Alzheimer's is a disease of the brain, which is reduced intelligence, weakening of memory and impaired learning ability, loss of common sense, the ability to communicate and as a consequence is the deterioration of the quality of life. It is a progressive disease. There is also anxious condition, depression and hallucinations. Is total degeneration of brain cells associated with the violation of their food, especially the left temporal region of the brain. After 60 years reduced the production of hormones - estrogen in women and androgen in men. This directly affects the brain. Undoubtedly important diagnosis. Earlier the doctors have always believed that increasing protein occurs only during pregnancy, and could not understand how the levels of this protein may be associated with pathology of the disease Alzheimer's. Most of all, this level increased in the brain - it promoted senile plaques in viral parts of the brain that are directly related to diabetes. Now you can say the only thing: you can define Alzheimer's disease at an early stage. You just need to take more tests at the level of protein, and then it will be possible to avoid such a diagnosis, as Alzheimer's disease. In people with this disease can be various violations of conduct. For example, paranoia, and confusion. Such violations can interfere with normal daily life, and cause sleep disorders. There are medicines that help to cope with some of the most bothered by the symptoms of the disease, including depression, behavioral disorders, for example, overexcited state and aggression. To treat the symptoms of the disease use medicines on prescription. Medications can ease the burden of disease, but completely eliminate the symptoms or prevent the progression of the disease with them is impossible.


It is in the initial stages of the disease can hope for slowing the development of symptoms. At the early stage of the disease, when there is moderate depression, prescribe antidepressants. My treatment can significantly prolong life, improve its quality. At the beginning of treatment I appoint b vitamins B1 and B12, and piracetam. Regimen is: B1 - 1 ml intramuscularly daily for two weeks. B12 - 1.5 mcg also intramuscularly daily for two weeks. Piracetam - daily 5 ml of 20% solution intravenously in the same period. All three injections can be done at once, one after the other. The risk of disease Alzheimer's disease may increase because of the deficiency of vitamin B3. It turns out that people who receive a day less than 10 mg of this vitamin are 80% more risk of developing the disease than those who consume more than 20 mg. Also need to take vitamin E 400 to 800 IU (international units) per day, which allows you to correct the symptoms of the disease. Simultaneously with vitamins recommend to use in the treatment of the prescription Shevchenko. For this mix 50 ml of sunflower oil and 40 ml of vodka. Close the lid and you shake a few minutes, quickly pour the mixture into a glass, exhale and as fast as you can all drink until the medicine is not corrupted again on oil and alcohol. Take the mixture thus 3 times a day (for 2 hours before receiving nothing there), 15 minutes before meals, at equal intervals of time. In these 15 minutes of taking the mixture before eating nothing to eat and drink. You can rinse mouth with water, but all to spit out, not to swallow. And so to 10 days. After the first and second desyatinniy to take breaks in 5 days. And after the third desyatinniy a break is needed in 2 weeks. Then start over. And further to cure at least a year, even two. It is known that the body becomes ill when his cloth experience oxygen starvation. The cells, and granulocytes in the body always on the alert. And when they notice a virus or microbe, surround it and produce hydrogen peroxide, which kills them. However, the cells, and granulocytes little produce hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, when people take vodka with oil by the method of Shevchenko, by mixing formed Gidropress that decomposition allocates molecular oxygen. And it is a powerful antioxidant. The result vodka with oil normalizes redox processes in the body, improves immunity. As with any treatment, the use of hydrogen peroxide should be carried out cautiously. The total daily dose should not exceed 30 drops 3% hydrogen peroxide. And start taking can with 3 drops to a tablespoon of water. Such techniques do before a meal on an empty stomach in the morning. During the day an hour before eating or not earlier than 2 hours after eating. In the evening - 2 hours after dinner. Every day dose increase to 1 drop and bring one to 10 drops. And just a day for three times get 30 drops.


There are a number of practical and easy-ways - many of them are open only in recent years - which can reduce the risk of developing the disease Alzheimer's. As shown by observation, those who took over 2 years nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the risk of developing the disease Alzheimer's disease is twice lower than those who did not accept. Taking drugs over 2 years led to further reduce the risk of disease. Why nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help prevent Alzheimer's disease? According to this study, protein plaque accumulates in the brain in disease Alzheimer's, result from some of the inflammatory response, so that inflammation plays an apparently important role in the development of the disease. For this reason, anti-inflammatory drugs seem so promising for the prevention or at least to slow down the progression of the disease. Unfortunately, prolonged use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in itself is not without risk. It can lead to stomach ulcers and disrupt the work of the kidneys, so it is very important travotreatment.


The correct and regular acetic rubdown. It is necessary to wipe the body with vinegar, which is absorbed through the skin, penetrates inside the body and makes the lack of own acid in the body. I recommend also to take kvass from fir needles, which increases the level of produced hormones. Take fresh Christmas tree branches with needles (cut into pieces by 6 cm)that need to fill a glass jar top, pour the contents of the banks spring water, add half a Cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of sour cream, leave for two weeks, making a bottle banks gauze in 3 layers. Take half a Cup for 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day during a month. To stimulate the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary system uses air, elecampane, dandelion, wormwood and chicory. 2 tablespoons of the mixture of these herbs, taken in equal proportions, add 0.5 liters of boiling water. To insist night in a thermos. Take 3 times a day for a third Cup in an hour after meal. To remedy the alleged viral factor prepare a collection of fireweed, corn stigmas, Melissa, mint, sage, taken in equal proportions. 4 tbsp herb mixture pour 1 liter of boiling water. To insist night in a thermos. Take 2 times a day on 0,5 glasses in an hour after meal. Not do without the plant with antidepressant action, such as Heather and St. John's wort. Accept them as tea 3 times a day. To improve the immunity use pharmacy Siberian ginseng tincture. From tinctures also recommend to take brandy to vodka (1:10) of Rhaponticum and Arnica Montana. Tincture of Rhaponticum take 60 drops in the morning and the day before meals. Arnica tincture - 20 drops 3 times a day after meals. As a restorative and relaxing treatment is to take an extract from the roots of Hogweed dissected and Valerian (1:1). 4 tbsp crushed roots leave for 12 hours in 1 l of boiled water and drink 0.5 cups 3 times a day before meals.


For improvement of memory used in folk medicine in bitterness, volatile-oil-bearing plants, increasing brain blood flow. You can prepare the following infusion: 1 tablespoon of herbs Melissa, centaury, rosemary and rhizomes Aira add 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave for night. Drink a third Cup 3 times a day before meals. Improves memory leaf extract Ginkgo biloba due to the fact that the beneficial effect on circulation, including the brain. The drug is in the form of solution or tablets (also released under the title memo-plant) can take 120-240 mg (calculated on the dry extract) a day. In addition, it is necessary to struggle with dementia. Effectively protects the brain from dementia hawthorn tincture. 2 tbsp chopped flowers plants to fill in 0,5 l of boiled water, leave for 20 minutes, strain and drink hot for 20 minutes before eating. To use the infusion must fresh 3 times a day. For the treatment of memory and other disorders associated with Alzheimer's, you have a large number of herbs that contain the alkaloid berberine. They have pain killers, sedatives and Masterskaya properties. The main source is barberry. Vegetable products from this plant make sleep healthier and reduce spontaneous activity. If any memory is effective and qigong therapy. I recommend yoga. Special asanas against disease Alzheimer's disease does not exist. However, among those involved in Hatha yoga and especially Raja yoga, the disease is almost absent. Yoga revive and enhance cell cortical neurons. Indeed, the goal of yoga is to achieve a balance of micro - and macrocosm (man and nature) through the development of all the chakras, first of all crown. This is facilitated by the inverted postures, pranayama, yoga cleansing procedure. Huperzine - promising natural remedy for disease Alzheimer's disease, is an extract from the Chinese club moss. He is able to revive the memory and concentration. Huperzine many centuries used in folk medicine to revive the memory of my grandparents. "Moss memory" controls the work of acetylcholine, called the "molecule of memory". In the brain affected by Alzheimer's disease, acetylcholine excessively low, because the damaged cells cease to synthesize it.


Frequent headaches and dizziness. In this case prepare an infusion of the herb Astragalus woolly, periwinkle small and Veronica officinalis (1:1:1). 5 tablespoons of the mixture to insist night in 1 l of boiled water and drink 0.5 cups 3 times a day before meals. You can with honey to taste. The disease is accompanied by atherosclerosis, and often hypertension. To combat them advised to take the infusion of the leaves of mistletoe and kidney tea (1:1). 4 tbsp chopped mixture of herbs to insist in 1 l of boiled water to cool and drink a third Cup 3 times a day before meals. To include in the diet of the regular intake of eggplant and fruits of walnut. If hypotension 3 times a day before meals to take on a tip of a knife Royal jelly, be placed under the tongue and to keep up to dissolution. The infusion of herbs to help with fainting. Mix in equal proportions oregano, lavender, purslane garden and grind them to powder. 4 tbsp of powder to insist 3 hours in 1 l of boiled water and drink a third Cup 3 times a day before meals. In addition, RUB in limb oil made from a powder of Laurel leaves. 3 tbsp raw material to boil in 0,5 l of sunflower oil and insist 2 hours in the heat. Before use boil again. Frequent twitching muscles. Helps tincture of roots lapchatki goose and Hemlock. Mix compound in equal proportions, minced, and 4 tablespoons of the mixture to boil 7-8 minutes in 1 l of water. To insist night and drink 0.5 cups 3 times a day, preferably before meals. At the same time to take a foot bath with a decoction of fern. 5 tablespoon crushed dried rhizomes of plants boil 2 hours over low heat 5 l of water and used for baths. In muscular dystrophy, all violations functions of the nervous system take 30 drops to 2 tbsp water, 2 times a day before meals, 2% tincture at 40% alcohol globe-Thistle fruits. We advise not to forget also about the treatment of tranquility. When the stress in the blood of the hormone called cortisol, which is toxic to the centers of memory in the brain. As a strong acid eats away at the fabric and cortisol literally destroys these centres. You can achieve peace of mind through meditation, reading the Bible.


And now on prevention of disease, which is very important. In General, specific prevention of disease Alzheimer's disease does not exist. But the risk can be reduced if to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat more vegetables, fruit, bread - grain flour, refuse Smoking and alcohol. To keep the mind active, use various exercises. We can not say about the importance of mental exercises. If you read the group noted the improved memory. No matter what it is this mental activity: you can read, learn to play a musical instrument, to study the computer, solve puzzles, anything, just to have actively worked gray matter of the brain. Patients should go at least a 20-minute walk three or four times a week, even this will be enough to feel a marked improvement. Light load in the fresh air increases the beneficial effect of chemical compounds in the brain and helps to maintain a high level of emotional state. Speaking about the basics of prevention of disease, Alzheimer's disease, it should be emphasized that this is a concern that gray matter in our brains worked in the most favorable conditions. The number one goal is to prevent mini-strokes. First of all, this is food with low fat diet and regular exercise, this way you can reduce the risk of disease Alzheimer's. There are other methods aimed at prevention of stroke. Consider them in detail. It should periodically, at least 3 times a week for three weeks to take a daily baby aspirin in low doses. Received reliable evidence that it can prevent blood clots and helps ease its current in small vessels. But before you decide to take aspirin regularly, talk to your doctor, especially if you have some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Aspirin sometimes causes irritation of mucous membrane of the stomach and worsens the condition of gastric ulcer. Reduce blood pressure. Reducing high blood pressure is a very important measure to prevent stroke; the latter is very important because depression can lead to memory loss. The ancient art recovery of the brain was based also on breathing exercises and stretching. Simple breathing exercises and stretching exercises such as yoga, improve attention and raise what can be called the total energy of the brain. The most simple exercise of this kind is the following: straighten your back and do a slow breath, slightly bent while ago; then, gradually bent his back, slowly exhale. To perform this exercise in such a rhythm that makes a little tense. It can be done sitting in a chair or on the floor. In addition, it is necessary to maintain normal levels of insulin and cholesterol in the blood. I would also like to note that during breaks between meals medications no balms or "miraculous" drugs can not be accepted, just to rest from treatment.


As for food, I recommend acidic foods: mushrooms, eggs, cheese, pickled vegetables, meat, fish, and first courses - borsches and soups made from pickled vegetables to meat broth, and lard with garlic. Daily drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices, at least 250 ml of Studies have shown that then the probability of the disease is reduced several times in comparison with those who't drink juices. It is important to maintain a healthy body weight. Reduce your intake of meat and products with high cholesterol, replace them with chicken and fish. Some species of fish, such as tuna, trout, mackerel and salmon, rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They are beneficial to the brain as part of the insulating sheath of nerve fibers. The development of the disease also inhibit various spices that can be added to food. First of all it is an extract of cinnamon. Scientists have identified cinnamon substance called CEppt, which was slowed or even prevented the development of the disease Alzheimer's. Substance extracted from a powder of the cinnamon sticks, which were milled, and then was made solution at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Found a slowdown in the process of developing the disease. This discovery indicates the possibility that the substance can not only prevent but also to cure Alzheimer's disease, after causing its molecules are already formed. However, if you use cinnamon in large doses, it can cause harm. This spice negatively affects the liver. In accordance with the recommendations, the daily dose of cinnamon should not exceed 10, Treat Alzheimer's disease and grape seeds. They are rich in nutrients, which can reduce degeneration of the brain in old age. The reason is that the extract is rich in polyphenols, prevents the formation in the brain deposits of amyloid proteins. Scientists believe that the seeds can be used as a cheap, natural and safe means to prevent the development of disease Alzheimer's. So you should think twice before you spit out the bones at eating grapes. Coffee and caffeine can be a good tool for our brain. In fact coffee may help prevent the disease. Welcome to five cups of caffeinated coffee every few days resulted in a significant improvement of memories. Data is still being analysed, but they show that caffeinated coffee has a positive influence on sick people. The healing properties of black currant allow to use it for the treatment and prevention of disease. It contains vitamins C, P, K and b, provitamin a, pectin, sugar, essential oil, phosphoric acid, potassium salts, phosphorus and iron. Part of the leaves of the plant include copper, manganese, silver, magnesium and volatile. To provide the daily requirement for vitamin C, enough to eat 20-25 fruit of black currant. In the medical purposes use the fruits and leaves of the plant. According to research, the fruits of black currants protect from diabetes and disease Alzheimer's. Regular use of opioids strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to infections. Infusion of leaves removes from the body excess uric purine and acids, it is prescribed as a diaphoretic and mild laxative. Contraindications to the use of black currants are stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis. It would be good to prepare infusion. To do this, pour 100 g of fruits black currants 1 l of boiled water and infuse it with the lid for 1.5 hours, then drain. Take one glass 3 times a day. The fruits of black currants are used for prevention of atherosclerosis. If there are no diabetes, they can put the fruit with sugar in the proportion 1:2 and mash with a spoon. Take 2 tablespoons twice a day, squeezed small amounts of water.


New natural preparation "Ebixa is intended for those who have the disease has entered a difficult stage, but it can be used in the middle stages of the disease. "Ebixa" protects brain cells and stimulates the process of information transfer and signals between them, slows the development of the disease. Helps in the treatment of diseases of leptin. This hormone, which was opened in 1990-ies and who is responsible for appetite and maintaining a normal weight. Now, scientists are studying the effect of leptin on memory and mental processes. The study found that older people with a high level of leptin have a very low risk of Alzheimer's disease. In patients with high levels of this hormone better memory and present fewer signs of aging than those with a low level of leptin. Among people with low levels of leptin in 25% were visible signs of the disease Alzheimer's. Those who have already demonstrated signs of the disease, memory and concentration have improved after was elevated leptin levels.