Two people went to his cherished dream. Their path ran between steep mountainous slopes, over the cliffs and the threatened danger. Once they saw that the road on which they were walking, the ends resting in the nearest ledge of rock. The travelers stopped, puzzled and confused. - Then there is no way! I was a fool, I went for his dream, thought first of the seeker. Doubt, fear and unbelief have discouraged him. He believed his eyes, turned around and went back, before they reached the cherished goal. Second seeker at first too doubted. He hesitated, but, unlike his companion, was not trust your eyes, and listened to the heart that told him that we need to go further. - Can't my dream to be a Ghost, can't the heart to cheat probably something I did not see it this way, he thought. Approaching the turn, he exclaimed: - A miracle! But no miracle was, simply, close to the ledge of rock, he saw that the road does not end, and imperceptibly turns the rock behind which she was not visible. Turning to the rock, he saw a small part of the way leading to the next rock. Having reached this remote corner, the traveler was again amazed and slope path ran on. So he walked from one end of the" path to another, from another to the third, from the third to the fourth, and the farther he went, the more he opened his path. In his heart grew determination and faith in their own strength. And for aspiring nothing is impossible, and all, even a failure and fall, facilitates ascending, becoming another step to victory. The first seeker and went home, not reaching the desired goal. He still considers his dream is unreal, because he saw that the road was not, therefore, continues to live still unsatisfied with life. And the second traveler himself became a conductor, which specifies the Path to all who seek their dream. He teaches us not to be afraid of difficulties, failures, errors and crashes, because due to the difficulties we become stronger, due to errors can find the truth, but because of failures and crashes - to become fitter. The fact that for the first remained impossible, impossible dream and fantasy, for the second became a reality.

Believe with your heart and go for their dreams, even if you think it is unattainable and unrealistic. And if it seems that way then there is, take a few steps, and, probably, you will see the "miracle"... Remember that depends on you, what will turn your dream of a fairy tale or a reality!