Intensive technologies against diseases...

Look for "their" methods of improvement of engineer-technologist of agro-industrial complex of Basil, Safranek, he says, has made life itself, but rather... the doctors. "For a long time, — says Vasily Nikolaevich, lived with heartm, worn 80%. In addition, he suffered from high blood pressure, kidneys have failed, refused to work. At the Institute. Of Amoz, where I observed, said that the surgical heart to heal I not undertake, but comforted that such a pathology possible to live. For this you need to create certain conditions, to choose your diet, medications, exercise and, of course, have no bad habits, etc., the question Arose or I go to the light, or are looking for methods of improvement". The search for Basil, Safranek ended with the invention of its own of epiphytoticsconcentrate of various biologically active substances of dried vegetables, fruits, herbs.
"I like this approach, — said Vasily, Safranek, giving at the cellular level, the impetus for the development of the body." According to him, if the plant in each phase of growth and development to give all necessary and useful nutrients, it will increase the yield several times. For example, Bush tomatoes gives 3-5 kg of fruit, and with heavy fertilizer the yield increases 30 times. And for good and healthy life you need a balance of nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements.
It is this balance helps to restore the body with the help of biocorrection, which will lead all organs and systems in a state of equilibrium.

The cell must work for themselves

Basil Safronyak I am convinced that each of our cells need to work on your recovery, to 90%, and 10% on the entire body. Under the current food cell works 90% on the entire body and only 10% for himself. "Take, for example, Apple — sums Vasily Nikolaevich, in order to saturate the body with essential amounts of potassium, magnesium, you need to eat at least a pound of fruit. I the water is removed, dried and concentrate to give only: the fiber and nutrients. Due to the fact that the organism does not waste energy on processing large amounts of organic matter, water, it is almost resting, working on their update. In humans releasing large amounts of energy, there is tremendous performance. I concentrate food makes it healthful". For example, vegetable proteins he picks up from different types of nuts, essential and non-essential amino acids, polyunsaturated — oils olive, corn, linseed, milk Thistle, vitamins — apples, pears, vegetables (apples, pears, vegetables), etc. Necessarily in concentrate should be 20 % protein of vegetable origin, and 12% vegetable fat, 40% carbohydrates, 10% minerals. And 6 tastes: sour, salty, sweet, bitter, pungent, astringent.
As further explained Vasily Nikolaevich, people daily consume 3-4 kg of various organic food, drink 2-4 l of fluid per day, he(who??) also concentrates the food so that 30-40 g (3 tsp), a high-calorie mixture per day provides energy and gives a tremendous performance. "As hungry — take 2 tsp of your concentrate, is — 4 tsp, if working hard physically. Compare: according to my calculations, 2 tsp concentrate substitute half a bucket of potatoes or 2 kg of pasta," says Vasily Nikolaevich.
The knowledge engineer is useful in the manufacture of special dryers with thermostats, improvement of autoclaves, etc.

To live to 150 years?

The effect of this concentrate, I'm sure its inventor, consists of three stages: the first is cleansing the body of toxins, the second is the recovery, biocorrection, the third is the rejuvenation of the body, i.e. cell reprogramming in development.
The composition of the concentrate may be adjusted depending on which organ is ill and requires more attention: the kidneys, liver, pancreas, etc.
His system of healing Basil Safranek called planning and safety: he believes that 40 years in the human body the program on the development (to see how they will keep up this time) when it is still possible to restore the health of a particular organ, and after 40 — the so-called patching is not suitable, a comprehensive approach is needed. According to Vasily Nikolaevich, due to unbalanced nutrition, harmful habits, the cells begin to age, amortiziruemoe (worn) and then the person requires a comprehensive "repair". He believes that the concentrate plant is committed to ensuring the updating of all cells.

"Centurion" sings all over the country

"Probably 15 years do not go to doctors", — says Vasily Safranek. In the 63 years he is full of strength and energy. And believes that this is due to the action of the concentrate. The morning starts with a glass of pear broth or drying, eats a spoonful of honey to replenish your glucose levels. Around 9.00—10.00 am eating a spoonful of concentrate and goes to work. Regarding the amount of liquid, Vasily Nikolaevich fashionable nowadays does not adhere to recommendations to drink 1.5—2 liters a day, says: "When they want to drink — eat fruits and vegetables (structured water), stewed dried fruit, etc. At night I can eat some porridge, light salad. From tablets refused coffee, never drink". Alcohol Vasily Nikolaevich also does not abuse, but for holiday feasts made a honey tincture. "I "Mead" go and visit — smiles (Usmas??? ) man. First, some people were offended, but already used".
In addition, Basil Safranek made it a rule to make daily physical activity: up to 40 years, on the advice of doctors, he ran, and now performs daily sit-UPS 30-50 times, "includes a pump that heart did not."
His life with positive, like-minded and support is beloved wife Nadezhda, and a good soul song. Together with Nadezhda Dmitrievna, who works as a Director of the club at the town's house of culture in Derazhnya, they in 2007 he created the club of veterans of war and labor. After a year at its base there was a club local centenarians "Centurion" and almost simultaneously he organized a choir. During this time a vociferous and vibrant team of respectable women and men have gained the reputation for outstanding singers in the region and in the country. His professionalism is evidenced by even the fact that in her almost 5 years — the chorus already has a national title. And recently the team of "Centurion" (by the way, the only one of interest) were invited to Kiev for the First national TV channel on the occasion of the 25th anniversary program author Tamara Shcherbatyuk "Nader me."