ECHINOCOCCUS LIGHT (echinococcus pulmonis)

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DISEASES OF THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM : - etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and course of, recognition, prediction and prevention



What is the ECHINOCOCCUS LIGHT (echinococcus pulmonis) and how it is treated?



Etiology and pathogenesis ECHINOCOCCUS LIGHT (echinococcus pulmonis)

Infection Echinococcus going through dogs and or contaminated their food.

Of digestive tract germs get into the blood or into the lymphatic system. Easy to penetrate with the blood from the right heart. There are primary Echinococcus of the lung and secondary during germination if Echinococcus bubble from the liver. Around the hydatid cyst develops reactive inflammation of the lung tissue and the subsequent development of connective tissue. The most frequent localization—the lower right lobe.

Symptoms and course ECHINOCOCCUS LIGHT (echinococcus pulmonis)

There are three stages of disease:

  1. primary,
  2. stage of Echinococcus pronounced "tumor",
  3. stage of perforation, or sepsis.

The first stage are asymptomatic or mild cough and slight hemoptysis (on the basis of reactive inflammation in the lung). In the second stage, the cough increases, there is a limited dullness and decreased breath sounds, a little finely wheezing. For large size of the cyst may be displacement of the heart. The third stage is characterized by the bubble breakthrough in the bronchus with secretion of yellowish fluid, containing scolexes. A breakthrough may be accompanied by anaphylactic reaction, collapse, convulsions, urticaria rash. With festering Echinococcus followed by a breakthrough—a picture of a lung abscess. At the break in the pleura and adjacent organs develop secondary suppuration or contamination of those organs with Echinococcus.

Recognition ECHINOCOCCUS LIGHT (echinococcus pulmonis)

The typical radiological pattern of lung Echinococcus: spherical with clear outlines of shadows, sharply demarcated from the surrounding tissue; at the death of Echinococcus and melatonine capsules intense band is visible around the cyst; when festering with a breakthrough in the bronchus pattern characteristic of an abscess. In blood eosinophilia. Weinberg reaction is positive in 5% of cases. A positive reaction, Cuzzoni (introduction to skin of 0.2% Fugue hydatid fluid causes a reaction or early, half an hour or later after 3-4 hours). In the sputum at the break in the bronchus— scolexes (processing of sputum with 3% acetic acid or antifermion). Trial puncture is contraindicated.

Predictions ECHINOCOCCUS LIGHT (echinococcus pulmonis)

Always serious. At the break in the bronchus may occur self-recovery; sometimes death occurs from shock or suffocation when vycherchivaya the whole bubble. Especially dangerous breakthrough in adjacent organs, and sepsis.