The emergence of this article right now due to the flowering of the herb in may. And here's why... doing a lot of years studying the problem of longevity, of course, I was interested in and methods of anti-aging. Moreover, from the very beginning set himself the task of methods and means of anti aging should be simple, accessible and do not require a lot of time in the application. One of these methods, I want to share.


But first about the other. Let me remind you that aging is the result of gradually increase, and consequently, almost invisible, the effects of chronic (long-term) disease that lead to aging and death. The main cause of disease is the effect of different types and size of parasites - from viruses to worms that fall in different ways inside and causing inflammatory (destructive) processes in any place of the body. Grievous consequences are observed when the inflammatory processes appear in the mind and the brain (for example, quite often larvae of the worms are developing here), as the authority regulates all life processes (including the immune system that protects the body, or the restoration of the organism when it is damaged by disease). Therefore, it is the disease of the head can be considered as major in the appearance of aging.


How parasites get into your head? Another 2,400 years ago a prominent ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said, "Diseases enter the body through the hole in the body". And he was right. The most dangerous in this respect are the mouth and nose, as it is through them throughout the life of a man with the air, water and prodovolstviya enter the body parasites (for example, British researchers have calculated that at any time in the mouth and nose are on average 180 species of rhinoviruses and 120 adenoviruses, i.e. those that live in the nose and mouth). And first of all parasites predetermine the disease cavities placed in the nose and connected with the oral cavity (see figure). Why is this happening? The fact that parasites (most often viruses, chlamydia, streptococci and staphylococci, Mycoplasma, mushrooms) fall into the cavity (sinus), accumulate, multiply there and cause inflammation of the mucous membrane that leads to swelling and reduction of input (output is the same) holes, and even complete closure. As a consequence, in the bosom accumulated mucus and pus. This occurs most often in the maxillary sinus. This is the "sinus"and so can appear and frontal sinusitis, pharyngitis, etc. In such a situation, the recovery of the sick will not happen until, until you restore the normal drainage of the sinuses (outflow of pus). The situation is very complicated because of the aggravation of the disease mucus and pus in the bosom gradually turn into solid dehydrated pressed mass fills the cavity, and the number is quite large. This process is so secret and imperceptible that person has no idea about it. And the danger is that the sinuses become the site of infection for the whole body, it leads to the development of, for example, chronic and cancer of lung diseases, loss of vision and hearing.


Sinusitis most often can appear as a consequence colds or flu. The risk of developing these diseases greatest in autumn-winter period, when there is a decrease of immunity and reduction of the use of vitamins. In children cause sinusitis often adenoids (swelling of the mucous of the nose), which makes it difficult for nasal breathing and become a permanent source of infection (not uncommon to see children with constantly gaping mouth, and often with yellow-green discharge under the nose; it is appropriate to remember the phrase of Ilf and Petrov: "getting tangled in snot, entered the room boy"). In acute (recent) sinusitis are fever, annoying pain in the facial area below the eyes, stuffy nose (possible unilateral), nasal discharge greenish hue. When chronic (long acting) - such phenomena may not be observed, but may occur cough at night, the cause is a combination of pus from a sinus on the back of the throat. Appears sustainable runny nose, nasal congestion, sustainable keratitis and conjunctivitis, slezotechenie, frequent, though unfounded headache in the forehead, "for the eyes", change the voice ("nasalized speech"). There is pain when pressure on Podlaskie region. A characteristic sign of a headache when sinusitis is its decrease in supine position or in the morning, because of the release of pus from the affected sinuses. Infection in adverse conditions often passed through the auditory (Evstafieva) tube in the ear, causing a range of diseases, leading to hearing loss. It should be added that sinusitis guilty of broken teeth (note that often the first to begin to deteriorate teeth precisely the upper jaw). Therefore before to treat teeth, be sure to cure sinusitis, otherwise teeth will continue to deteriorate. In addition, chronic sinusitis often predetermines the appearance of or worsening angina, pharyngitis, osteomyelitis, neuritis trifoliate nerve. But this is only the "surface" of a violation. Much more serious transition infection inside the head through the lattice of the maze. This is practically not felt, as in the brain sensors (receptors) pain (proof: all surgery on the brain performed without anesthesia). These inflammatory processes in the end lead to a narrowing of the signs that a man (reduction of memory, mental abilities, in the end to the insanity - a loss of mental abilities, disorder and destruction of the psyche, aggression, and so on). I.e. such seemingly innocuous ordinary as chronic inflammation of the nasal sinuses, is a very important cause of aging.


How to cure disease, cavities, and in particular sinusitis? It is clear that it is first necessary to turn hardened layers of mucus and pus in fluid, and then bring them out. That's it for this use celandine (describe this plant is probably shouldn't, as it's easy to distinguish on orange juice and yellow colors). Cut the plant, cutting off its upper third, twist in a meat grinder and through a cotton cloth (or several layers of gauze) squeeze its juice (preferably not less than 1 litre). The juice "do not roamed", add the same amount of vodka or alcohol to form a 20% blend). Store in a dark place (can be stored for several years). Once a day (more convenient evening) pour in a Cup 300 ml of warm (slightly above room temperature) water, add one teaspoon "without top" table salt, dissolve it and add one teaspoon of juice of the herb. Stand in front of the sink or bowl, slightly open mouth, lower the nose (both nostrils) in a Cup and gently, gently draw water into the nose. Then visormates. At first only a little water draw, and then more and more, so water got all the way down his throat. Then remove the water and through the nose and through the mouth. Try not to swallow the water! (I, for example, can involve, not swallowing up to 150 ml). The procedure is a bit unpleasant, but it's much better than doing punctures sinus and through a needle to remove pus, hurt or walk in clinics. The more that quite often such treatment to cure chronic sinusitis does not lead, as it is a very long process (I know of cases when no avail did to 40 punctures). This procedure needs to be done every day for 2 weeks, then take a break for a week, and then again 2 weeks of treatment. The treatment is long (depending on the progression of the disease), but relief will be seen after the first time. No bad consequences of such treatment were observed. The method is simple and effective.


To this I would like to add the method of warm-head with the "parent baths". He gives good results with "cold" or head colds. (Surprisingly, stupidity, which can often be seen in the cold season. Warmly dressed, sometimes in the fur-coats, warm shoes, gloves, street proudly go girls and boys without a hat, not even knowing that, quite often, this leads to infertility and impotence. Unfortunately, fashion and mind almost always incompatible). For "head-baths" need 2 buckets with capacity of 12-15 litres (the more the better), tube for snorkeling and nose clip (special clothespin). Tube and a clothes pin you can buy in the supermarkets. Procedure is best done at night before bedtime. Pour into one bucket of very warm water (42-45 degrees), and the second - the cold tap. Hold your nose clip, take a tube in his mouth, stand before buckets on his knees, first lower your head in a bucket of warm water for 1-2 minutes, and then in a bucket of cold water for 5-10 seconds. And so 10 times, to be finished in cold water. Quickly wiped his head with a towel. Hair not to dry, they will quickly dry up in the air (if long - cover your head with a towel). (By the way, never use a Hairdryer, hot-air, as it spoils hair, and very heats head, and if you just step outside, and a pile of diseases of the head you provided. So try not to wash my hair in hairdressing and do it pre house. At the end of the wash necessarily rinse your head with cold water. Dry hair with a towel and over hours do not go outside). If you have very probably it is desirable to make more and heating of feet up to the knees in a bucket with very warm water for 15 to 20 minutes until, until her blush (warning women: a few days before your period and immediately after them to do this procedure cannot, not to cause them again). Then to wipe his feet with a towel and go to bed. These simple methods can maintain their health and very significantly increase the chances of longevity. And the last. Everyone who wants to achieve longevity, I advise you to do the procedure with celandine life (courses for 2 weeks with the intervals of several weeks or months). The matter is that to be cured once and for all life, as the invasion of parasites is always and everywhere, and they always infect us. ...To this I would also like to add that all people are very different and have a different perception of the same written (very often faced with the phenomenon). Therefore, to avoid troubles, before to conduct the above procedures, please consult your physician. Good health to you!