Today probably already know everything that the human body is mostly water. And the number of molecules, and by mass, body water occupies the first place. Health and well-being, the state of its internal systems and appearance depend on the upgrade process water in the body. And this process is directly connected with the daily consumption of water rights. What amount of fluid you need to drink? The answer to this question depends on age, physique, some symptoms. In this and we want to help to understand.


Sex cells during fertilization almost 95% consists of water. Their need and the ability to upgrade water reserve maximum. Before the birthday of the baby in the womb is seeking to borrow from my mother's body, all that is needed. And manages the upgrade process water. Birthday water content in the body is reduced to 85%, in accordance with what is and is a need to upgrade the water supply. A newborn child should receive the amount of water equal to 15% of body weight. I.e. a full upgrade of water in the body of a newborn is made less than 7 days. Water quality for updates at this stage is determined by the diet of the mother. By the age of 1 year the water content in the body is reduced by 80%, the need for the use of liquid is reduced to 10% of body weight. I.e. a full upgrade of water in the body healthy year-old child is every 10 days. Healthy adult person has significantly less demand for water. A young man with well-developed muscle mass of 75% water. Daily fluid needs, which easily manages healthy people, 5% of body weight. I.e. a full upgrade of water in the body occurs every 20 days. If there is excess weight water content in the body is reduced to 65% of the body mass, reduced accordingly and the need for upgrading the water stock up 4% of the body weight. I.e. a full upgrade of water in the organism occurs for 25 days. The old man gradually dry out and before his death has only 45% of the body mass of water in the body. Water is the number of molecules still occupies the first place, but compared to the first days of a life of this person's weight is reduced in 2 times. The ability of elderly people to manage the sharing of water in the body at this age is significantly reduced and is 1.5% of the body weight. To which you want to add the number of allocated on the eve of urine. On average, the demand for water is about 2% of the body weight. And updating of water in the body of an elderly person is, for 50 days.


To assess the biological age of your body easily. Enough to control the use of liquid in accordance with the weight and evaluate change swelling. Increased swelling of the face in the morning suggests that the biological age of the kidney is far ahead of the passport age. The increase in leg swelling reflects respectful biological age of the cardiovascular system. Puffiness of subcutaneous fat (prints bed on the body, swelling of the hands) reflects respectable biological age "biochemical brain" of the body is the liver.


Initially inadequate fluid intake leads to reduced performance, fatigue, decreased immunity. What is commonly attributed to any reason, except as to the need to use water in sufficient quantities. The main body of the purification of organism from the water - soluble toxins kidney. When water on blood purification, cleansing the body lacks, is formed concentrated urine. And urine in a more concentrated form starting to stand out waste products: salts of uric acid, urates, oxalates calcium, magnesium oxalate, amorphous phosphates, carbonates of calcium. And occasionally, acute and chronic cystitis, chronic urethritis, chronic prostatitis. The next step, reflecting the long water starving your body, the need to upgrade water potential, - the accumulation of salts in the renal pelvis. And there is a need to carry out treatment of salt diathesis. At the same time in the kidneys develop chronic cystopyelitis, which gradually turns into a chronic pyelonephritis. If at this stage not to increase the amount of fluids you drink, concentrated urine containing salts of uric acid, urates, oxalates calcium, magnesium oxalate, amorphous phosphates, carbonates of calcium, salt turns into stones. And salt diathesis kidney gradually turns into kidney stones. As a supplier can, when there will be chronic renal failure. Parallel to the process in the kidneys, which are clear, there is a process of accumulation "slag" metabolism in other organs, which will explain only the system approach and assessment of health status. But there is one way to increase the amount of fluid in the diet, to upgrade the internal environment of the body. The accumulation of products of metabolism in the tissues of the mammary glands outside lactation causes dishormonal changes called fibrocystic disease of the breast. During lactation (breastfeeding) breast resolves, but the price that the products of metabolism moms directly inherited. And negligent mother gives the child is prone to a variety of diseases. The accumulation of metabolic products in the uterus contributes to the appearance of the changes called fibroids, fibromyoma. And concentrated allocation of results that appears cervical erosion. While local treatment is ineffective and does not exclude a system approach. But demand it. The accumulation of metabolites in periarticular tissues leads to the development of arthritis that through artresources gradually osteoarthritis. The defeat of several joints indicates that the problem is not local and systemic. That requires the same approach in treatment. The accumulation of products of metabolism in the tissues of the thyroid gland leads to the fact that produces toxic nodular goiter. And there is a need for regular supervision. With adverse prospect of surgery. Or holding of cleansing the body. The accumulation of products of metabolism in the tissues of the prostate causes chronic prostatitis, always accompanying salt diateza (excluding sexually transmitted diseases), tends to become more severe disease called BPH. At the same time, lower potency, there is a need to increase male potency.


Manifestations of chronic water famine set. If to local treatment, not taking into account the systemic nature of the disease, then there is a real prospect to spend your life in different medical institutions. If such a future is like - not the question. If you still want a little to live for themselves, a loved one, then we need a systematic approach. And will be used as drinking water, mineral water (sparkling mineral water or mineral water without gas), ice water, bottled water is not important. The first condition is that the water is ingested. Next, there is the quantitative and qualitative factors. I wish you good health. And reasonable attitude towards it.