary to focus and to control your emotions so that they are not disturbed in any positive or negative circumstances.
How people perceive their own failures today depends on its success in the future. They make us look for new and better solutions. This precious life lessons that turn into experience.
You must take responsibility for the implementation of their goals and to start to work tirelessly.
Your desire must be greater than the fear of failure. Wake up. Go. Live in joy, in Faith, Hope and Love. Then you will see the Divine light, that you'll cleanse, heal, will fill the soul, the body and mind for the further creative life.

How to achieve positive changes

- Peter Filippovich, in addition to complying with the above recommendations, what else can You advise our readers to success, which sometimes seems so unattainable, yet approached them?
- As soon as I caught myself on what you something: straighten your shoulders, lift your hands and face to the sky and say to yourself: "I am the Magician... today I will fail on luck will turn".
Every morning stand for a few minutes in the pose of health and success, bending your elbows at shoulder level, and straining muscles (see photo). Repeat it several times during the day, and before the important event.
Constantly build and repeat the installation to achieve the desired results. But always in a positive way. For example, "I'm not going to hurt" replace with "I am healthy".
In addition, to become successful in life will help the mental-spiritual feast of the life-forces and energies of your name and surname. This is done as follows. Nevidimo to record first and last name column and to come up with words-quality, which will begin with each letter of the name and surname and positively characterize you and your abilities, or to give those features that you need in life. For Example, Elena Zhuravel.
E - natural;
L - tender;
E - only;
N - tender;
A - active;
W - desirable;
The successful;
R - joyful;
A - accurate;
In - merry;
E (e)-energetic;
L - loving;

B (on the soft sign is possible to write anything you want) - happy.
In the same way the mental-spiritual possible to saturate the vital forces and energy for his family and the organization in which you work, that is the whole team. For this purpose it is necessary to write the word "Motherland" (or family):
R - joyful;
On - winged;
D - friendly;
And (here you can use the letter "And ") is the ideal;
N - reliable;
A - active.

Then the name of the organization in which you work, such as Health and Dougall":
G - good;
D - good;
On - fulfilled;
In - friendly;
I am a bright;
And - initiative;
D - friendly;
On - the United;
In - hardy;
Mr. harmonious;
On - educated;
L - labile;
And intelligent;
T - creative;
T - talented;
I - clairvoyants.

This kind of positive "transcript" of his first name, last name, etc. should be kept in a visible place and constantly re-read. And changes in life don't have to wait long. After all, what does the mental-spiritual saturation of vital force and energy? As you know, the thought and the word is the divine power, which cleans, renews, fills, charges. Therefore, reading positive qualities, we thereby mental fed consciousness, every cell of our body and life in General. But the spiritual saturation occurs through mental. Because the English word spirit (spirit) comes from the Latin spiritus, which means "breath of God" or "inspiration". Spirituality for the soul is the same as the breath of life for the newborn. Spirituality breathes in us life. It gives us peace of mind and purpose. It gives strength to love.
Such practice and compliance with the above 5 points of my techniques will saturate charge, to accumulate the vitality of your body. To help get rid of illnesses, psychological complexes, to establish relationships at work and in the family, prolong active longevity.

Talked Alla GRISHILO.