or Why it is necessary to give birth to many children

Our ancestors from ancient times knew genus and family are the kind of steps to ordering of the universe and self-improvement in this world. And since the birth of children was a fundamental principle of the newly formed family. Unfortunately, few corresponds to the views of modern youth. The majority of young couples find it necessary first to live for themselves, and then think about children. So fly years and overlooked the most favorable age for having children. In addition, over time acquire various diseases, and then, even with a strong desire, many couples are unable to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.


In the days of our ancestors every man was to give birth to nine full of children: two - parent lines, two - parent, two - due debt, the father of his wife, two - at the expense of the mother of the wife, and one of the firstborn, " in honor of their ancestral Gods, or the last, " in honor of other bright Gods. Considered: the larger the family, the stronger the family. Therefore, during the wedding the young wanted so much little - how many months of the year (and there were nine forty days each), and so many little girls - how many New Moons in a year (according to the lunar calendar - 12). Our ancestors were born many children - it was considered a moral merit and helped the souls of the ancestors, who left this world, was greatly energetic support from the prayers of his children and grandchildren. In addition, it allowed them to return to their family for further evolutionary development. In fact, according to an ancient belief, ancestor, dying, goes to the underworld by the "new body", and eventually returns to his family to live through the womb of a woman. In addition, the debts of the ancestors can be given only through the births of children conceived but not out of lust, and love. Our ancestors knew that godly children - the main source of spiritual development and life of human society and the birth of a good child depends on authenticity and fidelity women. It is the mother through the performance of their natural duties - the birth and upbringing of children in pure intentions and actions that can lead them to the Creator.


One of the most important virtues in the lives of our ancestors was chastity - observance of purity before marriage, both women and men, safeguarding themselves from random links and fidelity. Our ancestors understood intuitively how important it is, especially for women, the observance of chastity. Indeed, as already proven by modern science, during sexual intercourse - ejaculation men in the bosom of the woman with the flow of energy woman is transferred and moral-ethical qualities and programmes of the structure of man (his energy code, reflection curved negative development programmes kind and diseases, if it has one). Therefore, if a woman has sex with many men, their programs and EnergoData, getting into the reproductive cells of women, superimposed on each other and amplified through a resonance. This information "dirt" is stored in the field of reproductive cells woman as long as she is not going to bear a child or she will not happen miscarriage (but not abortion). Then this negative shifts in the energy-informational space of the child, simultaneously with diseases that have been transmitted to the woman at the field level by an intimate partner (however, when the artificial termination of pregnancy, this information is not reset on the fetus). Thus the woman flushed, and her body is updated. That's why people say: "the Woman is saved through childbirth". But from this point on will be sick child, who thus gets rid of maternal negative. So girls "easy virtue", which today is not so little, often give their lawful husbands hidden fruits of premarital sexual relations, drug abusers, drug or simply mentally ill children. Such children may feel hostility to the physical father and even the mother, suffering from energy inconsistencies. The souls of aborted children have no opportunity to leave the earthly plane of existence and become publicans. They can share in the energoinformational field to blood relatives, in this case it is necessary to hold special ceremonies and help the publicans to move to a higher plane of existence, leaving the earth. As if this is not done, the "sat" people can be certain pathological conditions. Women, abortions have the chance, after together with her husband certain ceremony, to reduce the risk of sickness and "curvature" of destiny.


Earlier integrity was protected and valued as a great spiritual heritage is a treasure kind. Healthy way of life and thought, chastity and willingness to meet only/the only life according to the moral canons - cleanse the soul, give the link with this generation, strengthen spirit. Now in Ukraine every fifth family childless or does not want to have children. But among those who have children, they are in 90% of cases are born sick. The fact that young people, creating a family, do not have knowledge about conception. They have information about male and female sexual organs, reproductive cells, the structure of which is studied at school. And here is how to prepare yourself for conception to give birth to healthy offspring, knowledge, no. Children who are born from virtuous parents, is a blessing of God, they are the joy in life, to help and comfort in old age. Our ancestors knew that the conception of a child as a person begins long before the physical Association. In addition, they passed a special rite before conception, during which got rid of negative development programs on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. Their consciousness was cleared, and future parents had the opportunity to invite for the incarnation of the soul with positive karma. The formation of such healthy in the energy and informational sense of the kind of allowed descendants to inherit positive energy and programmes for evolutionary development and protection.


The main factor determining the sex of the baby are chromosome. The woman has two x chromosomes (XX), men are the x - and y-chromosome (XY). The y chromosome carries the information of the male sex and is the least protected from external influences. Any problems occurring with the media the y-chromosome, can influence the sex of the child. For example, got a man severe damage during the fight, got in an accident or fell - wait for the birthday girl, because all of the above cases have weakened the y chromosome energetically. In addition, the y-chromosome suffers from alcohol, drugs, radiation, various toxicants, even antibiotics can harm her. Modern research has shown that during the flight the aircraft during 2-3 hours dies 50% y-chromosomes male reproductive cells, therefore the probability of the birth of a boy falls in half. If the flight will last for 6 hours will perish 70% of chromosomes, if longer - 90%. Therefore, if there is a desire to have boys - first of all we should take into account all of the above. In ancient times, the man who wanted to have a boy was born, went to the woods and lived there alone for at least three months. Thus through the attainment of inner peace and harmony in himself, he purified his energy and y-chromosome acquired primordial force. Today scientifically confirmed that the reproductive cells men are updated and have higher energy charge.


However, for the conception and healthy development of the embryo is not enough chromosomal information, as it contains only data on the structure of proteins, amino acids, cells, organs, eye color, skin, etc. the Main information, which carries the "ideology of a" new body, that comes from outside in the form of radiation wave signal command, the so-called "wave genes". In the 90-ies of the last century academician p. p. Garyaev scientifically proved that "wave genes" affect DNA and form its activity. These waves can be not only electromagnetic and sound. Petr Garyaev and his collaborators found that emotions as "wave genes" change the structure of water, and it is known that the human body on 80% consists of water. Under the influence of the words said at a highly sensitive positive level, the water molecules are building complex is a beautiful mosaic connections in the form of snowflakes. However, if the "send" to water the negative words and emotions, for example, curses, water molecules form disfigured mosaic patterns. Talked about this in his works, even Empedocles, Aristotle, and Hippocrates. Pliny, for example, argued that the mental images play a major role in the birth of a healthy child... And in the ancient Indian medical treatise stated: "a Woman gives birth to a child that will be similar to the one of whom she thinks at the time of conception". Therefore, our genetic apparatus really cares about what we think, say, and what books we read. All is reflected in "wave genome", i.e. the wave of the genetic program that changes in one direction or another heredity and the utility of each cell.


Words can cause the disease, and can heal people. For example, the curse is an artificially created "wave gene", working at the level of the energy of the subtle body, at the level of the information that comes from outside. This "gene", if ingested, can act as a virus in the computer: it destroys the wave of the program, and thus disrupts the normal development of an organism. And when a man and a woman rush into each other with swear words and curses, they are not even aware that create a "wave genes" and negative patterns that necessarily materialize: some instantly, others over time, day, month, year...will have the disease or Escalada fate. But no one will guess that the mechanism of these problems was launched during normal quarrel. And if quarrels precede the conception or during or embryo development - you were in trouble with the child. And already there are no medical services will not be able to prevent the materialization of the negative programs. In addition, you should know that swear words and curses are not only for those who are sent, but one who simply hears or saying. Therefore, if the family members to each other send negative programs, they affect the whole family - parents, children and descendants. The child, "taken from their parents these programs begin to commit excesses, swearing. Thus, he destroys himself and his environment - both social and psychological. And katitsya this "snow room" from generation to generation. So that was born and emerged spiritually healthy child, parents need to constantly be in a state of universal love and wisdom. Most young parents now live with the child without spiritual connection, without the blessing of sorts in the conception. So have almost all of unhealthy offspring. To move forward in the evolutionary development, people need to return the knowledge of the universe, the conception of a child, education and other aspects of healthy life.

To conceive and give birth to a healthy child - Chastity before marriage will protect from problems and will give birth to healthy children. Stick to the healthy lifestyle, positive thinking and moral principles. - Zacenite children, only in love. - Avoid quarrels: swear words and curses affect all kind, in particular on future children. - Women who can not get pregnant because of diseases of reproductive organs, especially the ovaries, you need to go through a course of treatment flowers of peony ordinary: 1 dried flower to fill in 0,5 l of boiled water, leave to cool, cover with the lid. Strain and drink during the day. The course is 21 days (break 10 days, if necessary, repeat the course). As a result of treatment are all inflammatory processes, cysts disappear. Male to organize the work of the prostate, to reduce it up to standards, increase sperm production, have 200 g of dry bark of aspen and 100 g of tormentil root pour 1 liter 65% of vodka or alcohol, leave for 3 weeks in a dark place, constantly shaking. Take 2 tea spoon three times a day for 15 minutes before eating. Complete 3-year and 1 month, 3-day break.

Victor BABIN, doctor, master zvukorezhissery therapy.