In previous publications, I talked about the impact of generic programs, words, images, actions to create positive conditions for the conception and birth of the child. And the fact that at the time of conception between wife and husband creates energy vortex. And the hotter it will be the feeling of love between them, the purer and the better their spiritual vibrations, the higher will be the whirlwind and more harmonious soul will be able to attract for implementation. After all, the conception is an act of space. The child conceived in love, he will spread the love. And the child conceived in fear or lust, will be the way of life, managed by these feelings.


Pregnancy women today is equivalent to related state between norm and pathology, or, in modern language is "extreme" for the female body and pregnant women in need of constant close medical supervision. While in the animal world "extreme" pregnancy does not exist: it is a physiological, natural function of the body of the female. What is the secret of such unfair treatment of nature to human organism, in particular to women?

Actually there is no secret here. Nature is fair in all its manifestations. And the suffering person "draws" to himself. Due to the fact that the future mother even before conception violates the Laws of Being, in particular, their negative thoughts, words, actions, and negative energy-information field in her bosom. Why are medical institutions such extensive network of antenatal strict surveillance. Perhaps, at the present time, another way for the healthcare industry, and not as the only way to close up the sins pregnant.

The development of the child in the mother's womb first of all depends on how they behaved before conception parents, how many foreign programs intertwined in their information, energy field, how many negative words, deeds, thoughts influenced the mutation of genes of reproductive cells, in which physical condition was their bodies.

Therefore, the moment of conception should be responsible and conscious event in the life to which you want to prepare both a woman and a man. However, there are factors that affect the development of the child in the womb and during pregnancy. If parents smoke, drink alcohol, drugs, the child is helpless, suffers his immunity, increases the risk of catching an infectious disease.


The fertilized egg attaches to the uterus and the fetus grows in the tissue. It automatically connects to the metabolism of the mother. And because the fruit requires large amounts of energy, all organs and systems of the mother now have to share your energy with the fruit. Therefore, the needs of pregnant at the vitamin, mineral and nutrient as an additional source of energy increase.

The mother, as soon as she felt that she had become pregnant, you should immediately if it did not do so before pregnancy, change the way of life and thoughts in a positive way. Since ancient times, pregnant women were advised to look at all beautiful, in nature, sea, to listen harmonious music, to walk, to draw. Even if there are any difficulties, should accept them with joy and gratitude. Indeed, you are not alone, you two.

Also remember that you have no enemies, only teachers and people, and situations. Such an attitude to life will help to avoid many troubles with his health, will accelerate your spiritual growth, which, in turn, necessarily have a positive impact on your child.
To prevent miscarriage eat powder licorice (pinch) or the kernel of the cedar with milk: 1 teaspoon of raw materials per 100 ml of milk, take 2-3 times a day before meals during the 14-21 day.


The first month of pregnancy. Already on the 14th day of pregnancy, the fetus formed the beginnings of respiratory, nervous and digestive systems, appear blood vessels, and on 18-20 day starts beating heart. Since then, the child feels everything that happens with his mother, and responds to all her feelings and experiences.

For pregnant women need daily contact with prayers to his Family, to exercise, to talk with the child, stroking her belly. Thus you will learn to feel and understand her baby, and it is you (and childhood and motherhood, in future, be happy). Besides, stroking her belly during pregnancy boosts the immune system of the baby, which will contribute to its development and health.

The second month of pregnancy. In the period from 28-th and 40-th day of pregnancy between mother and child is established power connection (spiritual-2 months prior to conception), which is inextricably up to 12-14 years old child.
Energy the relationship between father and child is established when the child reaches 2-3 years. To this Association was formed earlier and was strong, father needs to communicate more with your child from the first days of his wife's pregnancy, to caress him through the stomach, to speak with love kind words, and also the first to take the hand of the newborn.

The period from 28-th and 40-th day the most crucial in the development of the child. At this time the soul is United with the body. But it is ahead of the development of the embryo in 2 days, because in the future will serve as a framework for the construction of the body. As soon as the soul of the child United with the body, in special vehicles can "catch" signals to her brain.

With the 8th week of pregnancy, doctors are beginning to call the embryo fetus. It has already formed a baby, just underdeveloped and with sensitive skin. It responds to all the emotions mother feels the attitude of both parents, and those around them. It should be recognized at that time as a highly sensitive person, experiencing all of the emotional state and in need of love and care.

In the early stages of pregnancy should be carefully treat various medical and diagnostic procedures connected with the internal and external irradiation, as this can lead to a delay in the development of the fetus with subsequent complications after birth.


The third month of pregnancy. All the attention of the mother is directed inward itself. She gets tired quickly, changing tastes, begins to "pull" on salty, nausea, intense changes the body. Therefore, in this period pregnant do not overtax yourself mentally, you need to sleep, eat food that is fun, listen to music, to walk on fresh air, to do light physical work, to have contact with the ground. Changing tastes connected with the requests of the fetus, so all requests to perform.

At the moment a very useful black currant juice, which facilitates nausea, softens vomiting, also saturates the body with vitamins.
The etheric body of the pregnant compacted and increases in volume - it is nature's way protects the woman and the fetus from unfavourable external factors. As a result of merger of two "I" - her and the child, women often changes the mood, you receive tearfulness, touchiness.

The fetus is formed impulse ring with the nucleus of mind that for 5 months(??) running at full capacity. To have an idea of what it is, you can see the icons, a halo over the head of the Holy is the impulse ring, and the core of the mind is placed in the back of the head.

In the third month the child has the ability to perceive the lessons of the external environment by using their senses. It can squint, wrinkle his forehead, swallow, move your arms and legs, begins to feel pain and joy.

Because the child is associated with her mother not only bodily, but spiritually - all the feelings of a mother passed him, but much more intense. For example, a weak wave mother can cause emotional storm in the consciousness of the child, as a small happiness is a state of bliss. And if the heart chakra pregnant is not locked, the baby is bathed in the love of the mother to the father and to itself. The power of the heart chakra of mother plays a significant role in the development of the child's ability to love and rejoice in others.

By the end of the third month of the child is already beginning to distinguish sounds that come from the outside, he hears talk to each other's parents. Therefore, in this period the woman should try to be calm, not shout and not to argue. The father is also responsible for the condition of harmony of their child, and if the mother was happy with her life, and the child shall have the longevity and durability of life's vicissitudes.


On the fourth month of pregnancy, when the heart of the child are fully formed, he through the umbilical cord passes his desires mother, this may explain the next burst unusual whims pregnant. Man must understand that this condition is due to the development of consciousness baby, be patient, and, like a father, to make every effort to meet the whims of his wife.

At this time, quiet, melodious music, nature sounds: the chirping of birds, the sound of water, the rain cries dolphins, harmoniously influence the development of the subconscious mind of the child. Rock music, on the contrary, distorts the aura of the child. Also very beneficial effect on the baby has a mother singing: it strengthens the nervous system of the child, which will help him to remain calm under various adverse life situations.
With the threat of miscarriage should use cranberry and cowberry. As for calming - motherwort tincture and tea from the leaves of cherry or lemon balm.


The fifth month of pregnancy is called "flesh and blood". At this time the baby is accelerating the formation of blood, bone, bone marrow. Ends to form the core of the mind: the child is the awakening of the consciousness, have the feeling of happiness and grief, pleasure and displeasure. In addition, the baby starts to dream, remembers his past life (this memory is retained by him within 2 months after the birth).

In this period, if the mother wants the child to grow up a righteous man, a must read him the story of your family, to sing hymns Kind-Grandparents, their gods, grandparents, husband; to go to the temples and museums, listen to spiritual music. In any case, a pregnant woman should not to watch films and performances with scenes of violence and death: it may negatively affect the child.
It is useful to drink carrot juice with beet (2:1), which improves the structure of bones and teeth of the unborn child, because it contains calcium, sodium, and sodium.


On the sixth month of pregnancy ends maturing skin, ligaments, veins, teeth, hair, nails and inner ear of a child. Also accelerated the development of subtle bodies and the energy channels of the baby. The child begins to think, but his thinking is different from thinking adult: it "clean", not marred by negative external world. Also he can respond to any touching the mother's body - that is why it is so important to the mother and father tenderly stroking "pregnant belly, sending by his touch all my tenderness and love to the baby. Sensing the love of parents, the child learns to love and to respond to it, even if mentally to caress and love him - he's going to feel.

In this period, the need to protect pregnant from unpleasant events, meetings and conversations. Science proves the fact that if a pregnant sees the fire and puts his hand over any part of his body, in a place where the child is formed so-called "fire nevus" - the great red spot.
In addition, pregnant in no case can not be present during the slaughtering of animals or hear their death-cries (even if it's a show on TV), because after birth the child will be very bad to sleep at night.

To strengthen your immune system and at various epidemics pregnant women need to drink daily mixture of fresh juice of 2 apples, 2 carrot, 1 beet, and 1 tablespoon cranberry or third juice of one lemon. Also useful drink oatmeal: 2 tbsp. to fill in 0,5 l of boiled water, to insist 2 hours, strain, take with honey.


On the seventh month of the child's body is already formed, it can only gain weight. The energy body is also finish their formation, but the top three energy center is only starting to appear.
During this period, the child receives through the placenta from the mother's blood important protective substances such as gamma globulin, antibodies that will protect it from childhood infections. Nature has shown great wisdom: immunobiological activity during pregnancy is constantly increasing, to protect the woman and her child, who is still in the womb.

Pregnant women should understand that spiritual experiences, stress, emotional negative state lead to the release of her blood hormones "fear and excitement" of catecholamines accumulated in the amniotic fluid, which consequently becomes a "hormonal broth". The child is not able to neutralize these hormones, so this will have a negative impact on him, appearing after the birth increased anxiety, sensitivity to noise, odours, light.

Each maternal emotion in her last months of pregnancy in the future, negatively or positively will be reflected on the child's character. For example, if the mother is angry, the child may be mentally unstable, easily excitable and angry. If the mother is constantly sad or suffers child will pursue constant failure, moreover, it will be very fearful.

Women are often at the 7th month of pregnancy have a fear of childbirth, and then the energy accumulated for labor activity, burned this fear. To avoid this, you should know exactly what is delivery, as they proceed, to practice breathing and physical exercises that will help you to be calm and collected.
2 months before childbirth should reduce the consumption of meat, spicy, sweet, smoked, fatty foods, breads, pies, cakes, ice cream and eat little and often.


The eighth month of pregnancy - period of about radiation biofield of the child. This is the most turbulent month: biofield mother and child are connected, which increases the feeling of pregnant her baby. In addition, the child's body is catching up in its development the entity that provided the framework for its formation from 28 to 40-th day from conception.

Pregnant you must be very careful. If, at that time, the case of premature birth, the child may be born with complications, low energy potential, which in turn (16-20 years) may cause future life inthe treatment of alcohol and drugs or retarded intellectual development.
A month before the birth should be eliminated from your diet salt - this will help avoid tearing during childbirth (podkalivat possible dried seaweed - laminaria). Also worth a drink tea with wood raspberry leaves or roots of the dandelion, which will reduce the risk of infectious child transmission during and after birth.


On the ninth month of pregnancy ends with the formation of the energy and physical bodies of the child. Incorporated in the work of all the energy centers and channels, the baby becomes closely in the mother's womb, it is smaller moves. Pregnant constantly thinks about the child's future delivery. You may receive neurosis waiting for a baby. In this case, the friends need to be patient and to surround a woman with care and love.

Mothers who look forward to a child, usually give birth easily and without complications. The lack of love for the unborn baby is not without negative consequences during and after childbirth. Unwanted child behind in physical and spiritual development. Negative feelings mother can disrupt the body of the child endocrine balance, circulation, to increase pressure, impair digestion and cause a permanent state of emotional stress after birth would cause him bodily and mental illness.

The majority of births occur at 266 day after conception. In the last weeks before the birth of a child accumulates iron, and this stock would help him in 4 to 6 months after birth. Stored fat will also benefit, maintaining body temperature. Copper, which has accumulated the mother's body, will contribute to the progress of labor and uterine contractions. But in order to neutralize the influence of copper, should a woman after childbirth to replenish your body with zinc.

Products containing zinc: wheat germ, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, dried watermelon seeds, cocoa powder, pea, buckwheat, etc.
The newborn should be seen as the most desirable expected, in the circle of friends and relatives. But now the child needs a mother. The baby needs to hear her voice, to feel its caress and tenderness. Toys and clothes made by her mother with his hands for a child, beneficial to the development of the newborn, because these things laid great energy of love.

The Slavs-Aryans meeting of the newborn was accompanied in a special way. Lit candles of white wax - as a sign of purity. A newborn baby boy was wrapped in his father's shirt, and the girl in the mother. Then the child was laid upon the threshold, meaning the edge of two worlds. His father was allowed to raise a child with a threshold, and to recognize or not to recognize. After that were given to the newborn around the house and kissed. Child within 10 days was not shown to anyone.

Thus, for the development of the child are not as many genes as its surroundings, the environment in which genes are activated. And parents, like genetic engineers, their thoughts, words, actions program desactivee, antenatal, postnatal and further development of his heir. Therefore, in order the child to be happy and fulfilled its potential parents should create the appropriate environment because reprogramming negative programs in the future very difficult.

Victor BABIN,

the doctor-psychoanalyst.