Aromatherapy known to mankind since ancient times

Treatment and prevention of disease through smells, or aromatherapy - effective and, in my opinion, a very interesting method of treatment of illnesses. About it it is possible to talk a lot. For example, people often cramps cerebrovascular, dizziness. In this case we suggest you to have a lemon essential oil and, if necessary, to breathe it in and RUB whiskey, easy massarova them, until the faint blush - hyperemia, as doctors say. At the temples contains biologically active points, and essential oil is extremely thin and volatile substance that has the ability to penetrate very deeply. It quickly gets in the blood vessels to cause their reflex expansion and improve venous outflow of blood. In addition, oil will work through the olfactory receptors. And spasm as arm lift.

Lemon oil from cardiovascular diseases, urinary tract diseases

Among essential oils, in the opinion of aroma-therapists, there is the "oil giants". These are only three of the essential oil of tea tree, lavender and lemon. Lemon essential oil I use in my practice, most often, because this smell like almost everything.
Lemon oil is very effective for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. In particular, it is an indispensable tool in the treatment of vegetative dystonia, because it normalizes blood pressure. I emphasize: it normalizes. Therefore, lemon oil can be applied not only at high pressure, but when the pressure is reduced. As already noted, this oil acts as venotonic: penetrating inside, it improves venous outflow of blood. No matter where stagnation in the head, lungs or the pelvic organs (essential oils are no barriers). However, lemon essential oil prevents the development of atherosclerosis, reducing the level of cholesterol and prothrombin in the blood.
If there are problems with the digestive tract or diseased liver, or a stagnation of bile in a gall bladder, or urate salt deposited in the kidneys, on the assistance will also come lemon oil. It also helps to improve fat metabolism, toxins and excess fluid from the body, including the mechanisms of self-regulation.
Lemon oil is effective against viral respiratory infections. The scent of lemon have a pronounced antiviral, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. This oil can be called "specialist" for the prevention and treatment of respiratory viral infections and diseases associated with the weakening of the immune system: bronchitis, flu, colds, etc.

The dose will determine specialist

Note that for treatment of diseases that were mentioned above, lemon oil can be used inside, but only after consulting (!) aromatherapist. He will prescribe the dose, learn how to accept, and, very importantly, advise, oil of any manufacturer, suitable for use inside (because of low-quality oil, oil-forgery, unnatural oil can be detrimental to health). Itselftreatment of them will lead to complications, will have negative consequences. When essential oils are taken correctly under control of the doctor-aromatherapist, they are effective medicines. In addition, if a person takes drugs, it is essential oils strengthen their action is 4-10 times.
To prevent viral and respiratory diseases (this applies not only to the flu virus, but all viral infections, airborne), you can apply these methods aromatherapy: the use of aroma lamps (it can be purchased in pharmacies or retail establishments. It consists of two tiers: at the top pour water, which add the essential oil in the lower light a candle, the flame heats the water, the fragrance of oil spreading in the air), an aroma bath, inhalation.

How to reorganize aromatic oils?

The burner. Fill out the burner with warm water and add two drops of lemon oil on five square meters of floor space. Candle to heat water (water should not boil). Room quickly filled with the flavors of lemon, which destroy pathogenic microflora and clear the air, through which people will receive valuable biologically active controllers to the body. But the smell should be not rich, but barely noticeable (remember that in aromatherapy "a lot is not always good." Essential oils are best act in homeopathic doses). In addition, lemon oil increases the overall tone of a man, improves concentration and attention, will relieve a headache.
To create around themselves a kind of wrapper that will not only protect during the day from viruses, but will give strength and energy, will help aromamedalony. But it needs to drop in him only one drop of lemon oil.
Very affordable and extremely effective method of prophylaxis and treatment of many diseases are inhalation and aromatic baths.
Inhalation are hot and cold. They can be done one to two times a day for 7-10 days. Cold inhalation. Two or three drops of lemon oil to drip on a handkerchief or inhale the aroma directly from the bottle for 3-10 minutes. Breathe deeply and evenly.
Hot inhalation. Two or three drops of lemon oil in a glass of hot water. Breathe deeply and evenly over the glasses, the eyes should be closed, so as not to irritate the mucous membranes.
Aromabath. Drop three to five drops of lemon oil for milk, cream, honey or sea salt (essential oil is not water-soluble, so the first mixed with an emulsifier: milk, cream etc) and add a water-filled tub. The water temperature should be not above 38-39 degrees (hot water stimulates sweating, which prevents the penetration of oil through the skin). The duration of the bath is 15 minutes.
Aromatic baths can be taken two to three times a week (or once a week for prevention), and not earlier than in 2-3 hours after eating.
Lemon bath extremely useful. With its ability to penetrate very deeply, essential oil is not only treats viral disease, but also helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from the body. With a beneficial effect on the skin and smoothing it helps to get rid of the so-called cellulite problems. In addition, the fatigue and gives cheerfulness.

Lemon oil tones, and orange - improves sleep

Taking this opportunity, I note that the same effect as lemon oil has and orange essential oil. The only difference is that the lemon tones, and orange relieves nervous stress and improves sleep. And even stimulates faith in their own strength, encouraging, restores (in Ukr. - Vdnulu?) aura after a serious illness and emotional stresses, good for the eyes, especially after working on your computer. So before going to sleep is better to take a bath with orange oil. You can also few drops of orange oil to drip on a handkerchief and put it on the pillow beside itself: this will relieve stress and improve your sleep.
Very good to brush your teeth with lemon or orange. For this purpose it is necessary to drip a drop in toothpaste. This procedure is well-whitening tooth enamel and prevents caries development, reduces bleeding gums, refreshing mouth.
You can add these essential oils to the cosmetic creams (5 drops to 5 g basis), as well they clean the skin bleaching spots, the person becomes fresh. However, remember that oil citrus increase the UV rays on the skin. So to use this cream should not later than 3 hours before sun exposure (otherwise allergies may occur).
Using essential oils, stick to the main rule: do no harm.

Health action have only natural oils

Before you buy an essential oil, it is necessary to verify that this is not an aromatic surrogate, i.e. synthetic oil with smell like a natural. Health benefits are only natural oils. How not to make a mistake?
• First of all I should note: this essential oil can not be cheap. After all, for the manufacture of 10 ml of lemon essential oil to 5 kilograms skins lemons. So don't buy anything, tempted by the price.
• If this essential oil to drip on a paper, grease stain will disappear after 10-15 minutes.
Essential oil must be packaged in a bottle made of dark glass (as aromatic oil afraid of light) with a label that is placed in paper packaging. On the label manufacturers of natural oils necessarily indicate: the name of the company, oil, including in Latin, the manufacturing date and the place of gathering of raw materials. Another vial should be dropper.

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