Seaweed body wrap for weight loss

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Seaweed body wrap for weight loss

Seaweed body wrap is becoming more and more popular. This is not only cosmetic but also a medical procedure, earned the recognition of many connoisseurs of his body. This is understandable, because the results of algal wraps are stunning... after the first treatment You will notice significant changes in her figure. You can remove up to 2-3 cm reduction in the waist or hips. This happens due to the outflow of excess fluid from under Your skin. Cellulite bumps are aligned, the skin becomes smooth and elastic. But in order for this result literally melted on the eyes, we need to continue wraps. The course can be from 3 weeks to 2 months and include from 6 to 15 wraps. Plus during treatment, you need to engage in physical activity, diet, and to do massages. Observing all the rules, You for a short period of time will be able to lose weight and change your shape beyond recognition.

Seaweed wraps are divided into hot and cold

Hot wraps

For hot wraps, seaweed soaked in hot water for half an hour. During a hot wrap the blood begins to circulate faster, blood vessels dilate, the fats begin to dissolve, freeing You from cellulite and extra inches. Hot packs are forbidden in such diseases as varicose veins, but in this case there is a cold seaweed body wrap.

Cold wraps

When cold wraps seaweed soaked in water of 20°C for several hours. This wrap will help You to get rid of puffiness, fatigue, strengthen capillary walls and contribute to weight loss.
Is a widely spread method of contrast algae wraps. In contrast seaweed wrap first comes hot then colder wrap. This procedure is very effective for burning fat, getting rid of cellulite. You can also do cold packs on areas where the skin has lost its elasticity, and hot in places where there is cellulite.
Seafood in General is useful for human health, and results seaweed wraps - one more proof of the miraculous power sea depths.