Arrhythmia - Alternating pulse (pulsus alternans on)

Arrhythmia - Alternating pulse (pulsus alternans on)- QR

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What is the Arrhythmia - Alternating pulse (pulsus alternans on) and how it is treated?


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Arrhythmia - Alternating pulse (pulsus alternans on)

ARRHYTHMIA - cardiac arrhythmias occur on the grounds of functional and organic lesions of the attack, as well as lesions of intra - and non cardiac nervous apparatus under the control of a bark of the big hemispheres of the brain (with the participation of subcortical formations). Disorder almost all functions of the heart (generation of a pulse in the sinus node, holding impulse from the Atria to the ventricles, anxiety and airway) find expression in one form or another arrhythmia. Syndrome of disordered heart rhythm necessarily related to one or another disease of the heart and associated organs and systems (myocarditis, myocardial infarction, "neurosis of heart" and others), and therefore is stated in the description of one or another disease of the heart. However, arrhythmia present themselves quite clearly defined clinical symptomatology and sometimes need special medical interventions. It is therefore quite justified the selection of the doctrine of arrhythmias in an independent Chapter.

see acute Myocarditis.