Everyone knows about the benefits of fruit and vegetables. But few people know that they need to eat 5 times a day. The antioxidants in fruit and vegetables, help save the youth. But they are only active for several hours, then die, so their stock should be replenished regularly, this will slow the aging process and will have a positive effect on appearance. Fruits should be eaten before the main meal. So the stomach, they will quickly learn. If you eat after a hearty lunch, they will begin to interact with other products, as a result you receive bloating, weight and colic. Juicy fruits such as citrus, you have 30 minutes before meals and fleshy (bananas, dates, figs) - in an hour. Fruit advisable to eat fresh, not canned, and with peel (where possible) - it contains most of the vitamins. At one time people should eat the number of vegetables and fruits that can be held in his hand. 5 servings of an adult person is about 400 g of vegetables and fruits. It is important that the table had diversity. The only way the body receives the optimal amount of useful substances and vitamins. Not all day eat only apples or only cabbage. Therefore cook vegetable soups, cook salads, fruit desserts, eat raw fruits - and extend therefore the youth.

Prepared Oksana OSTRENKO.