THE SPIRITUAL TREASURY : - etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and course of, recognition, prediction and prevention




For the first time in Ukraine, in Kiev, from 16 to 17 April will take place the seminar of scientific school of Professor Kloss-Ignatenko "the divine matrix the motivation of happiness, youth and financial well-being" in honor of the 25th anniversary of world Cosmohumanism Movement Spiritually-Information Parliament.

It will be offered subinformatsionnye psycho, having mastered that, the person gets 100% health, eternal youth, happy, successful and productive life.

The seminars are held by the albert Alex Kloss-Ignatenko - Grand-doctor of philosophy, biological and energy-informational Sciences, Grand doctor of philosophy in international security, full Professor of world information Distributed University and International and European Academy of Informatization (Associate member of the UN), head. the Department of psychoinformational, Professor of International University of Fundamental studies (Oxford educational network), Laureate of international prizes, cavalier of international orders.

Academician Kloss-Ignatenko is a scientist-cosmist, activist, and educator of international renown who have made outstanding contributions to the development of spiritual and moral Informatization of the World Community, founder Kosmogumanisticheskoy Teachings and new scientific areas, such as: comeniusschule, psychoinformational, kosmonopolis, comanimation, komennoista, kosmonopolis, communispond, etc.

The purpose of his life - formation of the spiritual-informational civil society of the Third Millennium, the creation of a single and indivisible Kosmogumanisticheskaya Civilization "Golden Age", a Civilization of highly spiritual, intellectual and physically healthy people, possessed of brilliant abilities, who profess the philosophy of Love, Kindness and Light, living according to spiritual-informational Cosmic Laws of the Father Creator.

After the workshop:

  • You will learn supernova technology modeling success for yourself and employees of your company;
  • You will have the ability to strengthen the willpower, determination and consistency;
  • You will learn to render objects at a distance – intuitive clairvoyance;
  • You will master the most advanced in the world of psycho-informational technologies PSY-I. T., developed by Professor Kloss-Ignatenko, such as direct forms of psycho-informational, psychosuggestive, complimentaryringer and matrix interaction, allowing You to apply them with contact and contactless operation with different categories of people;
  • Professor Kloss-Ignatenko during meditation will strengthen each of You improve the program "the matrix of genius and good fortune";
  • You will get a new model of thinking which will enable You to simultaneously engage its 100% capacity and to increase the speed of implementation of all vital programs at 97-98,5% (unlike ordinary thinking), and get a huge number of different types of energy to acquire 100% of health, eternal youth and a successful life.

In the process of training there will be individual and group correction and harmonization of all body systems students with the introduction and fixing of the matrix of health, eternal youth, successful and prosperous life.

During the training will be conducted six meditation and dedication.

After three courses of the certificate of the international sample. Graduates become members of the worldwide Cosmohumanism League of Nations and invited to work on the implementation of the global project "a New Golden Age of the Creator".

The main objectives of the training are:

  • Training to create a highly spiritual and highly intellectual developing conflict-free harmonious civil society and state in the third Millennium;
  • The development of methods for the development and use of reserve human capacity for survival in extreme conditions;
  • Preparation of highly qualified psychoinformational (specialty code 37.071), using only the latest in the world of knowledge about people and methodology, intensifying in 30-40 times the educational process is to create Future Human beings;
  • The development of methods of removing earth, underground, water, air, cosmic and social cataclysms.


  1. Psychoinformational – science of the third Millennium. "Who owns the information – owns the world". Mastering of practical methods of remote effects on humans and the environment.
  2. The insertion and fixation of a new modular matrix portal of spiritual and financial wealth, success, and well-being (Resource 12000%).
  3. Ancient knowledge and technology management the fate of Egypt, the Aryans, civilization and modern Ashow RU-I. T.
  4. Comeniusschule – the science of man and the universe. The system model of man and the universe.
  5. Opening 100 predictive of channels and the development of techniques for the visualization of past, present and future.
  6. Practical fastening noosfero-star complex thinking to use backup abilities.
  7. Meditation "Journey to the happy future".
  8. Methods of forming a happy present and future.
  9. The insertion and fixing of the matrix of happiness (Property 15000%).
  10. Meditation "Your destiny is in your hands" (development work with the matrix supermotivation "George").
  11. The development of psycho-informational methods of Express-diagnostics of karma and its working.
  12. The insertion and fixing of the matrix of the Archangel Michael.
  13. Man, the universe and the pyramid of the Creator.
  14. Methods of work with the activators health and good fortune.
  15. 48 evolutionary world civilizations and the ranks of angels. The new 13-speed model of the pyramid of the Creator and its portals.
  16. Meditation "journey into the world of evolutionary 48 of civilizations and the ranks of angels".
  17. Input and consolidation of psycho-informational matrix "Amrita 24-the Energy of eternal life."
  18. Individual fixation subinformatsionnye code of eternal youth and well-being of life.
  19. The development of the universal matrix technologies harmonization of human and the environment.
  20. Meditation "managing the fate of his family, country and civilization."
  21. Meditation "a New Golden age of the Creator".
  22. Meditation Initiation in kosmogumanisticheskaya elite leaders of the world community.

During the passage of seminars is personal correction and harmonization of all body systems students with the input and consolidate the Absolute model of eternal youth and productive life. Each participant of the seminar through a special meditation, you enter into the Universal Galactic System, giving him the energy and informational assistance and support in fulfilling all its vital programs. Each student can purchase a personal subinformatsionnye harmonizer of Health and Success – the next-generation device, effectively working at the molecular, atomic and subatomic levels. Will be offered special CDs with meditations and card activators mental programs and other technologies. In November 2015, was released the new book "Evolutionary civilization New Golden Age of the Creator" Professor Kloss-Ignatenko, you can also purchase it at the seminar.

The cost of training (16 and 17 April from 10:00 to 17:00):

  • 2500 USD (if paid before 31 March 2016).
  • 3000 UAH (if paid after 1 April 2016).

Location: the hotel Verkhovyna, building 3, 6th floor, conference-hall №6

Carry out preliminary record on reception to the Professor Kloss-Ignatenko on rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the body by phone.+38 097 518 45 51.