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If you follow the advice of Brian Tracy, Your life will change beyond recognition.

Brian Tracy for many years studied the psychology of leadership and time management. He is considered one of the best consultants and terterov business. Brian is the author of popular books on success. Many people who have achieved success, enjoyed his advice. Here's one way, as you can just to achieve their goal.

  • You need to take a sheet of paper and write on it ten goalsYou want to achieve in the next 12 months.
  • then write the word "goals" and today's date at the top of the page.
  • mentally ask yourself this question: "If You could reach just one goal from this list. What goal would have the greatest positive effect on Your life?"

This is a very good question, because usually You're: Yes, here it is!

If I had it, it would have made a bigger impact on my life than anything else.

Sometimes this goal in Finance, sometimes in health, sometimes relationships.

  • But whatever this goal, circle it, then flip the sheet.
  • Write at the top of the page, the deadline for achieving this goal.
  • Make a list of what can be done to achieve this goal, and start working on this list.

The trick is this: do something from the list every day.

Each day do something that will bring You closer to your main goal.

Brian Tracy claims that this exercise on choosing the most important goals, to plan and work on it every day will change Your life so that You can't imagine.

They say that people begin to become great when they determine exactly where your most important and main goal and start each day to work on it.

It's a secret, how to become a millionaire and really succeed in life.

He promises that next week, month, year You will look back and be shocked by the change.

We wish you success in implementing Your desires!