His friend Lisa I had not seen for about a year. Then the pensioner was not the best view: she was trembling fingers, his eyes were red and swollen, I felt the smell of alcohol. Now even a hint at what the woman 18 years in a row suffered from alcoholism: a clear view, face edema, the very tidy. Answering my silent surprise, Lisa explained that already 8 months do not drink alcohol and do not even want to. Her words further whetted my curiosity, it is no secret that women's alcoholism is very difficult to treat. Who is this magician who helped Lisa return to sober a full life? It was pretty woman from a small town in the Kyiv region.

In this house, no one died

The hut where welcomes its guests Nina Petrovna, usually called Shevchenko. Slightly leaning back a little mud hut almost grown its walls in the ground. This will see only in a Museum of architecture and life. Small house for 100 years, " says Mrs. Nina - here lived my grandmother. In this shanty no one has died, and only born," boasts a woman.
In the towels and the icons, with smoke from the crackling firewood, small svetlicka was extremely comfortable, despite the old furniture, lonely bulb" (jokingly called it Nina Petrovna).
"This is from my grandmother, shows a woman on the images on the pictures of ancient icons on the walls of Svetlitsky. - Grandmother was known on the grass, and helped people with different issues: someone has lost, or ill, or the heart of the case was concerned.
Little Ninosa watched as deftly all the grandmother turns out, Yes, and she tried.

Grandma's blessing

And my grandmother Nina Petrovna very believed God, in fact, all her life she relied on His will and protection. And when begged maiden fate, and when during the war were hiding from the Nazis under the oven wounded soldiers, and when they went grandchildren, asking the Lord to them happiness. These prayers, wrapped in his own words-introductions-old woman, Nina Petrovna have repeated more than once in my life, and always walked the help of the Lord. The word, God's Providence with my grandmother's blessings go with Nina life, helping to survive and difficult days.
Much Nina Petrovna took over from his grandmother, in particular, and the ability to feel people, to recognize the causes of many of their problems: "I just look at the guest, " she said, " look into my eyes, hear how he says "Hello," and see what came, or trouble of some sort, or good, or just energetically to recharge (there are)".
Learning, as they say, from folk phone to Mrs. Nina visit men, women not only from Ukraine but also from abroad. Basically they encourage alcohol and tobacco dependence, ill health due to a trapped energetic influence, etc. and Bring children with enuresis. To each woman, your approach, because, says Mrs. Nina, the person is individuality, so shall it be so, as a doctor, psychologist, for everyone to find specific words that will help to believe in themselves, to discover their capabilities and with God's help to get rid of the problem. This is a kind of emotional-stress therapy.

Candle all "see"...

A woman lights a candle, pouring wax kind of picture will suggest a possible cause of the trouble. As said Nina Petrovna, candle "sees"and vodicka, which adds a woman is brought to the guests, cleanses and heals, because it is Holy, or stritenska, or Epiphany. "About any diseases, that I cannot heal, " says the woman, " and the spine is not set, because this must be done by a specialist, but some problems with the heart ofm can be eliminated words and prayer."
... Nina Petrovna lit a candle and poured words requests to God for protection from bad influences, from the evil of people on welfare, the health of those who came to her.
Was listening to Nina Petrovna, and was like a prayer against evil forces and enchantments of the PriestMartyr Cyprian, the prayer of the Holy cross: "as wax melteth from the face of the fire, so let the demons perish from the presence of a loving God and samanwaya the sign of the cross...".
Different people come to Mrs Nina, with different characters, ideas, problems and energy impacts. Many of the traditional healers to be cleansed of accumulated negative, go to Church every week.
"In the Church I go, " says Nina Petrovna, " but before kindle in the garden with a fire and stand at him, holding over the flame hands, leaning over the fire, free energy. And only after that go with a clear conscience in the Church, because the Church next to me can be and children, and pregnant, why pull a dangerous trail of negative energy. In General, each of us should be very careful in their words, deeds that even accidentally not to harm others.

A bit of advice

"It happens, - cites the example of Mrs. Nina - that someone comes to visit a family, where there is love, harmony and prosperity. And secretly, often unwittingly, jealous or wife (yeah, and if you have a husband drank and beat you, that you said? And if the apartment was not his?), or husband, or obedient and successful children. And here this man comes home, and in the house is with black envy. If you feel that your home has a disturbing psychological climate, prevails irritation between family members, husband and wife and so on, and you believe that this is caused by extraneous energy impact, put in the pot... the onion". But in this pot, where already growing some kind of flower, and place the bulb, which, as did our ancestors, pull on itself all negative. If the bulb rot or wither, then your house is all right, and the cause of tensions and anxiety look for in your own arrogance, intolerance, etc. If the hair follicle begin to grow luxuriantly, negative energy is still there - it "eats" an onion. After a few days it is planted in the ground, if in winter in the snow, but not where people go, that they failed to gather the trash bin.
To have good health, Mrs Nina advises always be with good thoughts, and in the morning wash first water. Whether from the tap, or from a well - to get into a hand and wash. Second hand - there will be no healing. If the water spring, and then we can drink. If a person has a family, the first water type in a Cup or mug and gives to wash all its members.
Much has cleansing power and universal prayer "our father"... If you cannot invite a priest or a healer, who will help "clean up" the house from the negative influence, you have to avoid all rooms, repeating the words of this prayer.