Melon - delicious fruits, which, moreover, have many useful properties. By Avicenna used in their practice pulp, seeds and even a peel of this vegetable. Melon includes folic acid, fiber, and minerals.
High content of silicon good for the brain, nerves, intestines and other organs of digestion. Especially recommended to introduce a melon in the diet of elderly people, because it contains iron, and it can rejuvenate.
Also very useful to use the melon in the case of heart disease, colds, tuberculosisand kidney disease and anemia. Moreover, in a small number of papaya seeds and pulp possess diuretic and perfectly calm the nerves.
Melon can cheer up because its pulp contains substances that help produce the hormone of happiness. Therefore, these fruits is recommended to enter into a diet with depression. Another benefit of melons is carotene, which is well affect vision. Quite a few pieces in order to improve the condition of your eyes.
In modern medicine melons are mainly used for bowel cleansing (melon pulp has a strong laxative effect), which, by the way, helps in the fight against excess weight. A few pieces of melon, like a good cleaner, liberate the digestive tract of accumulated harmful substances, improve the work of kidneys, will help the liver cleanses the blood capillary vessels, withdraw from the organs and tissues of excessive amount of water. In season you should eat at least two pieces of melon average daily, better between meals.
For those who suffer from angina, urine acid diathesis, arthritis is a disease of the kidney, psoriasis ways, it is useful to organize two days a week unloading melon diet. During the day you should take 1.5-2 kg fresh melons, 250-200 g healing pulp charge once every 1.5-2 hours.
On the eve of papaya diet you need to eat only vegetables, preferably thermally treated (vegetable stews, soups, and in any case not to eat meat and dairy products. Also note that you can't eat the melons on an empty stomach, but to lash out at them immediately after eating is not worth, the best time for drinking - half to two hours after a meal. In addition, melons, should not be combined with alcoholic beverages, honey, drink cold water, otherwise it may be flatulence, cramps, and diarrhea.
After several days of papaya diet in people who suffer from low back pain, is pain and improved mobility of the vertebrae.

Attention! Melon not recommended for use people with diabetes, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer. It should be noted that eating this vegetable can cause diarrhea, pain in the gut. Nursing mothers should also carefully eat the melon not to cause the child's diarrhea.

Healing recipes
• If you eat 500 g of melon day, are constipation, normalizes the digestive tract.
• Pain in the joints at the same time with conventional treatmentm very useful every day, at least in the season, to eat 2-3 slices of melon morning and evening. Next week will be a relief.
• Headache is recommended to eat 200 grams of melons - slowly, slowly, as long as you can hold chewed the flesh in his mouth.
• Melon peel and pulp applied to burns, blisters and bruises. In addition, it burns well to put a piece of frozen melon juice
• Melon bath helps in case of hives. For its preparation in the water temperature of 36-37 ° pour 1 glass of juice or to put the pieces of melon or sliced melon peel. The course is 7 procedures.
• Compress on his chest with melon pulp facilitates state when bronchitise, pneumonia and asthma attack.
• Urolithiasis: 1 Cup of crushed seeds melons pour 3 liters of warm boiled water, leave for night, and drink throughout the day instead of water without restriction.
• In case of impotence and prostate diseases dried seeds of melons (before drying them should be washed) grind in a coffee grinder, take 1 tea spoon 3-4 times a day.
• Mask melon removes age spots and acne. Wash the face with warm water. Thin layer to put finely grated pulp and leave 10-15 minutes, then wash, dry your face with a cotton cloth and RUB any nutritious cream. After this mask, the skin becomes soft and elastic

Prepared Alla GRISHILO.