Chocolate body wrap and chocolate facial mask

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Do You know any healthy chocolate recipes for skin?


Chocolate body wrap and chocolate facial mask

Chocolate is tasty, chocolate is nice chocolate that is... useful. Yes, it is useful! A time when our parents threatened us with rashes on the body and bad teeth from a large number of chocolate are gone. Now chocolate can not only eat, but also used as a cosmetic and even therapeutic tool, and believe me, there is no rash after chocolate mask or chocolate wraps, which is now doing in any Spa or Spa resort does not threaten You, of course, if You are not allergic to this product.
Now, going into a fashionable SPA-salon and turned to the smiling girl receptionist with the question "What should I do useful, enjoyable and to improve your appearance?" she will advise You on the chocolate wraps.
With chocolate, you can:
  • to get rid of cellulite;
  • to lose weight;
  • to cure pimples;
  • to get rid of skin pigmentation;
  • align the color of the skin;
  • to improve their morale and even get rid of depression;
  • to improve your immune system thanks to the magnesium that is in chocolate;
  • to strengthen blood vessels, normalize blood pressure;
  • just to cheer yourself up...

Chocolate mask for face

Chocolate facial masks - a "tasty" way to make your skin soft, tender and give it a healthy, Golden hue. If You order this service from professionals SPA or SPA resort, you will get a lot of unforgettable sensations. On your cleaned with a soft scrub of the face, neck and décolleté, will cause the warm, gentle chocolate mask, under which You will relax, breathing in her pleasant scent for 15-20 minutes, then wash away with warm water.

Chocolate bath

If You are lucky enough to get into a salon where there is such a service as a "chocolate bath" then You are very very lucky! Luxuriating in a warm bath that will wrap You in a pleasant chocolate smell and will leave Your skin soft, fresh and Golden brown. Will leave You with her youthful, wonderful smelling and good mood!

Chocolate wraps cellulite

Due to caffeine, which chocolate is about 40%, subcutaneous fat quickly melted, which contributes to the destruction of cellulite. This is a very nice way of getting rid of cellulitewhich performance can be compared even with painful, unpleasant procedures by type of acupuncture, and more.
Chocolate wrapping is the application of warm chocolate on your problem areas for 10-15 minutes. For greater efficiency You wrapped in plastic wrap, to create sauna effect.
While You relax, you can ask the SPA worker a hot chocolate.
Be beautiful and healthy, "Tasty" life!