You can:

● First of all, start with the kneading of the muscles that your partner cause pain, ask him about it in advance.

● Do not use oil, flavourings, not knowing the relationship Your partner to data massage attributes. Usually everyone likes, but, as they say, every rule has its exceptions.

● Even if You have thoroughly prepared for the massage, and Your partner was not in the spirit, do not insist on this, you better move to another time. You both should be located to it.

● Do not release your hands from your partner! All the time keep in contact, no matter what You do.

● Don't be afraid to ask your partner, why would he even want to, if this is Your favorite person, the things they can about yourself to tell hot erotic massage, can then be very useful in your further sexual life.

● Ask, don't fear if Your partner is ticklish, and if so, please refrain from light stroking the sensitive areas of his skin.

● To turn off all the equipment. It is possible and necessary. So that nothing would distract you from the process.

● If Your partner was so relaxed during the massage that he wanted to sleep, do not let it, but on the contrary, contribute. Add light strokes and gentle caresses.


● To force the partner to do something, everything must be by mutual desire! Even if You threw a bunch of money on some massage oil, and he doesn't want to use it, do not worry. Even if You force it a try, it is unlikely that it will bring the desired effect.

● To comment on his actions during a massage or something to blame. Give it a rest, above all, morally.

● Less talk. Even if You really want to talk, talk calmly and quietly, and only about pleasant things.

● Do massage with cold hands or not warmed up the room. Then how do you relax?

● Do massage in a bad mood. This is a very transmitted. Smile and radiate warmth and tenderness.

● Do what You don't know. Can unknowingly burn the skin essential oil or overdo it with aromatizirovannam room so that the two of you will be terribly dizzy.

● It is impossible that someone prevented you. Make sure that your peaceful atmosphere is not violated relatives, unexpectedly come to your home or neighbors running repairs.

● Eat a lot before a session, this will create a heaviness in the stomach and discomfort in General.

● To overdo it with alcohol. Intoxication not only hurt to feel the charm of massage, but also can harm health, as in a hot tub or in the soul of man can become bad.