or How not to earn electromagnetic allergies

Own housing, even if it is small, gives us a feeling of freedom and comfort. So this nest was as pleasant as possible, we are ready to put all forces and means in everyday life, attractive interiors, with a variety of modern technique. However, often it is doing its own premises dangerous for us ... home appliances - friend or foe, and how it can be in the house, so as not to harm our health? On this issue in the last decade think more and more scientists. After all, mobile phones, computers, Hairdryers, microwave and many other equipment, which facilitates our life turns out to be her and shortens. Electric and magnetic fields from appliances create dangerous for our health electromagnetic smog. He produced a whole new disease of the last decade, which in medical circles already called allergic to electromagnetic radiation. It is estimated that today every thousand people, that is 1% of the entire population of Earth has this disease, and the leader by the rate of its spread is Sweden, where the high electroforetica observed almost 250 thousand patients, which is about 2.5% of the Swedes. And every year the techniques and technologies that increase the electromagnetic field is increasing. Therefore there are concerns that this disease will become one of the main problems of our and future generations. Because of this, the Council of Europe and some European governments have advised their citizens to move to safer cable Internet connection instead of Wi-Fi and mobile phones. Surveillance of American scientists assure: long-term stay under the influence of increased electromagnetic background increases the risk of cancer, reproductive, immune, vegetative, cardiovascular and nervous diseases. And technology, which provides a form of electromagnetic radiation that we use every day - in transport, at work and even at home. So as not to become a victim of electromagnetic allergies, how to arrange your house, that he really was the fortress of health and beauty, we asked leading researcher of the Institute of experimental pathology, Oncology and radiobiology behalf of the Ukrainian national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, head of the Department of Biophysics of bila Tserkva national agrarian University Igor YAKIMENKO.


- A modern person is constantly under the influence of strong electromagnetic field generated by the devices. Even talk of the emergence of a new disease - electromagnetic allergies. What technology is most dangerous level of radiation? - All equipment, because today the society is fully electrisave. But in recent years new technologies that are orders of magnitude increase this so-called electromagnetic smog. First of all the means of mobile connection, radio, TV. But especially the mobile, as it is just an emitter that we offer to our brain, and therefore it directly exposed. Here the distance is an important factor, which determines the degree of harm. Western experts estimate that from 6 to 15% of the total population - are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation of the people. This is a potential risk group. As for some people, for example, are allergic to dust, pollen, or any products in this category - up to 15% of earthlings may be allergic to electromagnetic radiation. It all depends on the characteristics of the organism, the nature of this phenomenon is very little studied. A number of countries not recognized at the legislative level. And here in Sweden recognize and hospital give an exacerbation of the disease. But in any person, not even hypersensitive, if he is always in such increased background, begins infringement of a metabolism. This so-called free radical processes occur free radicals of oxygen, nitrogen, and then comes oxidative DNA damage that fits into the scheme of actions of many mutagenic and even carcinogenic factors. Another thing that did not expect this from electromagnetic fields unionised, as it seems to have energy enough, but it appears that it can cause such serious consequences.


- Which diseases can lead to permanent stay near the source of electromagnetic radiation? - In the worst case is a cancer. Now, say in 10 years after the appearance of mobile communication started to see an increase of cancer cases. This is evidence that in such a short time, users significantly increases the risk of brain tumors - neuron, meningiomas, gliomas. Also, can and head ache, people quickly get tired, the short-term memory loss, nausea, vertigo, dizziness, irritation, classic allergic reactions. Competent Western experts recommend: if you have problems with your health, one of the factors that need to be analyzed and to be protected from it, is electromagnetic radiation.


- What standard should be the level of electromagnetic field in our homes and, according to Your research, not inflated? - We are more engaged in the range radio, microwave radiation, norms in Ukraine is very hard: 2.5 microwatts per centimeter square is for non-industrial objects, that is, of our homes. Look, what equipment carries most of the threats. So, the phone, and mobile phone, is one of the biggest sources of radiation, as even a microwave, if it is well shielded, i.e. in the body, creates less problems. But the damage, which can cause the computer directly depends on the distance: if the system unit costs per meter or farther from you is a little decrements it. The so-called low-frequency radiation is too dangerous. For example, Hairdryer, when you dry your head, or men's shaver is a source of low-frequency radiation, potentially harmful, everything depends on the time of use: if for a minute nothing to worry about, and if the clock is irradiated man is dangerous. - The scientists of the Russian Academy of science has already proven that technology in our bedroom, for example, a cell phone on the nightstand beside the bed, running in idle mode, can lead to disturbed sleep. And this is because radiation: in the phone radiation source - lo. In standby mode, its frequency does not exceed 900 MHz, and the human body are especially sensitive to such weak radiation, because they correspond to the vibrations of our cells. As to furnish your home, to minimize the harmful effects of technology? - Relaxation area - it is sacred. So you need to get in the bedroom from electrical appliances - there should be no television, mobile phone, at least near the pillow, at least for a meter or two. But let's be realistic: if through the wall of a neighbor's it all worth it, that wall is almost no screens and you can fully feel the effect of these electromagnetic waves. I.e. to such phenomena to prevent, should be the education of the whole society.


- Now people, especially in the city, spend on the computer most of the time. That he is bad for the eyes and spine, if we would know. And that's what we know already? What harm we cause HCtreatment by the computer? - Radiation from the monitor, if LCD is minimal. Here people working for them, more will have eye strain or headache from emotional stress. As for the system unit or laptop, there are high-and low-frequency radiation. It usually low level, another thing, if the laptop directly near you, here is a paradox: it emits less than stationary unit, but the harm from him more. I.e. it is undesirable to his knees to bet or to work on it in bed, it is impossible to use them systematically and hours. And another serious threat that appeared today, the so - called WI-FI connection. The laptop is definitely connected to the Internet via WI-FI - and this is already microwave radiation, it is much more intense than that from the computer itself. - Another common technique in rooms - a microwave oven. As far as using them safely? - Microwave oven has enormous power in comparison with other appliances, but they are in, because the quality of the furnace screens, electroplate. And because food is heated these electromagnetic fields, from my point of view, and consume it safely. But there is a moment: if the screen is unimportant or the microwave door tightly closed, it can give a powerful harmful external field. We measured. Therefore during the work of microwaves from them need to stay away. It happens that outside stove looks, but by orders of magnitude violates safety standards, as imperfectly screened. Therefore it is necessary to use the stove, which did not end the life, take care that it was a valuable thing, and to test it.


- Considering all hidden threats, children and equipment - at what age they should be acquainted with it? Give the key caveats regarding this. As, according to studies by the Swedish and British scientists, children, too keen on computers and mobile, three times more likely to get sick with leukemia. - Children can be introduced to technology from an early age, but only with the understanding and taking into account the risks from radiation. Now, say, computer, here you need to define the optimal distance on which to sit the child from the monitor, and the amount of time, during which he will be without causing themselves harm, not blucas. As for mobile, the later the child will take him in hand, the better. There are developed countries, such as France, where at the legislative level banned in schools children under 14 years old to use mobile. And now comes the ban WI-FI, and here it is gaining momentum. It's not that progress should be banned, you need a rational use of its achievements.


So, in order to properly adjust your life in your favorite location, specialists have developed a few Golden rules. First remember: devices that do not work, better off out of the socket. Because the technique is plugged in and working in the standby mode, is also a minor source of electromagnetic fields, and the longer the wire, the radiation is greater. - Please note, as connected your chandelier - break switch is not zero, and the phase conductor. If this rule is not followed, you should know: in the center of the room you started this bomb is a constant source of electromagnetic radiation. "Now from the ceiling look at the floor. If you put a normal linoleum or wood floors - well. If, however, decided that the best option is warm floor, know the warmth of the people from it receives three times more intense electromagnetic field exposure than workers of a modern office, which filled equipment. So, of course, the floor should not be spread, especially in the bedroom. In this place of rest, everything should be made of natural materials and here it is not desirable not only to put technology, but also to reach under the bed cables or post them near the outlets. - In the office or in the kitchen, where usually the most diverse set of appliances, for it is most suitable place near the wall facing the street. Otherwise you can irradiate people living behind the wall, or those who are on the side or from behind the unit. - Try the most used technique to put at least one and a half meters from itself, i.e. let it work as far as possible and preferably less. - Avoid strong electromagnetic field, experts recommend not to immediately enable many equipment and to choose not very powerful models and often ventilate the room, especially before bedtime. A special issue is the use of the computer. Risks of ill electromagnetic allergies are reduced, if the use of the modern model with LCD monitor, with the least break off or put the monitor in standby mode and at least every hour to do a break from work. And yet, experts recommend the computer and protective screen to ground, but this must be done correctly: on the ground at home, not as some satelayt on the battery, pipes, "zero" outlet. And it is desirable to use the computer only natural clothing, which is not electrified, as synthetics can potentiate the effects of electromagnetic fields on the body. Remember these tips, and then your home will bring only joy, health and comfort. And still listen to your body: if the following symptoms uncomfortably, fatigue, irritation, headache - perhaps you should take a vacation not only work, but also from technology?

Interview conducted Valentina BRONKA.