Today it is fashionable to look young and beautiful, in spite of age in the passport. To achieve this, people resort to all kinds of cosmetic treatments, ranging from rejuvenating creams and ending with Botox injections and operations of plastic surgery. And often lose their health, this accelerating the aging and loss of external appeal. Why? Because the body does not tolerate violence and disharmony. Youth is really possible to extend for a long time. But other method. The formula of youth and beauty is: good health, powerful energy, high spirituality. How to achieve this, told about it by a neurologist, reflexologist Valentina KOSHEVAYA.


Often we HCtreatmentm considered on the TV screen pop and film stars, who after another rejuvenating treatments are more attractive than 20-30 years ago. Together with this, we read that some of them serious problems with the cardiovascular system, someone before the concert had to take painkillers powerful action because of strong pain in the joints virtually unable to move, and someone not tolerate light, so almost constantly in everyday life, forced to wear dark glasses and sitting in a curtained Windows. Why?

To explain very simply. Often rejuvenating treatments are based on violent methods. For example, popular today, Botox injections - not that other, as the introduction of toxins, paralyzing nerve endings, resulting in the muscles become real and wrinkles for a while smoothed. Its effect is temporary. But from the harmful side effects: eye inflammation of the maxillary sinus, allergies, etc. have to be treated very long. The most important that patients and doctors do not always link the deterioration of health rejuvenating procedures. Also negatively may be indicated on the body plastic surgery, such as gross interference caused violations of the current power, which is a fundamental factor in the preservation of youth and health. As for the more gentle anti-aging treatments, which today many, if they take place on the backdrop of poor health, the interim achievement external achieved by exhaustion of internal systems, as activated cells of the skin will pull the last reserves of the internal systems.


But not everything is so hopeless. Rejuvenate your body, i.e. to improve the appearance, be cheerful, to restore the state of cheerfulness actually can. But it is first necessary to pay attention to the inner workings of your body. And the result will not keep you waiting.

Recently I had a 29-year-old woman who wanted to improve their appearance. She really looked much older than his age: the withered skin, sallow complexion, excessive hair loss, etc.

After a month of treatment it was not to learn. The hair was strong and shiny, skin restored the elasticity, has acquired a pink shade.

Another patient of mine came to me for treatment from Austria. She suffered from infertility. By the way, this problem is also a sign of aging. In the reproductive health centres, where they were addressed by a woman, it failed to achieve the desired result. After several months of treatment (she occasionally went to Ukraine), the patient had called to inform about the pregnancy. Now her son for two years, but she from time to time passes at me treatments to maintain health in order.

What we did for the rejuvenation of the patients? First of all, examined the body using bioresonance diagnostics. At first appeared to be a violation of the liver, pancreas, intestine (persistent constipation) and the thyroid gland. The second - liver and ovaries.


It could be envisaged. As the rapid aging of the first of all is a sign of poor work of the liver. This Agency collects and produces our body needs vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, disposes of toxins. If not cope with its functions, this immediately causes a chain of other disorders in the body. In particular, suffer endocrine organs such as the thyroid gland and the ovaries produce the hormones, on which depends the possibility of procreation, and maintaining an attractive appearance. The liver has to dispose of old and waste hormones. If it doesn't cope with this, they hang out in the blood, and then endocrine glands stop producing new ones.

For the normalization of the liver, I use a variety of means. For example, is very effective acupuncture. It helps to restore the energy balance in the body. Oriental doctors believe that every disease is first of all a violation of the energy flow in the body. I must say that it has long been recognized and European medicine. By the way, meridians (energy channels) liver passes across the face. This confirms the relationship of this body with a human appearance.

When parasitic liver damage (many are suffering giardiasis), detected by the bio-resonance examination, the patient is prescribed bioresonance therapy: helminths are under the influence of certain frequencies of a special device.

It is also very important, as parasites emit extremely harmful toxins, poisons the whole body.

In addition, good healthy liver homeopathic remedies, herbal and diet.


I also work with the nervous system of man. For if he is irritable, angry, lives with resentment at all, it means that his body spazmirovannah all the vessels, and therefore happen congestion in the gall bladder, disrupted the cardiovascular system, etc. Therefore the primary task is to achieve deep relaxation of the nervous system. This helps acupuncture and acupressure. After these procedures spasms disappear in organs and systems, restored the current energy, normalizes blood and lymph flow. Of course, not without a psychotherapy. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time to convince people of the need to stop being offended by the whole world and for the welfare of their loved ones, and for your health.


The rapid aging of the body may be associated with renal dysfunction (today it also happens quite often). Because it is stored in the kidneys given to us at birth life energy Chi. If the kidneys are sick, she is exhausted, but because people shortens your life.

Another example from practice. At the reception I got the girl-student complaining complete loss of strength and periodic increase body temperature up to 40 C. Official medicine could not find the cause and to establish the diagnosis. Bio-resonance examination showed that the girl poorly functioning kidneys. I said this to the patient and noticed her clothes: jeans reached mid-thigh, and the jacket was barely covered his lower back. Thus, the kidneys constantly suffered from hypothermia. In addition, in the navel girl was inserted silver ring. Unfortunately, the ladies don't realize that every punctures and body decoration cause a disruption of the flow of energy with all negative consequences.

Again with acupuncture, homeopathy, as well as of the device "Tibetan aura" for recovery of energy in the abdomen we were able to cure the patient from inflammatory processes in the urogenital system. Besides, the girl realized that you need to beware of hypothermia and abuse of his body. Today her health is not in danger.


Problems with skin: eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, etc. also suggest an internal malfunction of the body. This means that cleaning and urinary system (liver, kidneys, intestines) are unsatisfactory and the skin should assume their functions is to remove toxins and waste products. This causes her illness.

I've found. Will tell about this case. I was contacted by the mother of 2-year-old child whose body for a long time, was covered with rich rash. Dermatologist appointed boy chemicals powerful actions. But mother, having read in annotation to these medicines information about their harmful side effects, decided not expose the child to take the risk. She acted wisely. Because, after adjustment of the liver and nervous system of the child rash disappeared.


With that said, I want to encourage everyone who seeks always to be young, healthy and cheerful: tirelessly work on yourself. Namely: avoid negative thoughts and emotions, focus on the positive, be friendly and optimistic. Take care of your health. Take the time to at least once a year to visit a doctor to make a diagnosis of inner organs and if necessary, correct their work. Try to lead a healthy way of life: it is enough to move, eat healthy foods, and from time to time to purify your body. Hope this will help you the following advice.

For cleansing and healing of kidneys constantly eat parsley. To get rid of toxins and inflammatory processes in the body keeps the extract of the roots of parsley. She prepares so. Roots put in a pot and cover with water, just to cover them, put in the oven for 4-5 hours, then drain. Take 1 teaspoon three times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month. By the way, extractor hood parsley very effective in the treatment of sinusitis. To do this with a syringe (without a needle) to enter into each nostril 2-5 ml of the liquid.

To improve the stomach, which determines the color of a person's face, you need half an hour after a meal to put into language a pinch of salt, completely dissolve and swallow. This will improve the enzymatic function of this body.

To improve the enzymatic function of stomach should take by mouth sprig of dill or leaf sorrel and long chew, then to take a SIP. This should be done several times a day.

- To cleanse the kidneys and joints of salt use this recipe: 350 g of roots of sunflower pour 1 liter of water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes to Drink 0.5 cups before meals for 2 days. The course should be repeated several times with an interval of 2 weeks.

To release the organism from the slag deposits in the form of stones, eat before eating sea Kale for a few teaspoons.

Once per quarter spending cleansing the liver and the digestive tract through the blind sensing. This can be done in a clinic or at home. Will talk about a simple but effective method. 25 g of magnesium sulfate (sold in pharmacies) dissolve in 0,5 l of water, to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. 15 min to walk 15 minutes to lie on his back, placing a heating pad on the area of the liver. Through 0.5 hours to eat something light, for example, liquid rice porridge.

Another more complex way. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach magnesia or sorbitol (sold in pharmacies), to lie down for half an hour on his back, putting on the region of the liver warmer, then drink 300 ml olive or sunflower oil (but not corn) oil and 300 ml of lemon juice, but not immediately, and 1 tablespoon every 15 minutes During this procedure, you must breathe through the stomach to use aperture to massage the internal organs, which will help them better cleansing.

The following recipe helps cleanse all excretory systems of the body. In 1 glass of sour milk (not a store and bought in the market - home) add 1 tablespoon of Apple or other fruit vinegar, and 1 teaspoon of honey. Enjoy 30 minutes after a meal. Can this drink to replace in one day food, eating it up to 10 cups.

Help to cleanse the digestive tract pickled vegetables, they should be constantly in the diet.

Oriental doctors say that the sharp red pepper, melted butter and honey improve the appearance and prolong life. Therefore they need to be added to food.