In 2012, Ukraine ranked 78 among 187 countries on the human development index (HDI) prepared by the United Nations development Programme. The rating reflects the results of the measurement of national achievement in health, education and income. According to UN data, Belarus is ranked 50th, Russia - 55, Romania - 56, Georgia - 72. The index is formed from four indicators, the main of which is the duration of human life. In our country this indicator is alarming. The life expectancy for men - 62 years, women -74 years. The gap with the similar indicators of developed countries is 12-13 and 7-8 years, respectively.

The demographic situation in Ukraine leaves much to be desired. According to official statistics, up to 1990 the birth rate in Ukraine to exceed mortality. During the years of independence from the map of our country have already disappeared 600 villages, about 25% of the total number of remaining settlements is on the verge of extinction. Over the past 4 years, the child population decreased by 17%. Out of a hundred newborns only four healthy children. For the disappointing projections in 2050 the population of Ukraine in comparison with 2009 can be reduced to 36 million people.

Carotene protects against chronic diseases

Statistics testifies that now the highest life expectancy in Japan (83 years). And some experts believe that yellow-green vegetables, particularly carrots, played an important role, because they contain very necessary for human substance - carotene.

Similar examples exist in the Caucasus. The inhabitants of mountainous Dagestan, where many centenarians, constantly eat a variety of wild and cultivated plants: in summer fresh and in winter - dried. If you calculate the ration of the longevity of Dagestan, it turns out that the day he eats about 0.5 kg of these plants. Without a doubt, this is one of the reasons that Dagestan is traditionally high rate of life expectancy and a significant number of people live to be hundreds of years old. And they look often quite Spry for his years.

Why is it that some people hardly live up to 60 years, and others live to 100 years? The answer is too simple. Children and centenarians contains 100 times less toxic toxins than the body is chronically sick people. Only in the intestine of 50-60-year-olds from 3 to 5 kg of fecal stones, more pathogenic mucus in the cranial sinuses, the salt in the joints and spine, kidney stones and liver, which constantly poison the whole body, causing severe disease. Unfortunately, modern medicine (pills, medicines, etc.) are not able to cure and a tenth of various diseases, but only gives temporary support is intoxicated and sick body.

The specialists-nutritionists advise to eat daily at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, including carrots. They believe that modern man with food today receives only 1.5 mg of carotene per day, whereas the desired daily need for it – 3-4 mg. Such a rule is necessary to protect people from developing chronic diseases.
The following recommendations: the need to reduce the amount of salt, sugar, confectionery products; avoid animal fats, consumed daily 1.5 tbsp vegetable oil, to refuse from meat broths and fried dishes.

Meltwater prolongs life

In extreme conditions the survival of the population of Ukraine, in addition to economic factors, the primary role played by the quality of drinking water. Doctors believe that the most useful water - melt. In its properties it is close to the melt water of glaciers that are perfectly environmentally friendly and safe for humans. It is established that the ice melted, still retains for some time its structure. Therefore, meltwater - a transitional phase between ice and normal water.

Long-term use of melt water contributes to the prolongation of life. For centuries, farmers in many regions of the country used in their farms melted snow or melted ice water. The mountaineers of the Caucasus, among which longevity is more than in Ukraine and Russia, taken together, directly explain this by the fact that they drink sweetlou water, that is water from mountain rivers, flowing from glaciers. The Japanese, whose commitment to environmental friendliness known throughout the world get water from icebergs - them being towed from the Arctic ocean. Because in Japan the highest life expectancy.

Is it possible to obtain ecologically pure as mountain spring, melt water at home? Yes, it is possible to prepare from that which flows from the tap by the method of freezing and thawing.

Besides, today there are unique developments of scientists devices that are changing the structure of water, making it "alive" and useful. Structured water actively binds and removes from the body all kinds of toxic formations, cleans the lymph and blood, it gradually dissolves and removes sand, stones from the kidney, liver and gall bladder, salts of the spine and joints.

Healthy lifestyle path to longevity

Alcohol is a nerve poison for the entire body

A significant reduction in the duration of human life contributes to the painful passion of modern people to all kinds of "enemies" of health in the form of alcohol, tobacco, drugs.

The problem of alcoholism is a sorrow that often befalls our families. An alcoholic in the family is the pain and the tears of the mother, it strepenne the nerves of his wife's crippled children who often grow up with low self-esteem and a grudge on the world. In addition, alcohol causes great harm to health drinkers. On the basis of modern experimental and clinical data it is no exaggeration to say that there is no such organ and system in the human body, which wouldn't affect a detrimental effect to the systematic use of alcoholic beverages.

Nervous system as the most reactive and sensitive, the first assumes the alcoholic kick. In this regard, there is every reason to believe alcohol is a nerve poison. Excessive use of alcohol causes hepatitis, cirrhosis, ulcer, mental disorders, weakens the protective functions of the organism - therefore, in case of malignancy at the cellular level, the body cannot resist disease. Diseases associated with alcoholism, in recent years, the scale of the entire planet moved to third place after cardiovascular diseases and malignancies.

"Drunk" reproductive cell is defective

Great and dangerous influence of alcohol on the health of the offspring. It drew the attention of many doctors of antiquity. Hippocrates wrote that the cause of epilepsy and idiocy - drinking parents at the moment of conception. Particularly sensitive to alcohol sex cells, almost half consisting of compounds of fat. Alcohol perfectly dissolves fats and due to this property it easily penetrates to the cell nucleus where it is able to change the genetic apparatus. "Drunk" reproductive cell is already defective. If it becomes the germ of a new life, then the probability of a normal fetus is just miserable. It is established that an hour after taking alcohol, it is found in the seed of men and the ovaries in women.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous during pregnancy. Drinkers expectant mothers give birth to children with abnormal development of internal organs and various disabilities: underdevelopment of the skull and brain.

Ukraine annually consumes 350-400 million liters of alcohol, and we have access of the population to it, unlike the vast number of countries, not limited.

Tobacco is a drug, although "cultural"

Tobacco and tobacco products, like alcohol, is the same drugs, but they were legalized in all countries of the world. They have come up with even a strange name, "cultural drugs." UVtreatment of Smoking looms large. This habit is now subject not only men and women but also children. The number of children Smoking, Ukraine, along with Russia and Chile is one of the first places in the world are the who data. Meanwhile, Smoking is a slow but steady poisoning of the body. A well-known physician, Professor S. P. Botkin, dying at the age of 57 years, said that if not smoked, it would have lived another 10-15 years. All contained in tobacco smoke substances one of the most harmful is nicotine, the lethal dose for humans is 1-2 drops.

The combustion of tobacco – tar are carcinogenic. According to the observations of British scientists, from 100 thousand non-smokers lung cancer ill 7 people, and among 100 of thousands of smokers - 47.

Smokes pregnant with your child

About the dangers of Smoking in General we hear quite a lot. In particular, the woman is likely to harm their children, even if Smoking before pregnancy: it deprives itself of the health and diseased body will not be able to nourish a fetus. Smokers pregnant women twice as often as ectopic pregnancy is celebrated and observed toxicities, spontaneous abortions, stillbirths, postpartum complications. The tobacco smoke passes through the placenta from the mother's bloodstream to the fetus, poisoning it, and disrupting the normal development, and that nicotine affects the fetus in the first stages of its development.

Maternal Smoking is no less dangerous for the new baby in the first weeks of life has an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Smoking mom-nurse poisons baby, as her milk come toxic compounds of tobacco combustion.

The problem of Smoking today is quite relevant. At the time they were discussed at the who European Ministerial conference "Europe without tobacco." Exemplary example of Estonia, which for expectant mothers, Smoking during pregnancy, introduced punishment up to imprisonment. The goal is the protection of the foetus and increase in responsibility for its preservation.

Addiction - the many faces of evil

Addiction is a disease, mechanism of development which is based on the addictive, so many attribute it to the category of bad habits.

The problem of drug addiction is one of the most topical in the modern world. It is topical for Ukraine's population. Officially in our country about 290 thousand drug users. According to the City health centre, addiction in Kiev, the younger: for the first time trying drugs at the age of 13-15, and some children earlier, in 9-12 years. Geopolitical location of Ukraine, that is its borders with several countries of Europe and help transport drugs to the us from abroad.

The Ministry of internal Affairs manages to catch only one third of the circulating drug. Other drugs reach the buyer.

When you see warning signs of drug addiction parents need to urgently contact the experts-narcologists, to call on the help of teachers and even law enforcement officers. You cannot lose a single day! Otherwise we can only guess what generation will come after us. And will our children, sniffing, swallowing and injecting today, tomorrow become normal people and potential to grow healthy centenarians?


candidate of biological Sciences,

member of the International ecological club;

Vasily KUCHIN,
doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences.