Depression is a state of painful sorrow, despondency, despair, accompanied physical (reduction in body tone, slowness of movement, indigestion etc) and mental (depression, slurred speech, confusion) violations. At risk include single women, adolescents, the elderly and middle-aged women in premenopausal period. Often a man haunted by the thought of his needlessness, of the meaninglessness of life. Depression is often aggravated disease, lack of money, penalties, in which a person accuses himself, etc. depression is a serious problem that not tolerate delay. The longer a person is in this state, the harder it will be to get out of it. Mild forms of depression can be overcome by the power of self-suggestion. Try to rid pessimistic thoughts, more relax, go out, relax. Need less to sit in front of the TV, it is better to listen to quiet music. Get involved by taking antidepressants should not be. Better to stay in soothing means of plant origin, which are easy to prepare yourself. Folk medicine recommends that a large number of herbs with a strong antidepressant effects. Here are some recipes. - Mix evenly dried and chopped rosemary leaves, the fruits of hawthorn and roots of elecampane. Brew 400 ml of boiled water 1 tablespoon of the mixture of herbs. Rosemary plant and potent, so take a drink, listening to her condition. Helps as a tonic and restorative means. - To prepare medicinal infusion for depression, physical and nervous exhaustion, fatigue: 1 tbsp. L. roots lubki, Eleutherococcus and mint to insist 1-2 hours in a glass of boiling water, to drink 50 ml 4 times a day, adding 1 teaspoon of honey. This infusion is good tones and strengthens the body, quickly restores strength. - Tonic, antidepressant and immunostimulating agent: 2 tbsp. L. fruits of hawthorn, dogrose, 1 tbsp. nettle, 1 tsp. roots of Rhodiola and zamanihi pour in a bottle and pour 2 liters of boiling water. Insist 6 hours and drink 200 ml two to three times a day. Depression can and must fight. You should use all available means and methods: since the auto-suggestion, relaxation, new interests to the use of the medicinal collection of plant origin and aromatherapy. Useful before going to sleep to take coniferous bath and enjoy a Cup of tea with lemon and honey. You just want to start life anew.

Prepared Victoria MYKOLAYCHUK.