Clay body wrap for weight loss at home

Clay body wrap for weight loss at home- QR

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Clay body wrap for weight loss at home

Clay wraps - this is the case when to lose weight and to get rid of cellulite is not only useful, but also pleasant. Clay razmarivaet Your skin, letting it breathe, bringing out her toxins. The drop-down under the influence of the pore along with the sweat is removed all the impurities from Your body, thereby improving not only Your appearance, but also by improving the functioning of internal organs. But the main purpose of a clay body wraps - the fight against excess centimeters and cellulite.
In just one session you can lose 1-1,5 cm at the hips or waist!!!
When there is no possibility to visit the SPA. Clay wraps you can do at home.

Clay body wrap for weight loss at home

Clay is now possible to buy or order on the Internet. So do clay body wraps at home is not the problem. Of course, much more efficient and better would be to visit a specialist, but if this is not possible, do not deny yourself this pleasure.
The clay must be mixed with warm water to a semi-liquid consistency. You can add essential oils or cinnamon.
Steamed, razbazarivanii, clean scrub the skin, apply the clay, to roll up a food film, creating a sauna effect. Clay deeply to steam the skin from something from under it will leave the water and begin the breakdown of fats, leading to weight loss. Then zabotites in a blanket and rest 10-25 minutes, depending on the condition of the skin and presence of cellulite. After you remove the tape, soak the hand and povtorite clay into the skin in circular motions. Perfect to finish a session in the sauna or steam bath, but in the absence of her suit and the usual warm bath with addition of sea salt. After the bath the body do not wipe, let it dry. If you feel not comfortable wet DAB the body with a towel.
Should be after a massage. Preferably with vacuum cans. Then gently promassazhirovat the skin with your fingers in those places where there is cellulite. Lubricate the skin with massage oil a light texture or cellulite cream.
After this session Your skin will be immensely grateful to You and just blossom, rejuvenate eyes.