Honey wrap for weight loss cellulite

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Did You obetovanie honey for weight loss and getting rid of cellulite?


Honey wrap for weight loss cellulite

About the beneficial properties of honey we all know. It has such a large group of vitamins that when it gets on the skin, it begins to act on it just magically.
Honey wrap is a SPA procedure, now occupying the first position in the user ratings. Honey wraps help to get rid of fat, cellulite, makes skin soft, smooth and silky. Spa salons are simply overwhelmed wanting to do this miraculous procedure, as many have already experienced the effect of its impact.

How is honey wrap

Arriving at the Spa on the procedure and honey wrap, You will find the "sweet world" fun. On Your skin first, apply the scrub to remove dead skin that will hinder honey to penetrate. Then , raskassirovatj the skin, apply a layer of warm honey in pure form or with additives. Honey, you can add milk which will make Your skin more tender, the mustard, which will increase blood circulation and accelerate the breakdown of fats, which will lead to the destruction of cellulite and to eliminate toxins from the body. You can also add honey or Apple cider vinegar, which also will increase blood circulation. Most spas use honey wrap with essential oils that not only give the procedure of a magical smell, but very useful, especially if use of oil-based citrus fruits that contribute to weight loss and retreat of cellulite.
Plastered You with this curative cocktail, master SPA, You will be wrapping up with foil and tuck a warm blanket. So You will need to lie in a relaxed state half hour or an hour. At this time You can ask for hot tea or just relaxing listening to music.
Honey wrap - nectar for the skin, but not everyone can do it.

Contraindications and honey wrap

Contraindications for honey wraps which You must prevent in the SPA:
  • hypertension,
  • varicose veins,
  • skin diseases,
  • cardiovascular disease,
  • diabetes
  • Allergy to honey.
After the procedure, honey wraps massages problem areas and to moisturize the skin.