Cardiac aneurysm (aneurysma cordis)

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What is the Cardiac aneurysm (aneurysma cordis) and how it is treated?


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Etiology and pathogenesis Cardiac aneurysm (aneurysma cordis)

Due to myocardial infarction (see), developed often after coronarography, can quickly occur aneurysmal the protrusion of the Department of the heart (usually the left ventricle), which was the softening of necrotic areas of the myocardium. Thus, there is an acute cardiac aneurysm. In the slow development of such protrusion of the wall of the ventricle (after heart attacks smaller size) talk about chronic aneurism of the heart.

Symptoms and course Cardiac aneurysm (aneurysma cordis)

Acute cardiac aneurysm usually quickly leads to death, and is the final stage of severe picture of a heart attack (collapse). In chronic aneurysm develops slowly picture insufficiency mainly left ventricle (see cardiovascular insufficiency).

Recognition Cardiac aneurysm (aneurysma cordis)

acute aneurysm extremely difficult: it supposedly diagnosticums based quickly resulted in the death of coronarography. Detection of chronic aneurism of the heart is quite possible on the basis of myocardial infarction in history, paintings cardiovascular insufficiency, small pulse and sometimes quite strong impulse of the heart, sometimes double the pulsation of the heart. X-ray examination sometimes finds limited to prioritize the heart of the contour and the change of teeth on roentgenogram. On electrocardiogram - low voltage peaks.

Predictions Cardiac aneurysm (aneurysma cordis)

in acute aneurysm hopelessly for chronic extremely seriously.

Prevention Cardiac aneurysm (aneurysma cordis)

referring to the care of off the physical and mental stresses. It is necessary to ensure an easy chair in plant laxatives, enemas).