POLYNEURITIS (POLYNEURITIS) (multiple neuritis, polyradiculoneuritis)

POLYNEURITIS (POLYNEURITIS) (multiple neuritis, polyradiculoneuritis)- QR

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What is the POLYNEURITIS (POLYNEURITIS) (multiple neuritis, polyradiculoneuritis) and how it is treated?


Etiology and pathogenesis POLYNEURITIS (POLYNEURITIS) (multiple neuritis, polyradiculoneuritis)

Etiology and pathogenesis. Infection, intoxication, malnutrition, avitaminosis. When the polyneuritis of infectious or toxic process first destroys the myelin sheath, and then the axial cylinder of nerve fibers.

Symptoms and course POLYNEURITIS (POLYNEURITIS) (multiple neuritis, polyradiculoneuritis)

Symptoms. Complaints of pain, paresthesia; objectively discomfort in the form of anesthesia, hyperesthesia in the distal parts of the limbs. Nerve trunks when the pressure on them is painful. Sometimes the pain in the heart and aorta, and stomach (cardioarm-agicheskii and epigastric symptoms). Musculoskeletal disorders include paresis and paralysis of the distal parts of the upper and lower extremities (lead affects the upper limbs, the alcohol is lower, and so on). Sometimes in the process involved cranial nerves IX and III pair - diphtheria, vapor VII for acute viral polyneuritis, bulbar nerves with acute ascending paralysis Landry. Often affects the vagus and phrenic nerves. In acute - symptoms Lasaga, Cernica, Peri. Tendon reflexes are reduced. Atrophy is observed, usually in the distal parts.

Of infectious of polyneuritis most frequent:

  • viral,
  • diphtheria,
  • bruchnotifosny,
  • cyproterone,
  • neurobrucellosis,
  • leprosie.

From toxic of polyneuritis most frequent:

  • arsenic,
  • lead,
  • alcohol,
  • when endogenous intoxication (gastrointestinal disorders, and others).

Avitaminosis polyneuritis arise in connection with the disappearance of food antisemitische vitamin; they are mainly observed movement disorders. Polyneuritis if serotherapy can occur on the 8 - 10th day after the serum, accompanied by fever, arthralgia and sensitive musculoskeletal disorders.

For acute or subacute. Under favorable for the improvement may be seen after 3 to 6 weeks, full recovery after 2 to 3 months. Often, the disease is delayed for many months.

The acute period of polyneuritis observed in cases of so-called paralysis Landry: paralysis of eleet ascending character, starting with the feet, captures the muscles of the hands. When the distribution process at the local and bulbar region after 2 to 3 weeks, and sometimes before death occurs.

Recognition POLYNEURITIS (POLYNEURITIS) (multiple neuritis, polyradiculoneuritis)

Recognition in typical cases is not a problem. You should avoid arthritis, neural amyotrophy Charcot-Marie.

Treatment of POLYNEURITIS (POLYNEURITIS) (multiple neuritis, polyradiculoneuritis)

When infectious polyneuritis infusion 40% solution of urotropine (12 infusion of 5 ml a day) or 1% solution of trialanine (8 - 10 infusion of 5 ml a day). With the success of the course is conducted polyvalent streptococcal vaccine (Sciatica (see). When polyneuritis, especially on the grounds of deficiency, treatment with vitamin B1. Warm water and dry air, light, electric baths. After the acute period of the four-chamber galvanic baths, massage. Pain: piramidon, phenacetin. Successfully used salicylates. When diphtheria polyneuritis - serotherapy, after the acute period - tonics, in particular, injection of strychnine. Spa treatment hydrogen sulfide and radioactive waters and mud after 2 - 3 months after the acute period.