Clairvoyance, telepathy, communication on the level of thoughts will soon become commonplace in people

Absorbed political upheavals, economic crisis, problems with health, personal problems, we do not notice that are different. And do not realize that the crisis is that in your life today marks the majority of people, is the perfect setting to ensure that we turned to spiritual values, has opened new opportunities, become healthy, happy, happy, full of love and mercy. For many, these words sound like a fairy tale, but scientists, doctors, religious leaders, healers, gathered at the Ukrainian Academy of healing arts at the conference "Spiritual prosperity of mankind", unanimously said that this will happen in the coming years. The matter is that on Earth do new energy, initiating changes on our planet. And under their influence will go without exception, all its inhabitants. To adapt to afford each person. To do this, just need to raise their level of spirituality. This is the only and universal way to achieve happiness. So how on Earth do subtle energy with high vibrations. To feel comfortable in them, people must get rid own coarse energies, which are the product of resentment, anger, aggression, hatred, desire, greed, etc. however the development of subtle energies contribute mercy, kindness, harmony, unselfishness, ability to forgive, love, joy, etc. Work on yourself will be rewarded. According to scientists and esoterics, more people will become clairvoyants, will be able to read the thoughts, will have telepathy. Before we opened, and other features, which still had one.


What, then, should we - the people who are entering a new age? This question gave the answer in his speech, the President of the Ukrainian Academy of healing arts, the founder of the school of ideologii (energy information exchange between objects of nature), PhD, cardiologist Sergey BINAT. World religions say about the ideal form of human existence - of Holiness. That this state means that you can feel, standing before the relics of the saints. For example, the relics of St. Barbara, which lie in the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, for 17 centuries remain incorruptible and radiate a thin thread of grace. People come every day to this Saint with a request for help in various needs (family problems, problems with children, etc. and get it. Until now it was thought that only the elect are given to attain Holiness. But this condition is inherent to all people. God gives each of his divine spark, as regards us as Their future leaders, i.e. Holy men that He can fill the Universe. We are developing their Spirit, according to the laws of the Universe begin to build a life as in heaven, so upon Earth. And have the chance to realize the Divine purpose on Earth. How to diagnose your condition, to determine the correct way do we go? The main criterion of human spirituality is a sense of joy and peace. It is a condition we should develop and introduce into all spheres of our life: relationships with family, professional and social activities, etc. In our time, when the Earth is in the galactic space beam, we are particularly responsible for their thoughts, actions, feelings.


People often complain to problems obladayuschie from all sides, bent under their burden. Actually life troubles do not be afraid. Because everyone has all the possibilities to get rid of them. But first you need to understand the mechanism of occurrence of problems and learn how to fight them. This was told by the teacher of the Crimean Institute of ideologii doctor Alla FROLKOVA. Man is United with the Universe. If you live according to its laws, increase its energy potential, down the process of aging begin the processes of physiological recovery, a person accumulates spiritual energy. If a person violates the laws of the Universe, to correct his behavior problems. I.e. lessons. They give us so that we perfected his strength, kindness, constancy, to become sanctified with the Divine light domestic work, defeated by the power of faith. Often the relationship of man with God begins with diseases, problems and experiences. This creates the best conditions for prayer. Man sees that he has no hope, looks up to God and asks for help. Saint Theophan the recluse wrote that heavenly assistance is not slow to come upon request to the one who prays. God is the closest thing. He knows all our joy, sorrow, secrets. God is never late, and never come early, He come just in time. Heaven does not exclude anyone, but include all. If we had been more attentive, you would have seen the involvement that takes God in our lives. And thousands of doors He opens us where we don't see any. And when a man over the forces come to power of God. And we say, a miracle happened. To live and develop, we must constantly be in contact with Higher Forces. He is getting better through prayer, meditation, pleas, appeals, thanks. Man is like a tree: it is rooted in the land, but always grows and reaches up. And the human spirit, rooted in the body, begins its journey up. And this journey never ends.


The human body because of violations in the work of those or other it systems eloquently tells the man that he does something wrong. The vast majority of disease arises because of our non-harmonic thoughts, feelings and actions. The most effective way to treat body - spiritual practices. About this on the example of eye diseases, extremely common today, said the doctor-ophthalmologist of the Crimea Hope STRANADKO. The eyes are the window to the world. Vision impairment is very often associated with the reluctance of the person something to see. This can be a particular thing, situation, relationships, people, or some parts of its own "I". For example, a far-sighted people who have the image blurs, if you look at it close, though not want to see what is in their face: close people, everyday things... as well As ourselves. At some point, these people began to ignore his personality, soul, body. This vision develops and those who do not want to see is aging, take a natural age-related changes. Nearsighted, i.e. those who are worse sees afar, tend to pay less attention to details and nuances. They don't want to see the world, but try to keep everything under control because of the fear of the future, self-doubt. At a certain moment they lose the faith in their own strength. Astigmatism eye muscle pull each other in different directions, preventing clear vision both near and far, causing General hazy vision. This status indicates a profound lack of confidence and inability to choose. Sometimes a person is born with such a program, sometimes it occurs in early childhood because of the inability to choose parents. - On the ophthalmologist, patients with astigmatism often hear that it is a congenital disease that is not cured. Indeed, medical techniques can't do. However, I've found that when astigmatism vision to return by natural recovery of view (I spend a specialized course). This method provides for a person on a spiritual and physiological level,- shared her experience with the audience Nadezhda Melanoma. Glaucoma, often provoking blindness due to increased intraocular pressure, suggests that within a person increases stress that it can no longer compensate for the expense of internal resources. In particular, this happens because of the deeply hidden resentment. People might not realize that it all was forgiven, and outside to look calm. But inside of him stress builds up, and he can't do it anymore to compensate for yourself. In order to stop the progression of the disease, it is necessary to analyze their feelings, to balance internal state. Cataract is the accumulation of dead cells, preventing the passage of light in the eye. This is a violation indicates that the person does not let go of some past events, keeps them to itself. And not notice that the old prevents the arrival of a new and, in particular, and the penetration of light into the eye. There are other ophthalmic diagnosis. But the majority of them are psychological reasons. - Having worked for many years as a doctor-ophthalmologist (besides, I constantly operate in the conventional medicine, I was convinced that to restore vision traditional medical treatments, is not easy, in addition, the treatment takes time,- said Nadezhda Stranadko. - So I was very surprised to see how quickly you can achieve remarkable results by spiritual improvement. For example, man is sometimes enough to understand what he wants to see - and the sight is restored. So my goal is to help people realize that health issues should be dealt with on three levels: physical (body hygiene, the mode of the day, time power, solar power, power), energy (hygiene of feelings and emotions, the transformation of negative emotions), spiritual (hygiene thoughts, the correct images and correct beliefs, identification of attitudes, leading to diseases).


Here are some tips from Hope of Milanovi prevention of eye disease and vision recovery. - Avoid phrases type "if my eyes couldn't see it, see it don't want it", "it hurts to look at it." They both teams are in the subconscious and blur vision. - Transform your negative thoughts. This can be done with the help of eye exercises. This achieves a double result. First, train the eye muscles, improves circulation, secondly, explode harmful disease-causing" experiences. You should remember the thought or emotion that carries the discomfort. And start making eye movements (after removing points and having closed eyelids), they should be easy and comfortable. Every movement needs to be repeated several times. Move pupils left. Stop blink several times (to loosen the muscles). Move the eyes up and down. Stop blink it. Move pupils diagonally from the lower left corner of the eye in the upper-right corner of the eye, then the other way. Stop blink it. Obrasovanie pupils big eight (starting from the center of the eye) in the horizontal plane, first in one direction, then in another. Stop blink several times eyes. After the end of the exercise you will notice that negative thoughts have disappeared, or at least became weaker, and therefore stopped or slowed down its devastating effect on the body. Repeat this practice several times a day. And with time you will notice that steel is better to see, and I felt calmer and happier, your life's decisions were correct. - Try to do without sunglasses. First, the sun is "drink and food for the eyes. Secondly, the eyes are the battery is charged through the entire body. So look at the sun (but not when it is in Zenith). Sunglasses should be worn only in the case, when appropriate, for example, if the sun by the reflection from snow or water becomes too bright.

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