The recipe of this ointment was already mentioned in our paper in the publications of apitherapeutic and healers. But I'd like to remind about it. She has a wide range of applications and is very effective in treating many diseases, so it is very popular in folk medicine. Propolis, wax ointment helps to achieve success in many diseases: the fibroids, mastitis, gangrene, ulcers (including trophic), burns, boils, abscesses, sore joints, most chronic sinusitis, otitis, abscesses in the throat, eczema, ovarian cysts. In enamelled pots pour 1 glass of refined oil, throw beeswax the size of a match box and put the dishes on the small fire to keep the wax melted. Half of the yolk of eggs, hard-boiled, crush with a fork on a plate and fingers gradually add in a bowl with butter and beeswax. Stir, remove from heat and let stand for 10-15 minutes. Then filtered through a kapron fabric store in the refrigerator in a glass container. The ointment is very effective. Before use, it is heated on a water bath to 40 degrees (to do this, select from the banks the right amount, placed in a small Cup or a glass and put it into hot water, keep until, until it becomes a liquid). Ointment helps in such diseases. - Sinusitis. Melted in a tablespoon and immediately typed in the eyedropper ointment buried his nose in the strongest and most neglected sinusitis. We need to do everything quickly, to salve not cool. Bury 2-3 times a day. When severe acute sinusitis in the early days of treatment you can do this more often. Ointment breaks maxillary sinus and drains pus. -Purulent otitis. Twist braids of fleece and paste into your ear. Several times a day to change the flagellum, at the same time to put ointment on his ear. Ointment drains pus, relieves inflammation. -Boils, abscesses in the throat, festering sore throat. To put ointment throat, put a compress on her neck. If you do that all night, every hour repeating the procedure, in the morning the bubble will burst. -Bronchi, pain in the stomach, intestines, boils on the body, styes eyes. Three times a day before meals take half a teaspoon of cream. -Women's diseases: fibromyoma to 10 weeks, ovarian cysts, inflammation of the appendages, breast, mastitis. Vagina insert tampons with ointment, change morning and evening. Sometimes enough 7-10 days to get rid of the cysts, fibroids usually require longer treatment. Mastitis and breast mastitis put a cloth impregnated with the ointment on top of the paper for compresses or cellophane. To change every couple of hours. -Burns, boils, sores, swelling, toothache, joint pain knee also treated with ointment. Apply it at night on the sore spot, swaddling and zamatyvala it, clean finger coat with bad teeth and RUB it on the gums. It is possible for the patient to make a fleece with ointment. The result is quick and positive. -Trophic ulcers, gangrene: use napkins with ointment, and to change them in 2 hours. From the wound will be abundantly go pus, resulting in the affected area will purify and to heal. Arthritis, knee pain: do compresses ointment sick places for the night. After several treatments, you will notice a decrease pain and swelling. -Brittle nails: RUB the ointment in the nail plate for the night. Note: wax need to take bee, natural. For external application you can take any oil, and for internal olive better. Although the above means highly efficient and harmless, before applying be sure to talk to your doctor to exclude individual intolerance and other possible unforeseen problems.