...I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and appointed treatment. Was treated in hospital, spent several hundreds of hryvnias from its pension and nothing helped. On the right leg even shoes to wear difficult. Please print the recommendations of the specialist about my illness. With respect Nadezhda Vasilevna. , Bila Tserkva of Kyiv region

Such letters, in which readers are asked for advice and assistance of a specialist in diseases of the joints, and osteoarthritis in particular, to the editorial office a lot. We asked him to tell more about arthritis and make recommendations regarding the treatment of this disease doctors, hereditary medicinal Vyacheslav TARNAVSKOGO.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease, associated with a slow degeneration and destruction of articular cartilage. Over time you receive the restructuring of the articular ends of bones, inflammation and degeneration of periarticular tissues. Osteoarthritis of the hip joints called coxarthrosis, osteoarthrosis of the knee joints called gonarthrosis. Osteoarthritis can be primary - on the background of age and/or biomechanical changes, or secondary, for example, after the injury, against the background of diabetes or thyroid disease. From small joints most often suffer end segment of the joint of the fingers (heberden's polyarthritis or Bouchard) and intervertebral joints (spondylarthrosis). Less often affects the joints of the proximal thumb and toes. Unlike large joints disease of the small joints is not isolated, as a rule, osteoarthritis affects simultaneously target all segments of the joints of the fingers of both hands. Characteristic symptoms - pain under load, constant in peace, limited mobility and crunch in the joint, muscle tension in the joints may periodic swelling, gradual deformation of the joint. Without proper treatment is subject to joint arthrosis not only destroyed himself, but violates the biomechanics of the spine and other joints; hence, hernia of intervertebral disks and osteoarthritis of other joints. Therefore, treatment should be started as soon as possible. In the early stages of arthritis can be stopped. But we sometimes begin to react only when any movement causes unbearable pain, and joint immobility. But the time is wasted. At this stage, the disease can only be removed joined the arthritis inflammation, decrease pain, but to restore the damaged cartilage is practically impossible. Why joints are affected so often? The fact that our musculoskeletal system continuously exposed to all sorts of stress. The ability of the articular cartilage to recovery is very low. In norm the joint consists of two or three bones, the ends of which are covered with cartilage. In the early stages of osteoarthritis, the cartilage becomes dry, loses its elasticity, its surface cracks. Further continues cracking cartilage, his thinning, up to the full exposure of the underlying bone. Bone, devoid of shock absorber, exposed to increased load and gradually deformed, flattens. The goal of treatment of primary arthritis - restoration of blood circulation in tissues of the affected joint. Therapy should be integrated: pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, health-resort.


If the process of wear and tear of the cartilage has not gone too far help preparations containing glucosamin sulfate, a natural substance derived from the shells of marine animals. It has a positive effect on the metabolism of cartilage, improves joint mobility. Occupies a special place heparin, which improves intercapillary the blood flow and improves the portability of tissues to hypoxia (lack of oxygen). To improve oxygen uptake tissues joint use of vitamins of group C. the Most common drug of analgesic and anti-inflammatory therapy is everyone's favorite herbal - aspirin. It improves microcirculation. With the same purpose use of the drug by theprison. It is more promising, because almost no effect on the gastrointestinal tract and may be appointed even in ulcerative disease of the stomach. As an anaesthetic, you can also use fresh leaves of grass, cow-parsnip. The sheets you need to pour boiling water, wrapped in cheesecloth and apply to the painful places.


 1. To start with rastirat. To do this, use the ointment: - Flaxseed oil, propolis, gum turpentine (4:1:1), based on bone beef fat; - wax - 10 parts, propolis - 2 parts, the bee poison - 0.5 parts, horseradish - 3 parts, based on bone beef fat. These ointments should alternate, then I recommend further processed pharmacy ointment - ointment Dikul. - A lot of help rastirka tincture of ficus: to fill a bottle of 0,5 l the aspidistra leaves, pour vodka and infuse it for 2 weeks. - In my practice was effective use for circulation liquid ointment, consisting of pharmacy bile, formic alcohol, ammonia, glycerin (10 ml) and 5-6 drops of iodine. - In the case of joint pain and crackle sometimes quite good help rubbing domestic beef fat. It is rubbed until, until you are left in the hand of one film. - Better yet, get 200 grams of salt, 100 grams of dry mustard, add as much kerosene, to get the mixture is the consistency of sour cream. Received ointment to RUB on the night of dry in bad places.

2. After rastirat follow compresses. - Prepare napar of cinquefoil with fern (1:1). 4 tbsp herb mixture boil for 15-20 minutes in 3 l of water. Hands or feet during 20-25 minutes in napare temperature of 40-42 C, and then wrap the wool clothing or krolikovs fur. - Helps also wrap the cake made from rye flour. It must knead on liquid ammonia. Make, wrap up. Repeated 3-5 times. - Useful and clay wraps. They are done for the night. I advise you to alternate the use of white and blue clay. - Pain in the joints do compresses of salt and honey. 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of fine salt mix, put on a linen cloth and put on the sore spot, cover compress paper, wrap. To do every night. - One available in the home remedy pain - with bischofite compresses. It is natural bromine-chloride-magnesium salt brine with high content of boric acid, iodine, copper, bromine, iron, lithium and other microelements. Attach the replacement for 10 minutes a hot-water bottle, pour in the saucer 2 tablespoons of bischofite and moistened fingers brine, 5 minutes RUB it into the skin around the joint. The remaining solution moisten a gauze, put it on the joints, cover compress paper or plastic wrap and wrap cotton or woolen scarf. When osteoarthritis of the hip is better to do already lying in bed on the healthy side, and bad hip to tighten the abdomen (as if you were sleeping, curled up). To put a compress itself in this case is not very convenient - let help you home. Compress usually do on the night of 2 consecutive weeks, and in the morning shoot, washing away the remains of bischofite from the skin with warm water. After 2-3 weeks the procedure can be repeated. Note. First of rastirat and compresses recommend taking a bath (see below).


3. At the same time it is necessary to drink medicinal herbs: - 1 tbsp young leaves may birch warty pour one Cup of boiling water. To insist 6 hours in a dark warm place. Take 1/2 glass of herbal potion 3 times a day. - 5 tsp. gryzhnika to fill in 0,5 l of boiled water. To insist 6 hours. Take 2 tablespoons before eating. When inflammation enters the chronic stage, the only way is to remove the pain, swelling, restore joint mobility. Thus, it is possible to make cartilage is more dense. This requires a sufficient supply of easily digestible collagen in the body. I recommend natural remedies: - Nexia - powder medicinal mushrooms shiitake. This medicinal mushroom for thousands of years is the pride of medicine. Polysaccharides from mushrooms contribute to the activation of nonspecific immunity, resulting in increased synthesis of interferon, provides the highest possible degree of reconstructing the structure of the joint. - Gelatin contains a unique blend of ingredients: collagen hydrolysate, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine sulfate, and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), vitamin C, vitamin B6, Biotin and minerals (calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper), necessary for normal functioning and cartilage repair. - Dickersin - drug created from extracts of the herb St. John's wort, oregano, hawthorn. It contains essential oils, tannins and flavonoids. Therapeutic effect of the drug is based on its ability to strengthen the blood vessels, prevent inflammation, improve blood supply of tissues. Dickersin dissolves salts and toxins that have accumulated in the joints. After treatment, in many cases, restores the function of damaged joints. 4. To wash arthritic pain recommend to use a solid water solution of peppermint. 5. At excess weight for weight loss recommend infusion: bark krushiny - 3 spoons, dandelion roots - 1 tablespoon, the fruits of parsley - 1 tablespoon, fruits fennel - 1 tablespoon, mint leaves - 1 tbsp 3 l of boiling water. Take 2 cups in the morning before eating. In addition, in the food you eat gooseberries (1-2 Cup 2 times a day before meals).


To cure arthrosis, must be removed from the cartilage tissue calcium plaque. Unfortunately, many creams and emulsions this is impossible, they don't fit in joint bag as we would to RUB. Temporary relief comes through the reduction of painful irritation of nerve endings. Attempts to get rid of pain with the help of physical exercises often accelerate the destruction of the cartilage, cause joint inflammation, adding to the osteoarthritis and even arthritis. Meanwhile, there is a natural biostimulant, forcing the cells adjacent to the cartilage tissue to increase production of joint fluid. Its enhanced circulation not only washes away the calcium deposits, but also activate the restore thinning of the cartilage. It is honey, unique natural compound. It contains vitamins, microelements, organic acids and enzymes, rendering multiprofile therapeutic effect. Honey massage is very good. Is it so: table spoon, about half full of honey, put it on upside down cover the kettle with hot water and place it on a low heat. Lie down under the blanket, put on the sick place a hot water bottle with hot water and hold it for 15-20 minutes, periodically changing the position to be uniformly warm the entire joint. Then sit back, take two fingers slightly warmed honey and circular movements gently massage over the entire area. As soon as it will be absorbed and the fingers will stick to the skin, take a new batch and continue massage. Procedure duration - 15-20 minutes With the need to ensure that the skin was covered with honey. After a massage fold in 3-4 layers of gauze napkins, put on his shoulder, not removing it from the honey, and bring a warm jacket or a sweater. In 2-3 hours (but not before) wipes can be removed and washed his shoulder warm water. Course Madeleine - 10 sessions. The first three should be repeated daily in the future through the day. If necessary through two week course of massage with honey can be repeated, but the sessions to be done in 2-3 days.


While osteoarthritis is very important that the body did alkaline food. On average, one part of acidic products should have two parts alkaline. To sour products include meat, refined and thermally processed food that contains little mineral and alkaline salts. In case of arthrosis useful to use such an alkaline food like milk, goat milk, whey, broth from purified from meat veal bones, cabbage juice, stems and roots of a celery, forest berries. Good therapeutic effect of honey, which can be applied inside and naruzhno thus, as I described above. You should regularly be used in an unlimited number of birch juice. Fresh vegetables, fruits, grain fiber (bran, whole grains). Harmful: the fat of animal origin, baked, smoked, spicy. Limited consumption of foods containing purines, - meat, fish, beans, peas, dairy products, tomatoes. Physiotherapeutic methods occupy a leading place in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the joints. However, these should be treated with great caution, especially if there is any violation of the functions of internal organs. The most widely used ultrasound, electrophoresis of applications. Use ultrasound continuously on labile methodology: the sound intensity of 0.5 to 0.8 W/cm2, duration of exposure to the joint 6-10 minutes, every other day, only 10-12 procedures. In addition, conduct novocaine or iodine-electrophoresis on the joints. From thermal processes, promotes improvement of blood circulation and metabolism in the joints, and recommend the application of paraffin or wax. Radiotherapy. This method is often not used by doctors for fear of severe complications, although it is well developed, and identify the exact indications for its use, so you can expect a favorable impact even when all other methods of treatment of osteoarthritis ineffective.


One of the main means of treatment is self-massage. How to use this tool? If you are concerned about severe pain in the joint, massage begin to make up - and downstream areas, applying light shallow techniques. 1. Stroking at the top of the buttocks and waist - 8-10 times. The same on the lower part of the buttocks and upper third of the thigh. 2. Kneading of muscles around the hip joint. First is the base of the palm - 5-6 times, then pads of four fingers (circular), and finger held apart, and the rotation is done in the little finger. If the pain is not very strong, that after kneading spend rubbing around the hip joint. 3. Friction: a) a dotted - pads of four fingers in all directions; b) circular - pads of four fingers;) circular - combs his fingers; d) circular - crest of the thumb, which is bent and rests in the index. Each reception is 5-8 times. Ends with self-massage-shaking and stroking. With pain the number of repetitions of each intake increases, the number of round too. Important! Massage is best done with balm. The composition of balsam: 100 ml olive oil, 40 ml sesame oil, 10 g of vitamin a in the oil.


All exercises should be performed in a lightweight for joint position - lying, sitting or standing, based on the chair.

For hip and knee joints.

1. I.P. - lying on his back right leg is bent at the knee at a right angle, left rectified. Bend your left leg at the knee and pull to the chest. Quickly pull it up, and then lower to the floor. The same is right leg. Repeat 4-6 times. 2. I.P. - laying on a back, legs are most straight, feet divorced for about 15 see Turn right foot first in, then out, trying to keep your knees straight. Do the same with the left leg. Repeat 4-6 times. To strengthen muscles, ligaments of the knee joint, lying with straightened legs, push the knee right foot to the floor as possible. Strain the muscles of the thigh. Slowly count to five. Unwind. Do the same with the left leg. Repeat 3-4 times.

For the fingers of the hands, feet and ankles.

1. I.P. - lying on his back, arms along the body, feet hip-width apart. Several times to take a short breath, long breath, and then breathing in rhythm bend and unbend the fingers of the hands and feet 4-10 times. 2. I.P. is the same. At the same time bend and unbend the wrist and ankles 4-10 times. 3. I.P. - sitting on a chair, bend your legs at the knees at a right angle, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on his knees. Bend and unbend the wrist and ankles 2-4 times. 4. I.P. is the same, hands on his knees. Follow a circular motion at the wrist joints. Repeat 4-10 times. 5. I.P. is the same. Raise your feet as you can, based on the heels, and then put them on socks, raising his heels. Repeat 4-6 times. Important! When expressed pain syndrome to reduce pain massage appropriate to assign after therapeutic gymnastics, and for contractures, significant muscle tension - preferably before.


1. In most patients better comes after reception of hydrogen sulfide, radon baths, mud applications. Patients with osteoarthrosis shown sanatorium-and-Spa treatment in areas with low relative humidity, without frequent changes in weather and cyclones. We strongly recommend mud of Saki lake and the natural hot springs baths Arabat spit (Genichesk). 2. At home medical effect have baths with root zhivokost. For this purpose, we first prepare a decoction of the root of calculation - 200 g per 10 liters of boiling water. 3. When pain in the arms, legs, very useful warm baths of hay dust (stems, leaves, flowers, seeds). Prepare it so: 5 handful of hay dust brewed with boiling water, dishes close and allowed to cool to a temperature 31-32°C. the duration of the bath 25-30 minutes. Beneficial effect wrap limbs in the canvas, wetted in decoction of hay dust. Reflexology. The method consists in influence of low level laser radiation on biologically active points. Currently widespread cartilage repair by building chondroitin and glucosamine, activation of regenerative processes. In addition, laser reflexotherapy has a strong analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect. The use of leeches. Scientists have identified from the saliva of the leech whole range of biologically active substances, providing good medical effect. Recommend you take 6-8 courses of treatment. Additional treatment with arthritis of the joints of the hand and elbow. Good effect in this case, it may give local treatment using the compresses with medical bile, bischofite, dimexide, taken in equal proportions, and rubbing anti-inflammatory ointments. Good effect is sometimes give coniferous, salt baths.


1. The use of orthotic devices. The orthosis is knee pads, which are very effective for unloading and correction in case of deformation of the knee along its longitudinal axis. Knee pads (there are both soft and hard) can reduce the looseness. 2. An injection. With the advent of drugs from gialuronova acid injection therapy becomes real. Radical means for fast and effective removal of inflammation in the joint - also the introduction of glucocorticosteroid. However, intra-articular injections are not a cure arthrosis and suppress inflammation. Frequent (more than 1 time in 3 months) the appointment is not meaningful and may even damage to the joint. 3. In practice actively implemented the methods of Eastern medicine, namely low frequency (Dens) and high frequency (SIM) therapy. For family use and in conditions of physiotherapeutic cabinets is designed medications Dance and SIM Tick. However, after reading information from electromagnetic pulses emitted diseased cells of the joints, cartilage, generate pulses of the same frequency but of opposite sign. They absorb the impulses coming from the diseased cells. My practice their influence on biologically active points showed the effectiveness of their use for the treatment of osteoarthritis in its early stages, and relieve pain syndromes at different stages of the disease.

Remember that you must:

-Avoid hypothermia. -Avoid long distance, long standing. -To perform therapeutic exercises, to prevent contractures. -Do therapeutic exercises, if severe pain in the affected joints. -Not to exercise sharply, as this happens increased pain and reflex spasm of muscles, which increases the pain. -Muscle - swimming in warm water, a bike ride. -With different leg lengths, you must use an orthopedic shoes. -To use an elastic bandage for fixing joints.

Believe, as ever: the disease can and must be stopped!