Japanese scientist T. of Fuseta in 1997 proposed to define as "calcium-deficient, many of the most common diseases of modern man, including atherosclerosis, ischemic illness of heart, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease, degenerative diseases of the spine and so on


Calcium plays a huge role in the life of the human body. It is safe to say that of all the elements calcium is the main one not only in quantitative but also in terms of functionality. He takes part in ensuring the 250 most important human processes. All know that calcium plays an important role in bone formation. But, in addition, calcium plays a role in the transmission of nerve impulses, ensures the balance between the processes of excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex, which means at its shortage develops high anxiety, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, memory impairment.

This mineral is involved in regulation of sokratimosti skeletal muscles and the muscles of the heart. He "helps" the engine of our body to pump blood, to work in a normal rhythm. Therefore, the lack of calcium provokes increased blood pressure, arrhythmia of the heart.

Calcium affect acid-base balance of the body. It is also an important element of the buffer system of the body, supporting the pH (acid-delawney balance) is required for each system and environment of the organism level, including blood pH. This is very important. Shift the equilibrium towards the increase of acidity is one of the main causes of many diseases.

Calcium ions provide the normal permeability of cell membranes, reduces sensitivity to allergens. So, allergic reaction is often also evidence of lack of calcium in the body. Supplementation of calcium in many cases helps to avoid or significantly reduce running eyes, runny nose, skin rash, edema of the mucous membranes, if they are allergic symptoms.

Calcium is involved in the formation of hormones, so important for young people to maintain the health of the reproductive system, and the elderly, in which the fade function of the sexual organs and other endocrine glands. Calcium affect mineral metabolism in human organism.

Insufficient intake of calcium strengthens its excretion from the bones into the blood, causing bone demineralization, which is manifested by the development of arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis. The matter is that 99% of calcium is contained in Kostyax and only 1% is in the blood. But if the concentration of calcium in the blood is reduced when it is insufficient intake, the body in order to survive, pulled it out of there, to provide the work of the heart, brain, immune and other systems, the deterioration of which is katastroficheskithem. Therefore, the bones of many people with age lose calcium in large quantities, vsledstviee that there are strong pain in joints and spine fractures occur, in particular, as unsafe as a fracture of the femoral neck. The results of the studies testify to 60% reduction in the number of femur fractures in men and women, the content of calcium in whose actual nutrition amounted to more than 700 mg/day compared with those who took him less than 500 mg/ day.


To avoid deficiency of calcium, it is necessary to watch, that the diet should have been carcinogenesis products. On it is rich in dairy products, fish with bones (for example, conservative sardines in oil), legumes (beans, peas, lentils, soybeans, nuts, pumpkin seeds, celery, cabbage, kohlrabi, Kale, lettuce, leek.

But it should also be noted that, unfortunately, not enough to eat foods rich in calcium, it is also necessary to learn, and this should translate calcium in ionic form. This process occurs in the stomach due to exposure to hydrochloric acid, but at decrease of its development has violated the absorption of calcium. Therefore evolve with age calcium deficiency in the body: for 40 years it is observed in 50% of men and 60 years - already at 90%. So developing chronic calcium deficiency.


Most researchers take the view that to prevent negative calcium balance in elderly and senile age need calcium intake in the amount of not less than 1000-1500 mg/day.

Scientific studies have shown that the actual food intake of Ukrainian women is characterized by a significant shortage of basic macro - and micronutrients, including calcium. Only 3.2 per cent of women of calcium in dietary intake exceeds 1000 mg/day, half the women it is less than 200 mg/day.

Based on the above, today the additional intake of calcium is needed to prevent serious diseases, improvement in many diseases.

"SuperMulti Biokaltsy "Energy of Tibet" with ultramodern technology ensures the integration of product 99.9%. It is made of shutters scallop (ideal source of calcium, which is crushed by a stream of air at supersonic speed. So it turns out supermarket (particle size of the product 5-7 microns) and absorbed into the blood directly into the mouth.

"Calcium with turmeric and lecithin" made from a tortoise shell, enriched two important components: lecithin and turmeric. Lecithin - phospholipid, which is actively involved in fat metabolism, prevents fatty degeneration of the liver, enhances mental performance, has a positive effect on sexual activity, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Turmeric is known plant of the ginger family, it is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve liver and gall bladder, the elimination of inflammatory processes in the joints, the normalization of the stomach and intestines, reduce the level of sugar in the blood, strengthen the heart, prevention of cancer and so on

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